7 Careers to Consider if You Want to Travel the World

7 Careers to Consider if You Want to Travel the World

Do you dream of turning your passion for travel into a career? Then you’re in luck because there are plenty of fun opportunities to explore! Many of them don’t even require professional degrees.

This guide will introduce you to multiple exciting careers that will satisfy your wanderlust. And provide you with incredible experiences, personal growth, and chances to meet new people.

By pursuing one of these fantastic opportunities, you can create unforgettable memories while continuously expanding your professional skills in unique and beautiful settings across the globe. 

Let’s set sail on this adventure as we explore seven fulfilling careers that allow you to travel!

7 Careers You Need to Consider if You’re a Globetrotter 

Plenty of careers give you a chance to take on the world, but that makes it harder to narrow down your choices. That’s why we chose 7 careers you need to consider as a globetrotter.

1. Travel Nurse

A travel nurse is a registered nurse who takes on assignments in different locations, often filling temporary staffing shortages in hospitals and medical facilities. This unique career path enables travel nurses to live and work in various parts of the world, experiencing new cultures.

These nurses typically work with specialized agencies that help them find assignments tailored to their qualifications, interests, and desired locations. You’ll be able to discover your next travel nursing adventure while making a difference in the lives of others; what’s better than that?

2. Flight Attendant

One of the most obvious careers for travel enthusiasts is being a flight attendant. This job requires you to assist passengers on flights, ensuring their safety and comfort. With the opportunity to fly to numerous destinations, you’ll be able to explore the world during layovers.

Additionally, airlines typically offer their employees discounted rates on personal trips and other travel-related perks, meaning you’ll always have opportunities to travel. For those with a passion for service and wanderlust at heart, pursuing a career as a flight attendant is an ideal match.

3. Tour Guide

If you have a knack for storytelling and love meeting new people, consider becoming a tour guide. This career allows you to share your passion for travel and introduce others to the wonders of different destinations. You can work for a tour company or even start your own.

To be successful in this field, tour guides must possess excellent communication skills, a deep understanding of the area they are showcasing, and the ability to connect with diverse audiences. Speaking multiple languages can be an advantage when working with tourists.

4. Travel Writer or Blogger

For those who enjoy writing and sharing their experiences, a career as a travel writer or blogger could be a perfect fit. You can work for magazines, newspapers, or online platforms and get paid to travel to various locations to report on your experiences, often for free or at a low cost.

Networking with tourism boards, airlines, hotels, and others within the industry may earn you sponsored trips or partnerships that further enrich your travel experiences. For those yearning to share their journeys and inspire others through creative expression, this career is for you.

5. English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher

Teaching English in foreign countries can be an exhilarating career option for those who love to travel while sharing their knowledge. ESL teachers can find work in schools, language institutions, or even as private tutors, and many teachers don’t need a degree to teach.

In some countries, a qualification such as TEFL or TESOL certification is more than enough to apply. Keep in mind that being fluent in English won’t get you far. You’ll still need to possess great communication skills, listening skills, adaptability, collaboration skills, empathy, and patience.

6. International Aid Worker

If helping others is one of your main motivations in life, working as an international aid worker might suit you perfectly. These individuals often travel frequently between countries affected by crises or disasters, providing support and resources where they’re needed most.

The roles and responsibilities of international aid workers vary depending on their field of expertise, with opportunities in sectors such as healthcare, education, or logistics. They often collaborate with governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

7. Cruise Ship Employee

Working on cruise ships offers another avenue for seeing the world while earning an income! Many positions are available on these floating resorts, from entertainers to hospitality staff, allowing you ample opportunities not only aboard but also at each port of call during your journey.

However, it’s important to note that cruise ship jobs can be demanding, with long hours and shared living quarters being part of the package. Successful cruise ship employees possess strong teamwork skills, excellent customer service abilities, and incredible adaptability.


As you embark on the incredible journey towards a career that satisfies both your professional aspirations and your love for travel, remember that it all starts with taking that first step. Seize this opportunity, embrace new challenges, and start your journey with these new careers.