Top 5 Career Opportunities in the Travel and Tourism Industry

career opportunities in the travel and tourism industry

Best Career Opportunities In The Travel and Tourism Industry For OPT Students

Just a few decades ago, the development of tourism around the world created an exceptional demand for specialists in this field. Fortunately, tourism still plays a special role in the world economy, even despite the latest events related to the pandemic.

Experts in this field were among the first to feel not only the impact but also the consequences of Covid-19. Nevertheless, this sector remains attractive and promising in many countries. Therefore, it is worth considering the tourism industry as a promising career field. What professions should you pay attention to? Below you will find a couple of options.

Tourism and Travel Industry: Pros and Cons That Are Vital to Know

Before we move on to considering promising vacancies, let’s get acquainted with all the pros and cons of the tourism and travel industry. As usual, let’s start with the main advantages.


  • Before the pandemic, this industry was booming, creating the need for additional specialists. Now it tends to recover, so the situation may soon return back on the right track.
  • The ability to travel. Many careers in this field involve various journeys.
  • Attractive salary. The skill to sell new emotions and experiences is the one that allows you to earn as much as you want.
  • You also have an opportunity to be a private entrepreneur and/or work remotely.


  • Get ready for high levels of stress due to various force mature events that may occur.
  • A set of special skills is required, including communication skills, erudition, the ability to convince, and high stress resistance.
  • Often you have to work with refusals and complaints from clients. You will also have to make decisions, resolve conflicts and provide assistance to those who may be in a completely different part of the world from you.

It is necessary to be aware of the disadvantages, as many people romanticize this industry and think that only positive emotions and constant travel await them. But this is more of a rarity than a routine. This is not only about travel, it is vital to be smart and quick. Nevertheless, it is one of the most interesting sectors of the economy. What career opportunities should be considered promising? Read on.

Top 5 Career Options That are Promising Today

The global pandemic has made changes to many industries. Hence, the tourism sector has got a lot of trouble. The tourism market is now in a recovery phase. Just imagine that the epidemic has put 100 million jobs in the tourism sector at risk around the world. Such statistics are overwhelming, but even despite such frightening figures, the tourism sector has its prospects even now.

What careers should you focus on? Below you will find the top 5 career opportunities in the travel and tourism industry that are worth your attention.

1.   Online Travel Agent

There is no need to say that this is the top profession of the future in this area since this is quite obvious. In recent years, one can notice the transformation of such a profession as a travel agent. Online travel agents help their clients plan a safe trip without the need for face-to-face meetings. This is a time saver and convenience for many modern travelers.

Top travel agents offer their clients a unique service and satisfy all the needs of the client. It is worth noting that this is one of the most effective ways to work as an entrepreneur in this area.

2.   Travel Insurance Agent

Travel insurance is also one of the top services on the verge of the financial and tourism industries. With the global pandemic, insurance has received a special demand, as every tourist now not only takes care of their health, but many countries have put forward a requirement for having travel insurance to be able to enter the country.

Therefore, travel insurance is a very attractive industry since every tourist wants to protect himself from various accidents and receive proper medical care. Just look at the EKTA TRAVEL website to see that this industry is becoming a promising one today. Understanding the characteristics of each country and the peculiarities of insurance is what such a specialist needs.

3.   Event Manager

Event manager remains a relevant profession even despite the pandemic. Moreover, in the field of tourism, this profession is gaining popularity. The event manager is the coordinator and organizer of the event. As you understand, such an event can vary from business meetings and conferences to concerts.

Such a career requires leadership qualities, communication skills, and, of course, knowledge from the field of tourism. If your clients ask to organize a business conference in Indonesia, then without such knowledge it will be difficult to satisfy the needs of the customer.

4.   Travel Writer/Blogger

Another popular travel career opportunity is travel writing or blogging. Blogs and articles about trips never go out of style. Moreover, such blogs and articles are of interest to both those who like to travel on their own, find out about the adventures of other travelers, and better plan their trips with real-life insights.

This career has many directions, which may include advertising, blogging, creating content for travel companies and magazines, and so on. What do you need to get started? Writing skills and understanding of such a field as tourism will be enough. Even if you don’t have a lot of travel experience, with good writing and marketing skills, you can generate quality and engaging content that will be both interesting and useful to the key audience.

5.   Tour Guide

This profession is one of the most sought-after ones in the tourism industry. Despite the quarantine restrictions and the unstable situation, people continue to travel. A person who can tell fascinatingly about historical sights, religious places, national beauties and so on will always be in demand in the service market.

The tour guide should know the information perfectly, help tourists and be sociable. For this reason, in addition to studying all the sights of a particular resort, you need to have high communication skills. And keep in mind that there are not so many tour guides who can captivate tourists’ attention and soul.

The Bottom Line : Career Opportunities

The pandemic made a particular impact on the tourism industry. To date, it begins to recover, and new directions, new types of work have appeared. Therefore, the tourism sector may be consider a promising one. People crave to receive emotions, and there is no better source to get them than travel.