SAP LSO Online Training In USA For Developers

SAP LSO Online Training

SAP LSO stands for SAP Learning Solution. It consists of a Web-based learning portal, course administrator portal, instructor portal, an authoring environment, and training management in the ERP system. It opens the door for development. It can be integrated into company software that is already installed. And thus in this way the investments remain secured in existing personnel and training environment.

LSO integration with Web services helps in achieving making use of Adobe Connect application, e-learning content integration residing on a hosted server, virtual meeting tools integration other than Adobe Connect, etc. Al learning content is stored and administered in the CMS (content management system).

Purpose of SAP LSO: lifelong learning is a challenge faced equally by employees, employers, and learners. Traditional classroom ties up with resources and drives up expenses, keeping away from day-to-day tasks. Here comes the call for new strategies which are fulfilled by the internet and intranet solutions. The employee’s PC becomes the training center at office or home. E-learning paves its way here. Educational institutions and companies can use it to improve their traditional training methods effectively. This provides easy access to trainers and training measures. SAP LSO comes to play its role by opening up new possibilities for companies, learners, employees, and employers.

❯ Overview

  • Content integration
  • Service integration options

❯ Web Services

  • Integrating assessment application
  • Integrating virtual classroom services
  • Integrating e-learning content
    • With Web services
    • Without Web services
      • Rapid content publishing: new with EPH4
      • AICC and SCORM2004: new with EHP2
    • Out-of-the-box integration of the Adobe Connect: EHP2

SAP LSO Training Placement in Various Cities:

❯ SAP LSO pillars

  • Learning portal
  • Authoring environment
  • Learning management system
  • Content management system


  • Authoring environment
  •  Content creation tools

❯ LSO Learning Partners

  • Integrated virtual classroom rapid content authoring
    • Adobe
  • Assessment authoring tools
    • Question mark
  • Content partners
    • Convergys
  • Integration of virtual classroom via Web services
    • webex
    • Microsoft office
    • interwise

❯ Summary

  • Flexible integration options
  • Integration of learning content
    • Import using authoring environment
      • AICC
      • SCORM
      • SCORM2004
    • Import using rapid content publishing
    • Easy and quick content with link
  • Other learning applications