Oracle SOA/BPEL Online Training in USA

Oracle SOA-BPEL Training

Oracle SOA stands for service-oriented architecture. It is one of the OFM’s solutions. It helps in transforming the complex integration of applications into reusable service-based connectivity. This is done by routing, mediating, and managing interactions of Oracle SOA between applications and services in the enterprise.

It serves as the only unified approach with a single interface for all integration requirements, and thus reduces risks, faster response to the business requirements, lowers the ownership’s cost, and enhances the time of speed.


❯ Overview of SOA

  • Why SOA
  • Architecture
  • Services for SOA
  • Standards for SOA
  • Versions
  • Components
  • Creating service portfolios
  • History of implementing services
  • Versions of Oracle SOA suite and 11g
  • Components in SOA Suite 11g
  • Architecture

❯ Modeling SOA: SCA (Service Component Architecture)

  • Principles of SOA
  • Introduction to SCA
  • Building blocks of SCA

❯ Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)

  • Overview
  • Implementation
  • Variables
  • Activities
  • Service orchestration with BPEL
  • Correlation and WS-A
  • Conditional branching and interaction patterns

❯ Designing composites using SOA 11g

  • Concepts of WebLogic server
  • Configuration parameters
  • Composite editor features
  • Service orchestration using BPEL
  • BPEL components activities and partner links

❯ Managing and monitoring composite applications

  • Types of deployments
  • Testing composites
  • Configuration plans
  • Auditing
  • Creating partitions for grouping deployments

❯ Adapter services

  • Overview
  • Configuring adapters

❯ Mediator

  • Components
  • Implementation
  • Routing rules
  • Dynamic routing
  • Transformations

❯ Human task services

  • Overview
  • Implementation
  • Tasks in BPEL
  • Task display forms
  • Configurations of various settings

❯ Business rules

  • Overview
  • Components
  • Usage with BPEL mediator
  • Implementations of BR

❯ Fault handling and exception handling

  • Events
  • Timeouts
  • What is fault handling
  • What is exception handling
  • What is BPEL’s exception handling
  • Activities in BPEL’s exception handling
  • Fault management framework

❯ Managing transactions with services

  • What are transactions with services
  • Implications of transactions of services
  • What is service data object (SDO)
  • What are entity variables
  • Managing transactions with SDOs
  • Compensation handling with a BPEL process

❯ XML manipulation in BPEL

  • Types of manipulation
  • Iterating over hierarchal solutions
  • Iterating over complex structures
  • Iterating over arrays using WHILE activity

❯ Event delivery network (EDN)

  • Introduction
  • What are events
  • Using events
  • Consuming events from EDN


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