SAP Security Online Training Teaching Technical Part

SAP Security Online Training

SAP Security is SAP’s technical module. Sap Security administrators are responsible for the administration and development of user rights on SAP systems. Before implementing SAP Security, following points needs consideration.

  • What needs to protected: internal/external threats of organization
  • From whom it needs to be protected
  • What actions are required to be taken to prevent the threats

Security is important because it helps in giving access to particular users to perform their job and restrict unauthorized job.

SAP Security Online Training

❯ Introduction

  • What is SAP
  • What is ERP system
  • What is SAP Security

❯ Security Audit

❯ Security Considerations

❯ Security Layers

❯ Types of Securities

  • Internal security
  • External security
  • SAP Security

❯ User Maintenance

  • User master record in SAP
  • User types in SAP
  • Mass user maintenance
  • Creation of a new user account

❯ Roles Administration

  • Roles of SAP Security
  • Derived roles
  • Creation of derived roles in SAP
  • Composite roles
  • Creation of composite roles in SAP
  • Single role
  • Parent role
  • Child role

❯ Authorizations

  • Objects
  • Profiles
  • Programming authorizations
  • Authorization groups
  • Authorization trace
  • Missing authorizations

❯ SAP R/3

  • History
  • Architecture
  • Layers of SAP R/3
  • Client administration spool
  • Background jobs
  • Monitoring
  • Transport management basics

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