SAP TSW Online Training For Learning Monitorizing

SAP TSW Online Training

SAP TSW stands for SAP Trader’s and Scheduler’s Workbench. It is useful for an organization as it helps in monitoring the current and future supply chain activities, including all inventory, trading and scheduled movements. It takes the responsibility to plan and execute efficiently the supply chain in an organization by providing relevant master data. It deals with a variety of functions using the nominations by assisting in stock projection, planning and scheduling the bulk shipments. Take up the training and apply for the TSW SAP jobs in usa.

❯ Overview

  • SAP SCM overview
  • Working with TSW master data
  • Working with tickets
  • TSW planning tools
  • Techniques of TSW
  • Reporting tools of TSW
  • Methodologies of TSW

❯ SAP TSW Tools

  • Planning tools
  • Worklists
  • Three-way pegging (3WP)
  • Stock projection worksheet (SPW)
  • Nomination
  • Ticketing
  • Berth planning board (BPB)

❯ SAP TSW Roles and Tasks

❯ Integration of SAP TSW with other SAP Modules

❯ Integration of SAP TSW with SAP APO

❯ Oil Pipeline Scenarios Analysis

❯ Gas Transportation Process

❯ Management of Rail Car Business Processes

❯ Customization of System as per User Requirement

❯ Enhancement of TSW with scheduling cockpits

❯ Enhancement of TSW using Pipeline Visualization Tool

❯ Working with Nomination Functionalities

❯ Dealing with Oil Marine Scenarios