ASP.NET MVC Online Training Full Module

ASP.NET MVC Online Training

ASP.NET is an eight-year old WebForm in the industry. ASP.NET MVC came into existence as MVC design pattern is quite popular. But nowadays, ASP.NET MVC becoming popular because of its exclusive features and is dominating other WebForms. Thus more and more candidates are applying to appear for ASP.NET MVC Online Training program.

This course helps in understanding

  • the benefits of MVC design has over traditional ASP.NET,
  • bundling and minification features help in O/P compressing,
  • building and deploying ASP.NET MVC application,
  • applying validation framework for both client and server validations,
  • reusing code rendering HTML using HTML helper methods, and
  • security implementation in ASP.NET MVC applications.



  • What ASP.NET MVC
  • When ASP.NET MVC
  • Unit testing
  • Installation
  • Tools to use
  • CSS and JavaScript into play
  • Model roles
  • Roles of controller and view
  • Key benefits

❯Getting started with MVC

  • Model defining
  • Naming conventions
  • Defining controller
  • Understanding the project structure
  • Project templates
  • Creating views
  • Defining data model
  • Overview of coding standards follows during programming

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❯Creating application

  • Read-only views
  • Model-bounded and form-based views
  • View data validations
  • HTML helper methods
    • Custom helper methods
  • Working of action methods
  • Working of URLs
  • Data validation
  • Handling from post-backs

❯Working with controllers

  • Action filters
  • Actions and parameters
  • Controllers and routes
  • Asynchronous controllers
  • Action results
  • Action selectors
  • Passing validation errors to views
  • Passing temporary data to views

❯Understanding razor view engine

  • Introduction – why, what and when
  • Razor basics
  • Implementing of razor view
    • Razor syntax
    • Partial views
    • Code blocks
    • Rendering sections
    • HTML helpers
    • Calling model data
    • Commenting
    • Calling utility functions
    • Code expressions
    • Layout views
  • Razor design tools
  • Accessing model data in razor views

❯Working with data (Part I)

  • Using LINQ
  • HTML custom helper techniques
  • Entity framework
  • Defining data repository
  • Performing CRUD operation

❯Working with data (Part II)

  • Custom validations
  • Validations annotations
  • Remote validations
  • Fluent framework validation

❯Additional techniques

  • Global filters
  • View-model class work
  • Areas
    • What
    • Why
    • How
  • Hyperlinks and URLS generation
  • Understanding routing
    • Constraints
  • View and controller scaffolding templates
  • Model binding
  • Asynchronous controllers

❯State management

  • Using query strings
  • Using hidden fields
  • Application and session state


  • OAuth – social login
  • Authorization
  • Authentication
  • Avoiding cross-site request forgery
  • Roles-based authentication
  • Membership providers


  • Overview of jQuery
  • Overview of jQuery UI
  • Managing scripts
  • Working with asynchronous methods
  • AJAX helpers
  • jQuery techniques
  • using AJAX action links



  • Validation
  • Overview
  • Working
  • Content neglection
  • Query able interfaces

❯Creating mobile sites/adaptive rendering for different devices

  • Introducing Modernizr
  • Mobile interface
  • Working of mobile interface
  • Introducing bootstrap
  • Managing layout and data


  • Why use TDD
  • What is TDD
  • When to use and implement TDD
  • Hands on
    • Testing controller methods dealing with
      • Database
      • Static data
    • Unit testing framework


  • Server requirements
  • Making it live
  • Minification
  • Bundling
  • Project publishing
  • Configuring options

❯Industrial-strength applications of ASP.NET MVC

  • Application architecture best practices
  • Using dependency injection
  • Implementing repository framework data model
  • Implementing a custom controller factory

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