The Ultimate Guide to Landing H1B Jobs in USA

The ultimate guide to landing H1B jobs in USA

International candidates who are planning to move to the US job market. Many recruiters give H1B jobs visa sponsorship jobs to candidates from all over the world. The candidates applying for H1B sponsorship must have specialized skills. There are a plethora of options that the candidates can surf, several companies offer visa sponsorships. Candidates can apply for a suitable job according to their skill set. The candidates can find the list of recruiters and companies that offer visa sponsorships for the candidates.

This article will enlighten the candidates about all the options they can surf. There are many online forums that help candidates for applying and getting a suitable job. Many top-notch companies such as Amazon, Meta, Google, and Microsoft offer visa sponsorships to potential candidates. The authorities put a cap on the number of candidates who can get in through H1B visa jobs in the USA. there are numerous alternative ways in which a candidate can enter the US job market. It will be helpful for the candidates if they will simply follow these steps.

What is H1B visa sponsorship?

There are various categories of visas in the USA, for students, there is an F1 visa, and for working individuals H1B, H2B, H2A, H4, and L. Although there is a long list of visas that authorized foreign nationals to study and work in the USA. but here we are focusing on the H1B visa. This is a temporary work permit that allows the candidates to work for 3 years that can be extended by 3 years. Candidates with specialized knowledge and skills are hired and sponsored by H1B companies. Recruiters are only allowed to hire candidates, who have some specialized skills and knowledge.
There are certain guidelines about hiring foreign nationals, and the rights of US citizens are protected. The employers must justify the arrival and sponsorship of candidates from outside the country.

Here’s a guide to follow to get H1B jobs in USA

There are several points to be noted that can be followed by the candidates for finding a suitable H1B recruiter:

  • Find a list of the database of H1B sponsoring companies – there are a lot of platforms that offer lists and databases of recruiters who offer H1B visa jobs in USA. this will give the candidates an idea about the number of companies hiring H1B candidates. The candidates can target those companies, that have suitable H1B vacancies for foreign candidates. It is important for the candidate, to research and analyze the data first. Then candidates can shoot their applications with their resume or cover letter to the targetted companies. It is also essential for the candidate to understand the industry and the pattern of the industries in the USA.
  • Drop the resume and get a job – The candidates must create a professional and impressive resume to get an H1B job. As recruiters are more inclined towards qualified and potential candidates. The resume serves as the introduction to the recruiter to the profile of the candidate. The resume is the first impression upon the recruiter, so the candidate must carefully design it. It must be clear and must reflect all the relevant information regarding qualifications, professional experience, and other skills.
  • Target relevant companies and recruiters – The most important and basic task is to find relevant recruiters or those companies that could provide better opportunities to the candidates. Candidates who are aspiring to find jobs in tech or any non-tech field must target those companies who produce opportunities in the same field. Before applying the candidates must also check the background and history of the recruiter. It is important to know that the recruiter and company listed are not a fraud.
  • Look for internships and apprenticeships – Finding internships in the related field in the USA is quite helpful for candidates who are looking for full-time job opportunities. Sometimes the candidates can face difficulties during their job search because of the H1B cap that is put in by the authorities to control the arrival of foreigners. The US job market creates many opportunities each year for foreign candidates, and they can avail those opportunities. But the cap might be an issue for the candidates, so there are other ways in which the candidate can manage to get in. They can find potential internships and apprenticeships in the fields of IT, automation, analytics, and research. Possible chances to find suitable internships can be found at career events, boot camps, and other educational fairs. In these types of events, several opportunities come up for skilled candidates.
  • Finding consulting companies – Various consulting companies are working at a global level, that could arrive at candidates easily in the USA. top-notch companies like WIPRO, E&Y, and many others hire candidates for the position of consultants. This information regarding the vacancy and other details can be searched by the candidate. Even if the company cannot offer the candidate a full-time job they might get internships or part-time jobs. This will help the candidates to get into the US job market.
  • Jobs at USA university – Candidates who are enrolled in any educational program or degree can find suitable jobs in the USA. The students who find jobs in the universities are at ease and many of the universities are exempted from the H1B cap. So students who aspire to be researchers, associates, and teaching staff have more chances to get visa sponsorships.

How OPTnation helps the candidates in finding H1B visa sponsorship

There are many opportunities for OPT jobs and H1B jobs in USA. The team at OPTnation provides amazing opportunities for candidates to find suitable jobs in the relevant sectors. It is an exhaustive task for the candidates to find suitable jobs for them. The team carefully manages the data and recommends precisely matching profiles to the e-verified recruiters. This is a more comprehensive and less exhausting process, where the team manages the database of resumes.

The team also helps the candidates to create professional resumes. The team also held training sessions for the candidates where they conduct mock interviews, which will boost the confidence of the candidates. Candidates who have a more professional outlook are more likely to be hired by recruiters.

FAQ for H1B jobs in USA

1 – Can I get a job in USA with an H1B visa?
H1B is a temporary visa, a recruiter hires a foreign national and provides visa sponsorship for working in his company. The candidate hired must have any specialized skill and a relevant graduate degree.
2 – Is it hard to get an H1 B in USA?
The candidate must have a valid job offer from a recruiter in the USA. Though it is a challenging task to find a recruiter who can sponsor the visa of the candidate, but it is not impossible.
3 – How to find a job in H1B?
The candidates can look for the database of recruiters who provide H1B visa sponsorships. This will make it easier for them to apply and contact employers for sponsorships.
4 – Which company gives the most H1B?
Right now Amazon is known for giving the most H1B visa sponsorships. Followed by Google, Microsoft, and Cognizant.
5 – How long does it take to get H1B?
The process of getting H1B visa approval is not long it takes 2 to 6 months. Although it depends upon the employer and candidate, as every application is different.