Top Tips for Writing a Standout OPT Resume in USA

OPT Resume in USA

A resume is an essential and most basic step in an application. The students who move to the USA must understand the relevance of creating a professional resume. It speaks for the profile of a candidate, it reflects qualifications, skills, and experiences. It justifies why a candidate can be a good fit for the company. During the job search, F1 visa holders drop their resumes in companies that can offer suitable OPT jobs in the USA. Optional Practical Training OPT gives the candidates the privilege to work while they are enrolled in any full-time course or degree.

There are various templates available on the internet for making a good resume. OPT candidates can also rely upon the team at OPTnation. The team of professionals is available to assist and guide the OPT candidates. The OPT candidates after signing up with the OPTnation can drop their resumes in the large OPT students database. The resume database can be accessed by the recruiters, and they can choose the relevant resumes.

Top tips to write an OPT resume

There are a few tips that a candidate can follow for creating a more impressive OPT resume.

  •  Choose a convenient format – The template for making a resume must be chosen wisely. The future of the candidate lies with the shortlisting of their resume. The content written must be clear and specific, and all the relevant information regarding the qualifications, skills, and experience must be highlighted. The recruiters do not have to spend the whole of their days in profile screening, they tend to look at important areas. The resume must contain all the information but at the same, it is to be mentioned in the correct font and format.
  • Leave a mark – Recruiters will consider you a good fit only if the candidate has the potential to perform duties and responsibilities. Many things can be judged through the resume, hard work, consistency, management, qualifications, and skills. The first impression must be a whole on the mind of the recruiter and the HR because it will define many things such as your compensation and growth in the career.
  • Qualifications and professional experience – Candidates must write educational qualifications and professional experience specifically. The OPT resume in USA, summary must contain the relevant information. The candidates should specifically emphasize the relevant educational degree or qualifications. As OPT candidates are only allowed to work in the Major area of their academic field. Professional experiences for pre-completion and post-completion OPT counts. Candidates can have better opportunities as OPT employees, based on their prior experience.
  • Skills – The skills of a candidate are a fundamental requirement for both tech and non-tech jobs. Apart from hard skills technical skills are also needed for an employee to get hired by the recruiter. They must know how to use Microsoft tools, office, PowerPoint, and Excel. They must understand that as per the work culture, they can be given any responsibility related to research, writing, and other professional skills. Sending emails, analytical and problem-solving mechanisms are a must. They have to be good at management and team building. All this information related to additional skills must be demonstrated in a resume.
  • Statement of purpose or cover letter – the Cover letter must justify the candidate’s qualifications to be a good fit for the company. The OPT candidates who are looking for IT jobs in top-notch companies such as Meta, Google, and Microsoft. These candidates must have the relevant skills and a relevant degree to get short-listed. These are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, although internships, and apprenticeships are also important for fresh OPT students. This will also give their careers a boost, and this global exposure will make them ready to face global competition.
  • References – the most important of all for an OPT candidate is to get a good reference. The referrals may be the employee of the company or even DSO who can recommend the candidate for OPT job. But it depends upon the caliber of the OPT candidate to get into connection with the employees of the company. Networking is the basic step when you move abroad, reliable connections can get you a good job.

After all these tips, if still, the candidates face some difficulty in creating a resume. They can take assistance from the team at OPTnation. They can guide the candidate to build a professional OPT resume for getting suitable job offers. The OPT candidates can also drop their resumes in the database of OPT resumes of OPTnation. This database is huge and contains all the genuine and verified profiles. It can be accessed by the recruiters and recruiters choose the suitable resumes. Also, the team at OPTnation conducts profile screening and chooses the matching profiles with the job description submitted by the recruiter.

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These are some pro tips that can be helpful for OPT candidates, for finding a suitable job in the USA.


1- What are OPT candidates in USA?
OPT candidates in the USA are international students who are F1 visa holders. These candidates get a privileged permit to work in the USA either at the pre-completion or post-completion of their degree.
2 – How to hire OPT candidates?
Recruiters can hire OPT candidates directly when they approach the companies. Or recruiters can also rely upon OPT resume database from authentic forums like OPTnation. The team at OPTnation will shortlist the most relevant resumes and recommend them to employers.
3 – How can I submit my resume?
OPT candidates in the USA can submit their resumes to the OPT resume database. The candidates can also directly approach the company or HR recruiters. Although reaching out through official websites might be a little exhausting and a prolonged process. The team of professionals at OPTnation will guide the candidate to get through there more quickly.
4 – How do I give my resume to a recruiter?
The candidates can directly email their resumes to the company. Or they can simply drop it in the database of OPT resumes. The recruiters have access to OPT resumes, they can directly pick the relevant resumes. Or the teams make recommendations for relevant resumes that is how the resumes to the recruiters.