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Entry Level Jobs for OPT in USA

About OPT Job in USA

Optional Practical Training is a provisional authorization of work, for a student who is an F1 Visa holder. OPT job in USA are related to the Student’s Major area of study, we see two kinds of opportunities, Pre-completion OPT and Post-completion OPT. An F1 visa-holding student can easily hunt for opportunities in his field only, as an intern or as an associate or fellow, it not only adds up to their financial strength but also to their experience. It will be a bonus for them if they have already gained experience, enhanced their skills, and learned how the system operates. The authorization can extend up to duration of 12 months, condition to be noted that the Student must be enrolled in a Full-Time academic program.

Know about OPT Job in USA opportunities

The hunt for OPT jobs in USA opportunities is not an easy task, it might be challenging if you lack certain qualities:
1) Be a social butterfly: When you are abroad, for studies or work, networking is relevant. You cannot survive in a bubble, as it will not only suffocate you but also keep you away from possibly better opportunities.

2) Being Consistent: Consistency is key for moving forward, no matter how many steps you take today, it will always add up to the result you get tomorrow. Consistency in your work and being dedicate towards it will create a good impression on the recruiter.

3) Stay up to date: Keeping up with the latest opportunities posted, and skills required by the recruiters, are some of the key factors that could bring you the desired job offer.

4) Updated Resume: Your resume speaks for itself, it is mandatory to flaunt your skills, experiences of work and capabilities. Also while applying to different organizations; you must match your skills to the requirements posted by the recruiter.

All these points will ease your job hunt, but it will be a lot easier if you pass on this burden to a more experienced, organization like OPTnation, which is working for years as a bridge between the potential of the candidates and the requirement of the recruiters, who are looking to hire talented candidates.

How to get hired for OPT jobs in USA

Being independent while living abroad for studies is a thing of pride, but getting assistance from an experienced organization like OPTnation, for OPT job in USA, will save you time and energy. While you will invest your time studying they will find a job that matches your qualification. You can simply sign up on their website. They offer their services not only for the candidates but also for the recruiters. To name some of the services for the candidates will create an interesting resume, highlight it for the recruiter, shortlist suitable jobs matching your profile, also guide you through the interview, and will ultimately land you a dream job offer.

If you have authorization for pre-completion, means you will be working 20 hours per week, if your school is in session. While it is not in session you can also work full-time. The exciting part is if you are applying on the basis of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Degree, you can extend the permit for 24 months. Other fields like Accountancy and many more in the non-tech field, such as marketing, legal, hospitality, tourism, business etc.

Companies post on their websites, regarding recent openings, both Entry Level and Experienced based opportunities; one has to keep looking for the latest openings. Although, it is also true that one cannot keep up with all the opportunities posted in their respective fields, so the need for assistance is there while searching for suitable opportunities.

To Fit In
It is in the interest of a candidate to make themselves better and suitable as per the requirements of the recruiter.


Your resume is the first and foremost step, while you are applying for OPT Job in USA, it must reflect your personality; highlight your relevant skills, your work experience if you have any, and your academic qualifications. Your personality must look promising while applying anywhere for a job.


Going with the trends of the industry, in whatever sector you are applying you can always put up with the latest trends. Staying up to date will create an impression of your flexible personality, and that you can easily adapt to the work culture you are aspiring to be in.


To be well-verse with the job requirements, you can check the job posted by the recruiter and make yourself suitable to his expectations. You must highlight the qualities that are mention in the job post. You can look for the same on the company’s official website, or you can take assistance from organizations like OPTnation, they will help you find a suitable job per your sweet taste.


Knowing about the company is a relevant thing to do. You must always learn about the company, its founder and the core team. It will help you to reflect a similar mindset, as those of vital functionaries. It will create your impression of a curious and willing-to-learn kind of personality, and for sure make you different.


When you appear for an interview, your aura speaks for itself, and hence you must be dresses nice and neatly, creating an impression that you are practical and serious about your career. Present greetings when you enter and show your mannerisms. It will add up to your chances to get an offer.
Experience with OPTnation. It is a perfect place, to find the job of your dreams. The dedicated team offers you a comfortable zone, where they not only guide you to create an interesting resume but also highlight the resume to their huge database of employers which will eventually match the qualifications of the candidate, also guidance throughout the process of the interview is provided.

You will not face any difficulty while being in contact with the team, as they are responsible and will provide the best for you. Once you join hands with them, the result will speak for you. OPTnation will give you a platform from where you can be seen and will give you a fair chance to grab the best OPT job in the USA, among many options for you, related to your field. Career counseling plays a vital role if you are ambiguous about your desired job. It is also important to get yourself a job with good compensation. A team of professionals is always behind you, creating a bridge between you and the recruiter.

Entry Level OPT Jobs in USA

If the OPT student is unfamiliar with their field and the possibilities that are accessible for their OPT time, finding OPT jobs might be challenging. Knowing the area of study and the possibilities for students applying through a variety of degrees or programs is therefore the first step. The foundation of all American job searching is research. In this article, we will be talking about everything you need to know about entry-level OPT jobs in the USA.  Entry Level OPT jobs in USA.

Skills required for entry-level OPT jobs in USA

There are a few abilities, both soft and hard, that can strengthen your application in practically any place, regardless of the position or organization you’re seeking. The important skills required for entry-level OPT jobs are listed below:


Effective communication skills are necessary for both you and other people to comprehend information more thoroughly and quickly. Conversely, bad communication strategies may lead to misunderstanding and unhappiness. Our ability to understand individuals and our environment is aided by effective communication. It helps in getting past disagreements, cultivating respect and trust amongst people, and creating situations that are conducive to exchanging innovative ideas and resolving problems. Poor communication skills are one of the main causes of many students’ problems. Their performance in schools and universities is affected, as is their capacity to comprehend what the teacher is saying. Latest OPT Jobs in USA.


To understand the information more properly and rapidly, both you and other people, must have effective communication skills. Conversely, bad communication strategies may lead to misunderstanding and unhappiness. Our ability to understand individuals and our environment is aided by effective communication. It helps in getting past disagreements, cultivating respect and trust amongst people, and creating situations that are conducive to exchanging innovative ideas and resolving problems. Poor communication skills are one of the main causes of many students’ problems. Their performance in schools and universities is affected, as is their capacity to comprehend what the teacher is saying.

Microsoft Office

Employers will expect entry-level employees to have a knowledge of Microsoft Office and comparable applications like G Suite and iWork since they have become absolutely essential to a functioning workplace. This is especially true for simple apps like Word and Power point. Excel, on the other hand, has the potential to be more distinctive.

Previous knowledge and experience

Nowadays, many employers want professional experience from all employees, even those at entry-level positions, in the form of internships, externships, part-time jobs, etc. You can also “concentrate on activities, volunteer work, and get engaged in leadership to distinguish oneself from other candidates. Entry Level OPT Jobs in USA.

Organizing Techniques

It’s not unusual for really smart students to get by in school on their intelligence, even if their organizational abilities are lacking. But the organization is crucial in the workplace. Frequently updating and prioritizing your to-do list are examples of this.

Social media

Given that Millennials make up the majority of applicants for entry-level positions. Many OPT employers take a solid understanding of social media as a given. The ability to conduct research on the major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). As well as use them for communication is expecting of entry-level personnel. You can use these abilities on behalf of the business in addition to being aware of the current occurrences that appear in the feed. Come prepared with a solid understanding of industry best practices and social analytics whether you consider yourself to be a self-proclaimed social media expert or not because, as a digital native, you may be requested to contribute to a company’s social media strategy.


Teams and groups of workers are more prevalent than ever… In addition to being efficient and helpful, employees must be able to get along with others. The greatest way to gain these abilities is to observe and imitate positive role models. Consider the people you know who are good at this, and observe how they handle interpersonal situations and group dynamics. Work on enhancing your current connections, becoming more sociable with your friends or family, meeting new people, and creating new networks of connections.

Education required for entry-level OPT jobs in USA

The OPT candidate has to have at least finished his/her high school to be eligible to OPT. After high school, the candidate can join a college/university in the USA and can start with an OPT job. The OPT has to be related to the candidate’s field of study. Before (pre-completion) or after (post-completion) of their academic study, students who meet the requirements may apply for up to 12 months of OPT employment authorization (post-completion).However, the whole amount of pre-completion OPT will be subtracted from the post-completion OPT time that is left. A 24-month period of temporary training that is specifically related to an F-1 student’s course of study in an authorized STEM field is known as the STEM OPT extension.

Salary slab for entry-level OPT jobs in USA

Whether or not you work a full- or part-time job fully determines this. For instance, college students who work full-time as software developers can easily earn over $55,000 per year. While on OPT, a significant number of students conduct volunteer work or unpaid internships. Most experienced workers can earn up to $117,060 per year, while entry-level occupations start at $49,906 annually. In the USA, the average OPT jobs salary is $70,431, or $36.12 per hour. OPT work may be paid or sometimes unpaid. If a person is working uncompensated, they should retain the proof of employment. However, if they are taking part in a 24-month STEM OPT extension program, participants must be employed.

Working hours for entry-level opt jobs in USA

If pre-completion OPT is permitting for you, you may work (20 hours or less per week) while classes are in session. You are allowing to work full-time when classes are not in session. While on STEM OPT, a person may work for more than one employer at once, but each one must be an e-Verify participant. Assuming it’s in the same area as your US education. Additionally, you’ll need to disclose each of these jobs to your university and make sure you have the proper documentation (offer letters, job descriptions, pay stubs, etc.) in case there are any questions later on in your career or visa application. Entry Level OPT Jobs in USA.

Entry-level OPT jobs in USA according to college timing

Setting clear goals for oneself is crucial when balancing a job and college coursework. Setting priorities for your to-do list and managing your time are crucial components of this. It’s crucial to plan ahead, create a calendar, and allow enough time for each work. In general, OPT participants are not allowing to study. Even if the dates on your EAD are still valid, your employment authorization will end if you enroll full-time, pursue higher education, or enroll in courses at another institution. While on OPT, all studies must be incidental. When on OPT, you can work more than one job. While on your OPT, you are permitting to take up a number of full-time employment, part-time jobs, or a mix of the two. The fact that there is no hourly cap on the post-completion OPT is an important feature. Entry Level OPT Jobs in USA.

Designation for entry-level OPT jobs in USA

The term “entry-level job” refers to a position at the bottom of the organizational ladder that, in most cases, does not call for more education, training, or experience. It provides them with the chance to learn and develop experience and is frequently fills by recent graduates. Software Engineer, Financial Analyst, Social Media Manager, Information Technology agent, etc. are some of the entry-level OPT jobs. These are preferring by most of the new OPT candidates in the USA. Apart from these, the other entry level jobs could do are in the medical, education, and business departments.


For students, studying abroad is a matter of relevance for them to get their hands-on experience and finances. It might be a challenge to manage academics while working. But there is an option for OPT jobs in USA, F1 Visa holders can apply for a work permit while studying. Searching for a job that interests you is a rough path, you can always transfer this burden of yours to an organization, consisting of a team of people who are always ready to help you out. They will guide you throughout unless you are able to get an offer letter for the job. Even though if you want to take part in this hustle on your own, you can do that too, tips have been discussed above already.