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SAP HR ABAP Online Training

SAP Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) is a high-level programming language. It was created by the SAP German software company. It uses syntax similar to COBOL. It is the fourth generation programming language (ABAP/4) which was developed in 1980s. It is used to develop the SAP R/3 system, where the application programs are written in ABAP language form. Also SPA R/3 system is divided into two modules, i.e. technical and functional modules, where all functional modules are written in ABAP language form.

ABAP/4 cannot run directly on an OS; it requires a set of programs to interpret, load and buffer its I/P and O/P. It includes three-tier architecture of R/3: database server, presentation server and application server. Application server includes software components to run the program which contains a SAP kernel which can thus run ABAP/4 program. Its development environment is a fully integrated set of data dictionary, development tools and programming language. Various types of programs that ABAP/4 includes are subroutine pool, INCLUDE program, executable programs, function group, interface pool and type pool.

SAP HR-ABAP Course Module

❯ HR Essentials

  • Components of HR module
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Time management
  • HR technical overview
  • Personnel administration
  • Organizational management

❯ HR Programming

  • Info types
  • Data retrieval
  • Time constraint classes
  • Repetitive structure
  • Database tables
  • List display
  • Logic database

❯ ABAP Basics Training

  • SAP system
  • ERP system
  • Modules list overview

❯ Workbench

  • Defining workbench
  • Testing tools for workbench
  • Package builder
  • Business application programming interface (BAPI)

❯ Basic Payroll

  • Entering payroll data
  • Reports
  • Process
  • Organizing a live payroll run

❯ ABAP Programming

  • SAP report programming
  • Variable types
  • Data objects
  • ABAP dialog programming
  • Program structure of ABAP

❯ Payroll Programming

  • Cluster/s
  • Programming using clusters

❯ Authorizations

  • General checks for authorizations

❯ Custom Info Type:

Creation And Enhancements

  • What is customer info type
  • Enhancements
  • Screen modifications
  • HR data model
  • HR important tables

❯ Reporting

  • Classical reports with example
  • Interactive reports
  • Methods of reporting

❯ Internal Tables

  • Overview
  • Creating internal tables
  • Performing data manipulation

❯ BDC and LSMW Tools

  • Define SAP BDC
  • Define SAP LSMW workbench
  • Techniques of data transfer
  • Data migration using LSMW
  • Tools and programs of BDC

❯ ABAP Dictionary

  • Overview
  • Data types
  • Creating data elements
  • Database tables creation
  • Types of database tables

❯ Batch Data Communication

  • Introduction
  • Recording
  • Handling table controls
  • MDC methods
    • Session method/s
    • Call transaction method/s
  • File handling
    • Presentation server
    • Application server
  • Legacy system
    • Different methods
    • Creating flat file/s

❯ Final Evaluation

  • Techniques of modularization
  • Debugging techniques
    • Introduction
    • Watch point
    • Break points
      • Static break point
      • Dynamic break point
    • Step through options in debugging editor
    • Changing internal tables contents dynamically in debugging editor
  • Performing tuning
  • Requirement analysis

❯ SAP Scripts

  • What is a SAP script program
  • Creating smart forms
  • Components
    • Layout set
    • Output program
    • Standard text
  • Logos inclusion

❯ Easy Access

  • Logon process
  • Customizing SAP GUI
  • Easy access screen
  • Addition of transaction codes

❯ Modularization Techniques

  • Introduction
  • Subroutines
  • Function modules
  • Function groups
  • Passing parameters and tables to subroutines

❯ User Exits

  • Overview
  • Types
    • Function exit
    • Field exit
    • Menu exit
    • Screen exit

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