The Benefits of Using an OPT Candidates Database for Employers

The benefits of using an OPT candidates database for employers

Over 1 million international students move to the USA each year. The competition for moving and thriving for a better life and quality education is increasing. So the competition in the US job market is also increasing. What is OPT? The OPT students are F1 visa holders who are entitled to Optional Practical Training. For non-immigrant visa students the contemporary situation might be challenging. However, they can apply for an F1 visa and get the chance to pursue their academic degree and also get a work permit. The work permit for F1 visa students is only for 12 months. On the other hand, the STEM OPT students get 24 months extension after working for 12 months.

The international students who arrive on an F1 Visa are hired by recruiters in the US job market. Several online forums work for recruiters and international students and act as a bridge for them to find each other. F1 students struggle to get suitable jobs and they need assistance in finding one. Recruiters also struggle to find the potential and genuine profiles of OPT students. F1 students who are looking for OPT jobs are a great resource of talent and knowledge, while they are pursuing their degrees, they get the chance to gain practical knowledge and training. It will help to increase their professional experience and the chance to grow in their respective fields.

Online platforms like OPTnation have a large database of genuine OPT profiles. Either the recruiters can directly access the database or they can take professional assistance from the team.

What is the OPT database?

The OPT database is a valuable resource for OPT resumes of potential and qualified OPT candidates. International students who have an F1 visa for living in the USA. the F1 visa holders can work and study while they are on the F1 visa. Many recruiters struggle with the question of how to hire OPT students. Employers who are looking to hire OPT candidates for their companies can access the OPT database. Online forums like OPTnation is a reliable and authentic organization that assists employers in choosing the most relevant resumes. The recruiters after they sign up get the option to choose from the database. They can pick the most relevant resumes as per their job description.

Benefits of OPT students database in OPTnation

There are many benefits for an OPT student database, this is a massive collection of potential and suitable profiles for the recruiters. Employers can access the database anytime after they have signed up for the services of OPTnation. They can take assistance from the OPTnation team to pick the right profiles from the database. The team is a group of professionals that can recommend the most relevant resumes as per the job description submitted by the recruiter.

OPTnation has a huge collection of OPT candidates database and all the profiles in the database are genuine and verified by the team. All the profiles in the database are already verified for their educational qualifications, professional experience, visa category, and visa status so the recruiters do not have to worry about anything.

As not all of the students are active on other job portals, the recruiters can find a majority of suitable OPT students on OPTnation. It is one of the most reliable platforms among international students who move to the USA to pursue their academic degrees and get a work permit for 12 months. Recruiters can find the most genuine profiles of F1 candidates here at OPTnation. Several kinds of plans are mentioned on the website that recruiters can choose accordingly. The website of the OPTnation is user-friendly and pocket-friendly, and it is very convenient to use. OPTnation is one of the best OPT job portals in USA

●  After the recruiters have subscribed to our services, the team at OPTnation brings everything to the table. The recruiters can choose a suitable plan as per their budget. After signing up they get access to the database of the OPTnation.
●  Also, recruiters get the option to choose the most suitable profiles among all the profiles in the database.
●  Employers get the filter option after they have signed up. With this feature, they can search the most relevant OPT profiles by only using a keyword. This helps the recruiters with profile screening and going through every profile. Which saves time and energy for the recruiter.
●  Also, the recruiters can access multiple job portals. OPTnation has many job portals that post different job opportunities in OPT, CPT, H1B, and many more.
●  OPT candidates also get a fair chance to get decent jobs in various aspects of life such as universities, big companies, and other jobs respective to their academic qualifications.
●  The team can assist the recruiters by providing them with a short list of precisely matching resumes in the database. This will help the recruiters to avoid the prolonged process of profile screening.
●  The resumes in the database are genuine, so a legitimate quality is provided by the team OPTnation. This also helps the recruiters in choosing the most suitable resumes and not waste their time and energy in hiring a not-so-good fit for the company.
●  OPTnation also provides the option of an email alert service in which the recruiters will get alerts every time a precisely matching OPT resume is dropped in the Database.


Q- Can I check my OPT status?
The OPT students can track their OPT applications, through the official website. The USICS is an official platform that brings many opportunities for OPT candidates to start their professional training under OPT. A candidate can track his/her application on the website of USICS after their application for OPT is requested. An application tracking number is given to the candidates. So through e-filing a candidate can know and track the status.

Q- How much does OPT cost in USA?
The application fee for OPT in the USA is around $410. This fee is payable to the US Department of Homeland Security. Also, the fees vary according to the OPT category, STEM OPT or OPT.

Q- Should I put OPT on my Resume?
One should show all the relevant professional experience in the resume. It creates a good reputation and a good image. Now if a candidate is working for any company or if he is looking for job opportunities. He has to mention his duration of OPT and the course in which they are seeking to make their careers. This experience will help the candidates get suitable jobs for their experience.

Q- How many months is OPT valid?
OPT is valid for F1 students for 12 months, the candidates are eligible for 12 months to work. They can choose pre-completion OPT or post-completion OPT. While the school is not in session they can work under OPT. In pre-completion OPT the candidates can work for 20 hours per week. While in the post-completion OPT, they can work full-time. For STEM OPT students can get an extension for 24 months after working for 12 months.

Q- Why is OPT rejected?
There are several factors why your OPT might get rejected. The most common of all is that you are not following the timeline and you are late in submitting your application for OPT. After OPT rejection an F1 visa holder loses all the legal rights to stay and work in the USA.