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SAP Quality Management (QM) is another important module of SAP. It controls the products quality. It is an integrated module of SAP ERP. It is an important part of the SAP system as it is involved in catering materials management, plant maintenance and production planning. It ensures that products meet stringent regulatory standards and meet company’s specifications. It is tightly integrated with the manufacturing process. Various classic quality management tasks included in this module are quality planning, quality inspection and quality control. QM supports all activities that are meant to lay down quality metrics monitoring, quality standards, notifying the stakeholders and documenting the discrepancies.

It comes with four primary components ensuring high quality: inspection plan, reports, quality notification and quality inspection. Thus, it is very important for health business too. SAP QM platform is ideal for use in a warehouse and can thus be used in materials inspection.

❯ Introduction

  • QM introduction
  • QM overview
  • Features of QM
  • Advantages of QM
  • Main function of QM functional consultant

❯ Basic SAP GUI Navigation

  • QM integration in the supply chain
    • QM in production
    • QM in procurement and sales
  • Insight into QM functions
    • Quality planning
    • Quality control
    • Quality inspection
    • Quality notification
    • Quality certificate
    • Audit management
  • Potential for introducing QM in companies

❯ QM Tables/Tcode

  • Important QM tables
  • List of SAP QM transaction codes 1
  • List of SAP QM transaction codes 2

❯ Quality planning and inspection

  • Managing QM-specific basic data
    • Coding
    • Catalogs
    • Dynamic modification rules
    • Inspection methods
  • Inspection planning
    • Plans
    • Material specification
    • Engineering change management
  • Quality inspection process
    • Inspection lot processing
    • Recording results
    • Usage decision
    • Notification processing
  • Evaluation methods in QM
  • Quality notification
  • Reports and analyses based on:
    • Inspection lots
    • Inspection results
    • Notifications

❯ QM in Logistics

  • Inventory management
  • Goods receipt
  • Control of the procurement process
    • Vendor release
    • Model processing
    • Vendor’s QM system
  • Procurement documents and certificates
  • Define delivery block tables
  • Creating certificates for outbound delivery
  • Vendor blocked for quality reasons
  • Workflow for material setup

❯ QM in Discrete Manufacturing

  • Integration into manufacturing processes
  • Use of SPC techniques
  • Partial lot processing
  • Incoming inspection from manufacturing
  • Test equipment management
  • Inspection point processing

❯ QM in the process industry

  • Classification system basics
  • Sample management
  • Integration in the production process
    • Master recipe
    • PI sheet and QM
    • Process order and QM
  • Certificate processing basics
  • Batch monitoring
  • QM-specific requirements
    • Digital signature
  • Electronic batch log

❯ QM in SD/Quality Certificates

  • Integration of QM with SD
  • Creating quality certificates for finished products
  • Customer complaints
  • Inspection specifications
  • Quality certificates on the Internet

❯ QM in Production

  • Introducing QM in procurement
  • QM view in material master
  • Creating description
  • Maintaining material master data

❯ Source Inspection

  • What is source inspection
  • How to do source inspection in QM
  • Procedure

❯ QM Inventory Posting

  • Quality certificate
  • Settings required for a material inspection
  • QM inspection method printing
  • QM inspection type for SD delivery in returned goods
  • Inspection lot in inventory movement
  • Reverse goods receipt posting

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