Pros And Cons Of Full-Time And Contract Jobs On H1B Visa

pros and cons of Full-Time and Contract jobs

H1B petition filed employees can take up jobs which are both full time as well part time. There is no such criterion which demands to work for minimum number of hours. It is also possible for an employee to have multiple H-1B employers, as long as each employer submits an H1B petition. Whether the candidate after optional practical training jobs apply for COS from OPT to H1B or the candidates directly applying for H1B visa; H1B visa holders face the dilemma of choosing between the Full-Time and Contract Jobs. Both the Full-Time and Contract Jobs have their own pros and cons, the choice is equivocal in nature. Few things to keep in mind while on part time H1B visa are that there is no minimum number of hours to work. Any work done for less than 35 hours a week comes under the part time job, i.e. the candidate has to work for 15-20 hours a week.

Certain people prefer to take up work on contract for temporary period of time because they consider working on a contract as safe due to factor such as involved money and the freedom to leave the job accepting new job offer anytime. The full time best paid jobs are better than the contract jobs. Even though the contract jobs show stability, full time jobs are always a better option.

The contract jobs are risky if the person is on the H1B visa. Even though earning of the contract based job is more than the full time, the risk involved is comparatively high. The factors to consider are the risk involved behind the rejection of H1B visa stamping and unable to get visa extension. The visa stamping process is strict so better apply for full time jobs.

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Generally those on H1B visa with family and wanting to have peace prefer to work for Full-Time job. If the company is not doing well then drawback of full time job can lead to unemployment. The contract jobs may pay the person double but there lies instability. There is lot of stress involved in the part time jobs. If the person is laid off from the full time job on H1B visa then the compulsion is to find job within the fixed number of days. If under the H1B visa, they are unable to find a job then they have to leave USA.Whereas in contract jobs, even if the person is laid off, his H1B still would be active under the employer’s name. This provides the person with the gain of more time to find new job.

Pros and Cons of Full-Time and Contract Jobs:

The advantages of a contract jobs are:

  • Large amount of Exposure and experience
  • Scope for increasing network
  • Flexibility in time management
  • Higher pay as compared to full time jobs
  • Pay is proportional to number of hours
  • Freedom to select work field

The disadvantages of a contract jobs are:

  • H-1B visa stamping issues
  • Extensive effort required for self-promotion
  • High risk of getting laid off anytime
  • No income stability
  • Great experience required
  • Huge investment of money if needed

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 The advantages of full-time jobs are:

  • Steady and assured monthly income
  • No H-1B visa stamping
  • Peace of mind and stability
  • Paid vacation and sick leave
  • Health insurance benefits
  • Training period is free
  • High salary
  • High designation

 The disadvantages of full-time jobs are:

  • Paid less compared to contracting jobs
  • Overtime hours may not always be billable

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The part-time H-1B may be useful in the current economic climate; as it may allow an employer to avoid layoffs or avoid concerns of sufficient stream of revenue for full time employment. If the company is going through the cut-down then they can instead of laying off, try to shift the H1B employee from full time to part time. The transfer is not so simple; procedure needs to be followed before doing the shift of employment from full time to part time.

The employer company has to submit the changed H1B petition of the respective candidate for the H1B visa sponsorship jobs to the USCIS. The other alternative for avoiding the submission of the form is to continue paying the employee as mentioned in the petition. When the USCIS receives the change of petition for the H1B worker, then it sends an invigilator to the office and does the corresponding checking. The invigilator looks for the company and the respective worker background and submits the report back to the USCIS. This is way the company can transfer employee from full time to part time or vice-versa. OPT Nation provides the latest jobs and you can search H1B jobs in USA according to your profile and different job filters.