SAP ESS MSS Online Training For All Business Areas

SAP ESS MSS Online Training

SAP ESS stands for SAP Employee Self-Service and SAP MSS stands for SAP Manager Self-Service. SAP ESS and MSS are web-enabled tools used by the employee to update their data themselves and used for managers to update the data of their subordinate. SAP ESS covers data from various business areas: working time, payment, personal data, employee search, corporate information, life and work events, career and job, travel management, etc. SAP ESS MSS is the module which is designed on based on the general requirement which is based on the present IT demand. Take up the training and get placed for SAP jobs in top companies.


  • EP introduction
  • EP navigation
  • Business packages navigation
  • Portal content business packages

❯ ESS Services

  • Use of ESS
  • Overview of the services
  • Different ESS releases
  • Selected ESS services

❯ Setting up the EP

  • Structure
  • Roles in EP
  • Objects in EP

❯ User Management

  • User administration in EP
  • User administration in ERP

❯ Customizing ESS Applications

  • Customizing whos who application
  • Homepage framework
  • Customization for time management

❯ Team Viewer

  • Object
  • Data provider
  • Principles
  • Customization

❯ Employee Information

  • Usage
  • Modification
  • Examples of business scenario

❯ Attendance Overview and Team Calendar

  • Introduction to attendance
  • Introduction to team calendar

❯ Personal Change Requests (PCR)

  • Overview
  • Concept
  • Workflow connection
  • Status tracking
  • Customization
  • Interactive adobe forms
  • ISR customizing for PCR

❯ Reporting

  • Concepts
  • Customization
  • MSS
  • MDT

❯ Enterprise Compensation Management

  • Planning compensation
  • Overview
  • Using the team viewer

❯ Performance Management

❯ Competency Management

❯Dates Reminder

❯ Quota Planning

  • Introduction
  • Planning
  • Planning process
  • Customization
  • Follow-up activities
  • Transferring headcount

❯ Cross Application Time Sheet

  • Approving working times recorded in CATS
  • Customizing the approval process