6 HR Interview Questions For OPT Jobs In USA

HR Interview Questions

Top 6 HR Interview Questions To get Into A Job

One of the ways is to get an OPT. What is OPT one might wonder? So, it is work authorization for F1 visa holders. There is more information about the HR interview questions that one might face in their HR interview. These are:

Student life is as challenging as exciting it is. To be a student in the USA is a double experience. Looking for opportunities in the USA, a student will turn towards OPT. 

1. General introduction for HR interview questions

It is just like any other interview, the first question is about the introduction of the student. A general introduction can also be related to the educational background of the student, their family background, and their knowledge of what is OPT.

A general introduction is to know the candidate with outlines, no deep introduction is required. A student can also talk about their interests, hobbies, or whether they are eligible for entry-level OPT jobs. 

The main reason for this question is to see how a student can introduce themselves with minimum words. They can also add that they are enthusiastic, workaholics, or any other soft skill.

The introduction makes an impression, so a student should not take it lightly but prepare for this very first question.

2. Background-related questions

An international student looking for OPT jobs in USA should be ready to face HR interview questions like this from HR. Background questions can be related to education, country, experiences, or any other thing.

The main reason for these kinds of questions is to balance the qualification with the profile and the pay. OPT students looking for jobs are not paid everywhere, the reason can be their answer in this section of the interview.

A student must not provide any information that can work against them or show their weakness in any section. 

3. Expectations – HR interview questions

An HR will not ask about any technical skill that a student has but what are the expectations that they have from this job. OPT jobs in USA are temporary and even unpaid.

Entry-level OPT jobs are unpaid. The question is with the aim to understand what the candidate knows about the job and expects from it. Expectations can be related to the money, leaves, opportunities, employment offer in the future, H1B sponsorship, and many more.

An expectation of an international student for any OPT sponsorship jobs is also to be discussed by HR. Every student does have some expectations or hopes that the job will not stress them out the most and they will have a work-life balance. 

It is very common to ask for a student’s expectations from the company or the employer they are going to work with. A student can express their feeling about the leaves they want or the letter that can help them in future placements.

4. What makes you eligible for the job?

An HR is someone that is responsible for all the paperwork related to the job and the student. The eligibility of the student is not only limited to the educational certificates and reviews of the other and that’s what an HR wishes to know. OPT student jobs are many in the USA and why a student wants to work with them only.

A student can face this question where there are many other candidates applying from the same background and for the same profile. A student in this kind of question needs to answer about their skill and the value that they can add to the company.

Eligibility for a job may not be asked if the job is not highly recruiting other candidates. But a student can explain in brief how they can be valuable to the company or the firm.

Every student has many soft and technical skills but convincing an HR or an employer is a skill on its own. Students can also work on some light jokes to make the interview less tense. There is always a scope of fun in an interview with professional ethics. 

5. Future plans

This is often asked by everyone linked with the hiring or recruitment process. The future plans of an international student need to be known by HR for obvious reasons.

The reason is that there are many jobs for OPT students and there are very less permanent opportunities for them. Future plans can also be related to the tenure of OPT.

Many students change their employer during their active OPT, so an employer can know how often they will change their employer.  There are many twisted questions through which an HR can understand whether a student is aiming to work for long or not.

A student can answer about the future plan without being specific about the company or their job profile. The future plans are ultimately going to be related to the same profession, so a student can prepare a neutral answer.

6. Why we should hire you?

There are many companies that international interns and then recruit them for permanent employment. Any such company will have huge candidates waiting for interviews and trials.

Jobs for OPT students in such places are multiple. Hiring an international student for a temporary period of time does take for something different in the student that an HR wants to know.

Now many students fear this question in every interview they face. This question is very common and can be faced by anyone in any kind of interview. What a student can do is to try and impress the HR or the interviewer with their skill and extra talent related to the profession.

A student should not break the algorithm of the HR interview questions and only give a few points in an answer to HR.


  • Which companies are hiring opt students? 

There are many international students that are looking for companies and there are many companies that hire OPT students. The most famous companies with big business names and brands are known to hire OPT candidates. One can simply search according to their field of study.

  • How can I prepare for an interview in the USA?

It depends on what kind of interview it is with what purpose. Every interview has a purpose and some very common questions. A student can prepare the common interview questions and practice on their own.

  • What is an opt-round interview?

An interview with multiple rounds and for OPT jobs is called an OPT-round interview. There can be multiple rounds and multiple people taking the interview of an OPT holder.

  • Is OPTNation a good company to work for?

Yes, OPTNation is a company that provides assistance for international travel and the employment of students. Working under the international travel field and rules for international students is their main focus.

  • How long do you have to find a job on OPT?

An OPT is a work authorization for 12 months under which a student has to work in their field of study. Student has to work, they cannot stay unemployed in OPT for more than 90 days of a time period. For the whole period of 12 months,  a student has to work and stay employed.

  • Is it hard to get a job on OPT?

It is not easy but not impossible either. A student can find a job in their field of study when they are active on OPT. A student can find jobs with the help of many sources and can work for multiple employers in the same field of study.

  • How to find opt jobs in the USA?

A student can find OPT jobs in USA with the help of online sources, social media, consultants, universities, and many more. A student can simply find a job with the help of online sources. Online recruitment websites are also very much reliable for finding OPT jobs in USA.

Conclusion for HR interview questions

Every international student has an OPT. faces an interview for the employment period of 12 months. In the interview, there are rounds in which the HR round is important.

In this article, there are the top six HR interview questions that are guaranteed to appear in front of any candidate. 

This article works as an overall guide for the students looking for help in HR interviews.