Silverlight Online Training Course Content

Silverlight Online Training

Silverlight is the next-generation of Microsoft.NET-based media with rich interactive applications (RIAs). It focuses on program structure, implementation details, UIs and language syntax. It serves a rich framework for mobile applications and high-performance, cross-platform desktop. It is a robust platform for creating web applications. Gaining the knowledge of Silverlight helps in fetching Silverlight jobs anywhere.

Silverlight application runs on a local machine and requires extension .XAP to run it on a web server. It consists of following main parts.

  • Silverlight Host – it is the web page to host the Silverlight application.
  • Silverlight Application File (.XAP) – it is the Internet application developed using Expression Blend and Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Silverlight Plug-in – it is the engine rendering the Silverlight application in the browser.
  • XAML (the interface langugae) – it is the declarative programming language which is used to create rich vector animations and graphics.
    1. XAML = MainPage.xaml + MainPage.xaml.cs
    2. Parts: XAML.NET files and XAML files (visual part)

.NET framework forms the real power of the Silverlight application. It supports ranges from base class library to advanced internet features like LINQ and AJAX. Its support can be subdivided into embedded CLR (Common Language Runtime) and .NET Framework Libraries.

Modules of Silverlight Online Training


  • Capabilities
  • Animation
  • Use for rich media
  • Customizing UI
  • Adding interactivity


  • What is silverlight
  • Why use silverlight
  • WPF vs. silverlight
  • AdobeFlash vs. silverlight
  • Silverlight versions


  • Different parts
  • Creating applications
  • Embedding silverlight application

❯Controls of silverlight

  • UI controls
  • Layout controls
  • Custom controls
  • User controls

❯Data entry controls

  • Styling and templating controls
  • Binding data to controls
  • Creating custom controls
  • Designing data entry forms
  • Using visual state manager

❯Building an user interface (UI) with XAML

  • Transforming a canvas
  • Silverlight vs. WPF
  • Layout controls
  • Viewbox control
  • Grid vs. canvas

❯Designing UI

  • Different controls in toolbox
  • Design surface
  • Grouping and combining objects
  • Expression blend introduction
    • Workspace
    • Brushes and drawing tools
    • Behaviors
    • Create animation using storyboards
  • VSIDE vs. expression studio
    • Expression design
    • Expression blend
    • Expression media
    • Expression web

❯Data access

  • LINQ-to-SQL
  • Validating data
  • Entity framework
  • Variables
  • NET data services
  • .NET RIA services
  • Data binding modes
  • Data binding to controls
  • Using collection in silverlight application


  • RESTful services
  • Use of web service
  • Developing WCF RIA services
  • Use of WCF service


  • DeepZoom
  • Creating storyboard resources
  • Understanding storyboards
  • Using behaviors
  • 2D and 3D animations
  • Drawing graphics

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  • Encoding basics
  • Image downloading
  • Expression encoder introduction
  • Streaming media using silverlight
  • Preparing video with expression encoder
  • Creating deep zoom content
  • Understanding bitrate


  • Creating an ADO.NET entity data model
  • Creating a WCF service for Silverlight clients
  • Calling WCF services
  • Using System.Net to access the service
  • Using WCF data services
  • Working cross-domain sockets
  • WebRequestCreator class

❯Interacting with Html Page

  • CSS properties manipulation
  • Font support
  • DOM interaction
  • Full screen support
  • Browser integration
    • Calling out to JavaScript
    • JavaScript calling silverlight

❯Page Navigation

❯Debugging, Testing, Deploying Application

  • Building your solution
  • Adding silverlight applications to web pages

❯Silverlight Application to Windows Phone7

❯Silverlight Control Toolkit

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