Top 30 US Companies that Support H1B (for OPT students)

Top 30 US companies that support H1B

OPT students are often worried about getting an H1B visa sponsorship after completion of OPT. Most international students move abroad to get full-time employment opportunities. They have a dream to settle in the USA and start a promising career. Although there are many H1B jobs in the USA, recruiters hire international students for their potential. People from third-world countries move to the USA for lucrative packages and amazing opportunities to work in one of the largest global markets in the world.

What is H1B visa sponsoring?

Many companies like Amazon, Infosys, TCS, Cognizant, Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Meta offer H1B visa sponsorship jobs for international students. Now let us learn quickly about H1B visa sponsoring when a company hires a foreign national, for their amicable talent and specialized skill set. The company sponsors the visa of the candidate, this is known as H1B visa sponsoring. This allows the candidates to work in the USA, as the companies who offer sponsorship are based in the USA.

There are opportunities for candidates in every industry. The candidates must be qualified in the particular academic field to get visa sponsorship. They must have done their graduation or must have an equivalent degree. It is essential for a candidate seeking an H1B visa sponsorship to have an advanced and specialized skill set to work in any field. Most international candidates move to the USA for tech jobs, in top-notch companies like Amazon, Meta, and Google.

F1 visa holders who move to the USA for academics, join OPT. if they are good at their work they will end up getting a full-time job offer. Sometimes companies tend to hire people from outside because they prefer quality team building. Under this category companies sponsoring H1B visas, and candidates get 36 months as a work permit. This period of 36 months can be extended to 3 more years, hence they get 6 years. During these years H1B visa holders can apply for green cards, and they can get US citizenship.

F1 visa holders do get a long span of three years to work and stay in the USA. But this relaxation of the OPT period to 36 months is only available to STEM students. This period is not available for non-STEM students, they get only 12 months of OPT after completing their graduation. Though Visa rules keep on changing and candidates must keep track of the change in visa policy.

The candidates must also check their eligibility to apply for an H1B visa

  • They must have a certificate of bachelor’s degree or any degree equivalent to it.
  • They must know that they are applying for a job that falls under the list of “specialty occupations”. This visa category is available for people who have specialized knowledge or skills.
  • The candidates must know which companies are offering visa sponsorships.
  • They must know the scope of their degree in the US job market.
  • Students enrolled in universities based in the USA must know that their schools have a list of companies that offer H1B sponsorships for jobs.
  • Internships in the field of their academics help students a lot in securing a job offer.
  • Prior professional experience helps candidates a lot in grabbing lucrative salary packages for their jobs.

Top 30 US Companies Sponsoring H1B

Top-notch companies like Amazon, Google, Meta, Infosys, Tata consultancy services, cognizant, Capgemini, HCL America, and IBM. These are some prominent names of the companies that hire candidates on H1B visa sponsorship, for entry-level jobs. Salaries offered by the recruiters for entry-level jobs are competitive though candidates are attracted to H1B visa sponsorship for being a part of one of the largest global markets. These companies also hire for senior positions, and salary packages are very lucrative for senior positions. Also, there are other companies like Accenture, Wipro, Apple, and Intel hiring competent and qualified candidates for their companies.

Amazon along with some other renowned companies hire students in their placement program from top-notch schools around the USA. Amazon also hires from schools from all over the world, where they have their branches. Uber also, hires H1B candidates. And it has an impressive record of hiring more than 30,000 for different job positions. IBM and Walmart also hire professionals for website management, accounting and finance, business analysis, sales associates, and branch managers.

The majority of the firms have headquarters in California, this place is a hub of opportunities for students. Students who are working under OPT or those who get the offer from recruiters under an H1B visa, tend to move to this happening place. California has the best universities in the world. So it has many influential recruiters in the fields of tourism and the entertainment industry.

Candidates can approach experts for the best recommendations regarding H1B visa-sponsoring jobs.


About 1 million international students move to the US each year. Those who are enrolled in academic programs are authorized to work for 12 months under Optional Practical Training OPT. STEM OPT students are entitled to get an extension in OPT period, this period can be extended for 24 months. Non-STEM students get 12 months of authorization to stay and work in the US job market. Many times OPT students get full visa sponsorship for an H1B visa jobs candidates who want visa sponsorship must fulfill the eligibility criteria. They must have a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree in any academic field, they must acquire specialized skills. H1B visa sponsorship is granted to candidates who have some specialized skill set, they must be educationally qualified for getting the job opportunity.

They should have some professional background as it will be a preference for them. Recruiters prefer candidates having prior internships or training, it is beneficial for the company to hire learned and experienced candidates.