Your Guide to Filling Out the DS-160 Form

Your guide to filling out the DS-160 Form

For all the non-immigrant international students who move to the USA. the DS-160 form is an essential document to be filled out by international students and visitors. The DS-160 form is available online, for all international students, tourists, and visitor visa holders. This is done at the beginning of a visa application for moving to the USA in any visa category. It is a short process, but before filing, take the necessary precautions and read this information. DS 160 form filing is not difficult; you can do it at home by yourself but all you need is an overview. It is a relevant and the most basic step for the visa application. It gives a deep insight into the personal background, educational qualifications, and category of the visa application of the applicant.

If you are a student who is moving to the USA under the F1 category to pursue academics. You need to follow these basic steps one by one to fill up the form. You are under the obligation to provide all the true information. There are many minor things for applying for a visa, providing educational qualifications, personal background, professional experience, and field and criminal records if any. All this is necessary for a valid visa application in any category.

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Steps to follow while filling out the DS 160 Form correctly

We are happy to help young candidates, who are applying for F1 visas, tourists or visitors, and all the non-immigrants who want to move to the USA. nobody wants to spend more time than it requires, so to save your time and energy. Follow these steps and read these steps carefully on how to fill DS 160-

1. Sign up – Begin with signing up on the official website, for online non-immigrant Visa applications. After filling out the necessary details as the location and captcha. You can begin your application, Three options are given you can begin with a new application, upload your application, and retrieve the application.
2. Security question – To make your application ID and password safe, there is a security question that is provided. You can choose the question according to your type from the dropdown menu. This will help the applicant to get the password and application in case the same is lost. Disclaimer is provided beneath the security question you must review the application before submitting it.
3. Personal Information – As we have discussed DS-160 is a form of application that requires the personal background and information of the non-immigrant candidate. Whether you are an international student applying for an F1 visa, you need to fill out the DS 160 form for F1 visa. Everyone needs to fill out this electronic form before filing out the actual visa application. The candidates need to fill in the basic information for full name, address, background details, and other occupation and professional background details.
4. Passport details – The passport requires information regarding your address and contact details mainly your phone details. Information regarding travel, and other relevant details for passport. A passport book number is allotted. The non-immigrants can also mention the ticket number if they have already booked the flight tickets. Otherwise, the date you are planning or have scheduled for your event, such as the orientation of the academic program and dates for other purposes must be mentioned. If you are an international student filing the DS 160 form for F1 visa you must mention the address of the university that is mentioned in I 20. Let the authorities know that you are sponsoring yourself or being sponsored by someone or through a loan.
5. Travel companions information – If there are persons who are traveling with you, their information must be given by the applicant. Whether the traveling persons are students, parents, or just companions. Their information including name, address, and other relevant information must be disclosed by the applicant.
6. Have you ever been to the US? – The applicant must show previous traveling records if they have traveled to the USA. Whether they have a visa, for coming to the USA, and if they have a visa which category is it? Have you filed the immigration petition to the USCIS? All this becomes relevant for filing DS 160 for visa application, prefer to see the DS 160 form sample.
7. Point of contact – This means the person who can verify you as an individual. The visa applicant must specify the reason for their arrival to the USA. the university, or school if they are an international student, if they are coming for work they must specify the name of the company and organization. They must look out for the relationship with the person whose name and information you have given for the DS 160 US Point of Contact.
8. Education and professional experience – You as an F1 visa applicant or an international student must disclose every training, and educational qualification, including graduation, certifications, and specializations. You also need to mention your employment status, If you are not employed kindly mention not employed. There will be questions about how many languages you speak. Also, the skills you have is relevant to be mentioned.
9. Fill F1 visa application process – The F1 visa applicants are required to fill the F1 visa specifications. The educational qualifications, professional experience, and other relevant skills must be mentioned. To become an F1 visa holder the applicant must provide the previous educational background and the academic degree they want to pursue.
10. Review your DS 160 form – After filing your DS 160 Form filling the candidates must review the DS 160 application form. The photograph will be taken at the Application Service Centre ASC. Apart from uploading the photograph, all the other information must be carefully reviewed. Then confirm the DS 160 Form application.

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