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Excellent Ways to Find OPT Resumes in the USA

Finding OPT candidates in USA is like finding shells on the beach. How to find OPT candidates resumes might be known to all as a lengthier process. The demand to work and settle in the USA has increased rapidly in many years. This resulting in more foreign workers in USA and that makes the hiring task a little difficult as to find the best hire.

Whenever a candidate search begins for a hire there are plenty of qualities that recruiters list down to look for in a suitable candidate. The skills that are required for your vacancy along with the basic expected qualities from a candidate could be found. Candidates related to locations, eligibility, experience, education, skills, and many other factors are important to fit perfectly in the job profile of a company.

Selecting or hiring an international candidate in the USA is an entirely challenging process both for the students and the employers. With help of smart research, recruiters can find a suitable candidate in the USA.

Now, with such amazing websites like, it is easy to find OPT resumes of verified candidates who are skilled and can settle in the company for a longer period and provide good service.

Finding OPT candidate’s resumes online are now easier and pocket-friendly. All one has to do is to follow the small same steps at available online portals offering resume access. OPTnation is one of the most reliable resources offering OPT Resume Database. The power of online portals can be fully utilized in resume search and finding a suitable candidate for the company.


The small steps that can make a big difference in recruiting and finding eligible OPT candidates are mentioned below.

Ways To Find OPT Candidates Resumes in the USA

1)   Use Social Media

In today’s date, the fastest network can be built through social media. Here, we are talking about social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook where people post and interact casually.

Taking full advantage of social media, one can find numerous candidates and find OPT resumes. Create a page on social media, create a hashtag or just follow the ones created by someone else and present the offer or search.

Many candidates who are unaware of the online agents or the job search portals will go for these social media applications to research the company and the job opportunities.

What are we looking for in a candidate? what the company is about? And much other information can be shared through social media.

Publishing the demands of the company and the profile of the company can be seen as the correct use of social media platforms.

Social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have job posting features. This enables employers to post jobs and find suitable applicants. Add the location, experience required, responsibilities, and many other filters either as a hashtag or general description for people to see and contact directly.

The biggest hub of social media can also be a decent platform to find OPT resumes matching the demands. The interactions on social media are also very easy which makes a suitable platform to have a casual and formal conversation with international candidates.

Many recruiters looking for the answers of how to find OPT candidate resume could find online portals like OPTnation very helpful.

2)   Ask for Referrals for OPT Candidates

One of the suggestions that are found very effective is to ask for referrals. Many recruiters are very much connected in the market with others and they could use this connection to find OPT resumes.

Referral marketing is also a very powerful source that should be used professionally. Referrals can be found by using the techniques of mouth-to-mouth or any online source. Many recruiters have found that referrals come along with reviews and that helps in making the decision.

Asking for referrals can help for networking or possibly finding the correct candidate’s resumes.

3)   Host Job Fairs

One of the interesting ways is by hosting job fairs as you can connect with many job seekers and aspiring graduates.

Job fairs are very important for candidates as well. As in a job fair, there are direct interactions and networking builds for hiring managers and candidates. Hosting a job fair can lead to a collection of many eligible resumes.

Direct interaction with the candidates is the gem of hosting a job fair. Along with candidates, one can also meet other recruiters and professionals from the same field. Hosting job fairs is a very good opportunity to find OPT resumes.

4)   Refer to Consultancies/Recruiting Agencies for OPT Candidates

Recruiters can also look for on-ground consultancies. A good number of relevant and fresh resumes can also be collected from the recruitment agencies. In business for a long time, these consultancies have candidates from all backgrounds and skills. They can be a good option to find OPT resumes because thanks to digitalization many agents have good online connections.

Entry-level or experienced, many candidates refer to these consultancies with the hope of any employment opportunities.

Many consultancies have branches in different countries and cities of the world which makes them highly useful for the candidates and the job provider. They charge or refer to have references in future but the relations maintained with these consultancies will benefit for a very long time. Many experienced counselors are eligible to handle students and are available both online and offline for service.

Especially in hiring foreign workers, a consultancy or outsourcing company can help you in a lot better way.


Things to Know on Hiring OPT Students in the US

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How OPTnation Helps to Find OPT Candidates Resume

Have been in the market for years, OPTnation can provide a huge number of candidates suitable for the company you are hiring. We have many trusted clients and employers who joined with us in years of our service.

1)   Registration

Find OPT resumes with the help of online search platforms can solve the issue of finding candidates overall.

Create a free employer account on OPTnation and access to a huge OPT resume database and assist in job postings as well. With multiple package options available, one can choose the duration, the type of services they want, and become a member. We also give the option to start with free trials, so try our resume access using the trial subscriptions.

Innumerable websites made only for the employment search or hiring are open for free registration and special features to find candidates.

2)   Search by Category

A filter is a very strong and useful option available on our resume search application. Search with the help of the resume filters and get results related to the desired categories as per your requirement.

Resumes are analyzed and the filter options are inserted accordingly. One can also find candidates according to their skills, experiences, talents, and many other relevant pieces of information. Search can also be used to find the candidate according to the city, state, or country along with part-time or full-time options.

Find OPT Resumes along with H1B, H4, GC, and USC resume on websites offering diverse resume database.

Resumes are listed accordingly and find it is easy for the recruiters to find the perfect hire by matching their desired candidate’s requirements.

3)   Job Posting

OPTnation allows free job posting to our registered employers. Recruiters can post the jobs with relevant keywords on our job portal for free. We have a pool of jobseekers enrolled with us, so you can have applicants applying for your job posts.

You can specify skills, location, or remote, work authorization and job roles in the job posting to attract relevant candidates that match your hiring needs.

4)   Buy Resume Plans

Resume Database is a good resource to access some latest quality candidates resumes from different backgrounds. This can help employers go with and transform your diversity recruitment strategy. Online portals do work amazingly to find OPT resumes and resume search can be more polished with the help of resume plans.

OPTnation offers flexible and quality resume plans which will help you find desired candidates for hiring and recruiting. The list of happy clients on OPTnation makes the statement of how we are helping our clients in finding skilled candidates.

An employer can choose among the various resume plans to find OPT resumes. Depending upon the number of resumes they require, has three plans.

The second plan is for 3 months in which you get 100 resumes per day.

The second plan is for 6 months in which you get 200 resumes per day.

The final and third resume plans for recruiters are for the time of one year, in which a recruiter will get 300 resumes per day.

These are some of the resume plans by OPTnation to help the recruiters to find OPT resumes and others. To view plans and pricing, please click the button below.


Conclusion For OPT Candidates In USA

How to find OPT candidates’ resumes in a world full of competition? The steps mentioned above can help as a guide for many recruiters.

There are ways to find OPT resumes and the best option is OPTnation Resume Database. We offer a diverse resume database used by many of our registered employers. The process goes a long time as we deliver the right services to our clients.

International borders are diluted with the help of technology and the internet and that is just the beginning. The internet has played a major role in connecting people for various purposes. Now employment being one of the most important processes it has also attracted online methods of hiring .

Unlimited resume database of OPTnation is one such example that helps recruiters is finding and filtering suitable candidates.

Uploading resumes and hoping for a job in the USA is the dream for many students and so they put every effort to be noticed by international recruiters.

So, recruiters need to know where to find them and how to engage. Both sides have to work half a mile together to achieve their goal. We have a huge number of candidates registered with OPTnation. So the employers can find the right match for their requirement from our candidate pool.

Social media, web portals, personal contacts, and many other factors are the source for finding OPT candidates or other candidate resumes in the USA.