A Perfectly ATS Optimized Resume Can Improve Your Chance to Be Employed

Perfectly ATS Optimized Resume Can Improve Your Employment Chance

A resume is an essential document for job applicants. Here, they summarize their candidatures such as recent work profile, education qualification, and work experience. That gives a basic view of any applicant to the recruiters. A perfect ATS Optimized resume included with some other essential information such as Name, communication address, family details, hobbies, area of interest, and many more.

Resume submission is the first step or you can say approach towards the employment process by the candidate. Recruiters or agencies shortlisting the application to choose the right candidate for the next round. A perfectly polished and attractive resume can increase your chance to be selected.

What exactly the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is application software operated electronically, which enables the electronic recruitment system. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is accessed through the online platform at organizations or any small level business depending as per their requirement. The basic free and open-source version software is now available. ATS is mainly designed for the tracking recruitment process. This software process automatically and filter the application based on given criteria like skill, education, work experience, keywords, former employment, etc set by the recruiters. It has caused that many are adapted to this ATS resume optimization process.

Firstly it was created for large-scale employees in large organizations to handle more than 1000 job applications within a week. After getting the appropriate result small and medium levels of an organization are started rely on the ATS software for the recruitment process. There also exists industry-specific solutions, such as Applicant Tracking Systems for restaurants.

How does the Resume Screening Software ATS Works?

ATS works as a gatekeeper to hire employees and managers for the organizations. If employees start finding the right candidate for the appropriate position by searching manually it will take massive time. ATS resume checker software playing a vital role here to find the right person for the appropriate interview.

Firstly AST software classified resumes into a different category then scan for the specific keywords to find the exact match of the recruiter criteria. Its job is essentially providing the right candidate for the right position that saves huge time for the recruiters and evaluates the recruitment process.

On other hand, ATS software is efficient to toss mostly the least selected candidate rather than select the best-fit applicants. It means if your resume has not been arranged with the base of the applicant tracking system then the candidature can be overlooked.

How to Make ATS Optimize Resume?

There are some steps you need to follow to make your ATS resume:

  1. Avoid putting important details at header and footer:

The applicant tracking system is unable to read the information store in the header and footer. It is highly recommended that never put your information such as name, address, and email id, phone number at the header and footer section.

  1. Avoid graphics, images, and chats in your resume:

Your resume may look great with the same images in your skill part also it would be catchy if you use the same graphics. The design may attract the human eye but the problem is ATS system is unable to read those images or graphical portions. When you use graphics in your name or surname that portion of information definitely will be lost on the resume searching software Applicant tracking system (ATS).

  1. Choose the appropriate file type:

PDF is not the ATS-friendly file format option. Whereas PDF is the best that gives you more access to design your resume. But if ATS does not identify the uploaded file format then it’s better to stick with the word file. The text file is also ATS friendly but from the point of recruiters’ or managers’ view, it is better to choose a word file.

  1. Use clear hierarchy and clean design in your resume:

Your resume template should be clean in design. Complex design not only confuses the Applicant tracking system to read also annoying for the recruiters when they scanning your resume for identical information and anticipate to find in a respective area in your resume.

Ways to Create the ATS Friendly & Effective Resume

Your resume only can successfully pass ATS, if you stick with the standard and simple resume format like a hybrid resume format. This format prefers a professional summary part as a document to highlight your qualifications and skills included with Work History in a chronological manner that describes how you have earned these qualities to make the results for your respective employers.

How ATS Resume Test Runs For Compliance:

There are mainly two simple ways to identify your resume is compatible or not with Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

  1. Firstly your resume convert into a text file

Copy your resume contains and pastes it into a text file. Check the result. If your test files missing some details from the original or if the whole test looks disorganized and incorrect characters have been saved then it’s essential to work on your resume before the ATS compliance.

  1. Check your resume with a free ATS scanner

Use the free ATS scanner to check your resume. After checking your resume by ATS scanner you will get feedback on your content and ATS compatibility.

Your resume carries your first impression to the recruiters. Most of the application is rejected because of their poor resume submission. It is a time-consuming process to hire the right talent for the appropriate position by the recruiters. Applicant tracking system (ASP) is software that manages the whole requirement process.ASP resume checker software is playing a role of a gatekeeper to select the right person for the selected interview process as per criteria in an organization. ATS resume checker helps the candidates to check their resumes are ATS optimized or not.