SAP IM Online Training Full Study Syllabus


SAP IM stands for SAP Investment Management. To keep stake holders, vendors and senior management happy and focused, the business investment and administration have a key responsibility which is fulfilled by SAP Investment Management module. It is worth chasing module for professionals working with finance portfolio management.

It performs various functions like creating and maintaining AR (appropriation request) master data, basic reporting, status management functions, creating and maintaining the IM program and structure, and workings with variants the ARs.

SAP IM Training Course

❯ Management Transactions

  • Stock overview
  • Purchase order for stock materials
  • Stock transfer
  • Goods receipt for purchase order
  • Other receipts of goods
  • Goods issue to scrap

❯ Enterprise Structure

  • Storage location
  • Configuration of plant parameters

Master data

  • Review of settings
  • Configuration

❯ Goods Movement

  • Overview of
    • Goods receipt
    • Gods issue
    • Stock transfer
  • Material documents
  • Reversal transactions
  • MIGO navigation
  • MIGO transactions

❯ Goods Receipt (GR)

  • GR for purchase order
  • GR for production order
  • GR for unknown purchase order
  • GR posting
  • Initial entry of inventory

❯ Goods Issues (GI)

  • GI to production order
  • GI to scrap
  • GI posting

❯ Stock Transfers

  • Transfer between plants
  • Transfer between storage locations
  • Transfer between company code
  • Transfer posting

❯ Batch Management

  • Material master requirements
  • Batch determination
  • Batch master records
  • Batch classification
  • Batch statuses
  • Batch information cockpit
  • Batch management and inventory management

❯ Managing Special Stocks

  • Consignment
  • Project stock
  • Subcontracting
  • Returns
  • Sales order stock
  • Third-party processing
  • Stock transfer using stock transport order

❯ Stock Determination

  • Strategies
  • Configuration
  • Using stock determination

❯ Reservations

  • Use of reservations
  • Managing reservations

 ❯ LIS (logistics information system)

  • Reporting inventory management

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