SAP E-Recruitment Online Training For Efficient Hiring Process

SAP E-Recruitment Online Training

SAP E-Recruitment module comprises of succession planning and recruitment instruments; these instruments help the company in finding new employees, retaining them in long term, employing them in the suitable positions, and promoting professional development. This module helps in driving up-to-date management and potential candidates. It makes the processes involved more efficient and effective, and facilitates the selection process. It enables easy access for recruiters, candidates, succession planner, and line managers. Getting training in SAP will help in getting SAP Jobs easily.

Chapters of SAP E-Recruitment :

❯ Overview

  • Candidate
  • Application
  • Job posting
  • Candidacy
  • Talent group
  • Master data recruitment
  • Info types in SAP E-Recruiting
  • Publication
  • Requisition

❯ Roles in Recruitment

  • Requester
  • Authorizations – recruitment
  • Data typist
  • Candidate
    • Internal
    • External
  • Decision maker
  • Unregistered candidate – service user
  • Administrator
  • Restricted recruiter
  • Search engine access

❯ Storage of Data in Talent Warehouse

  • Entry of the candidate profile

❯ Requisition Management

  • Requisition
  • Question
  • Questionnaire management
  • Questionnaires in management
  • Questionnaires in TRM (talent relationship management)
  • Ranking of candidates based on questionnaire

❯ Posting Process Management

  • Applications applicant tracking

❯ Talent Relationship Management Cross Processes

  • Activity management
  • System administration
  • Recruitment workflow

❯ Succession Planning

  • Succession planning
    • Cross-processes
    • Work flows
  • Data storage in talent warehouse
  • TRM
  • Succession planning master data
  • Management of succession plans
  • Management of succession planning