What are The Requirements to Create an OPT Resume?

What are The Requirements to Create an OPT Resume?

The most crucial thing to remember while creating your resume is that it should stand out from the resumes of other applicants. Creating a generic resume that is apply to every job application won’t help you get OPT positions or other entry-level positions. The OPT resume should be modified in accordance with the OPT job application and the kind of position you are applying for. In front of the recruiting employer, you must include Resume Modification together with the qualifications and experience that highlight your potential.

Mention Your Contact Details

Neglecting to include contact data is among the silliest errors. The essential details, like phone number and email address. To go above and above, you can supplement your contact information by providing additional sources of contact. You should refrain from mentioning details about references, profile picture or age and gender unless asked for.

Use the right keywords

Employing the right keyword is a crucial strategy for attracting companies in the job market. Steer clear of titles that are too assertive or florid, such as “Excellent in Communication,” “Dedicated to achieving a result,” or “Hardworking.” The main goal of resume preparation is to provide information about a person’s knowledge base and past work experiences. You should use the following keywords:

  • I’ve held positions in planning, controlling, managing, organizing, and coordinating.
  • Over forty software designs under my direction.
  • Participated in a variety of work-related events as a presenter, director, or collaborator.
  • Worked on building, installing, and launching several commodities.
  • Centered on creating sales reports, tracking budget reports, and minimizing errors.

Presentations should be simple and easy to understand

Remember that you resume is going to be part of an OPT resumes database so make it easy for the reader to understand your resume. To make the resume easier to grasp, it should be presented in a straightforward and uncomplicated way. An employer will find it easier to review your resume and can learn more about you with a cursory glance.

Use in the presentation:

  • Ensure content and presentation are consistent.
  • When formatting, use appropriate space.
  • Utilizing capitalization, underlining, bolding, and italicizing formats is a good idea.
  • Bring up the relevant headings.
  • Organize the content and titles according to date.
  • Verify if you successfully converted your resume into a PDF format.
  • Keep your resume to no more than one page, unless otherwise necessary.

What you should not do:

  • Do not avoid the proofreading stage.
  • Employing a narrative style.
  • Employing verbs of personal action such as “I”.
  • Displaying a date next to each line.
  • Use excessively colorful templates.

How to improve your resume

Interviews are most likely to be held with the candidate whose profile most closely matches the job requirements. These are some essential ideas to assist you make your resume better:

You can discuss the details of your academic projects, but it would be better to focus on the projects that align with the requirements of the job role. Instead of summarizing the project, explain your contributions to the number of projects you haven’t included. Just the extracurricular activities that fit the job description should be list on the CV. If you would want to provide a brief bio, make sure it is obvious and states if you are searching for a co-op, internship, ought to eloquently define your area of expertise. The Mention your talents and attributes that you would like to contribute at the end.

Remember that your resume is going to be part of OPT candidates resumes database in USA hence you should create it according to the US market. The following are some characteristics that aren’t necessary in the US market to apply for OPT jobs and other entry-level jobs:

  • Don’t include your overall certificates and grades. thus the majority of recruiting companies wouldn’t understand what it is. You can display it individually if you would like to mention it.
  • You are not obliged to disclose any personal information, such as your parent’s name, ID number, or marital status.
  • On a resume, stay away from using tables and graphics.
  • Avoid using capital letters excessively, unless they are acronyms.
  • The address needs to be stated using the USA format.


  • Understanding that an international OPT student has limited time to discover the ideal OPT job.
  • You can hire professional resume writers who assist OPT students and other visa holders in creating a professional resume that is competitive in the US job market.