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The Best Nursing Careers and Specialties

The growth of healthcare careers is rapidly increasing. Services of healthcare professionals always seem to be increasing in demand and provide one of the most stable employment opportunities. Nursing contributes major part of healthcare. With many people now demanding healthcare services than ever, the need to expand nursing careers has become more prominent. As this field continues to evolve, students who want to pursue it have access to various options they can choose.

With a growing demand for nurses worldwide, choosing a nursing career path comes with many benefits, including good salaries, many opportunities, and fulfillment. Nursing jobs can be pretty diverse, and if you want to pursue them, it can quickly get overwhelming. The last thing you need is to end up in a specialty that does not seem to be working for you and, within no time, feel like you have to switch. You might wonder what will be the best fit for you, but this guideline should make your decision-making process more comfortable. Take a look!

  1. Aesthetic/Cosmetic Nurses

The demand for cosmetic procedures is rapidly increasing as many people look for alternative ways to enhance their appearance. Aesthetic/cosmetic nurses help in administering non-invasive, in-office cosmetic procedures. They are also responsible for preparing patients. Primarily, nurses work in private offices, clinics, or medical spas and not hospitals as you would expect. With many aesthetic procedures performed daily, a nursing career in this field can be full of many opportunities. You will be required to offer services that cover patients from the moment they book an appointment to the aftercare.

  1. Registered Nurse (RN)

Becoming an RN is one of the best choices you can make in the nursing field. However, you will be required to have an associate degree or Bachelor of Science degree. Once in practice, you will have to offer patient care, educate the right personnel about different health issues. You will also dispatch advice and emotional support to all your clients. You will work closely with doctors and various healthcare specialists with a common goal. One of the positives about registered nurses is that they start working sooner than in other medical fields. Once you become an RN, you get access to endless possibilities. You practice in many specialties according to your preference.

  1. Clinical Nurse

Becoming a clinical nurse is not as straightforward as other specialties may be. It is an area that requires a robust educational background considering what is needed while practicing in this field. As a clinical nurse, you are allowed to concentrate on several areas, including pediatrics, geriatrics, critical or emergency care, rehab, mental health, and others. It is a diverse specialty that allows the nurse to choose something they are passionate to do.

  1. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

CNAs’ duties include taking care of patients by helping them with daily tasks. To become a CNA, one must complete an approved training program and be successful in a state competency exam. The courses can be pursued in community colleges, vocational institutions, and various health organizations like Red Cross. This is often a satisfying nursing specialty considering you will be helping patients do necessary tasks that they cannot do for themselves.


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  1. Emergency Room Nurse

Every emergency room requires nurse practitioners. They provide urgent care to patients mainly suffering from life-threatening issues or illnesses. Emergency room nurses have a close relationship with emergency medical staff and first responders. They work together to provide care and share crucial information to ensure the wellbeing of patients. Anywhere with an emergency room is good enough to work in as a CNA.

  1. Cardiac Nurse

Heart diseases are a nightmare to populations worldwide and are a leading cause of death. It is a significant concern and has led to increasing demand for cardiac nurses. These complications need immediate care, and the nurses in this field are crucial to the team that performs the treatment. Cardiac nurses are required to help perform surgical procedures.

The nursing careers  and field is quite diverse, and anyone willing to get into it must equip themselves with adequate knowledge to choose something that works out for them. Selecting the best nursing careers means that you will always enjoy the path you choose, and you can deliver the best care to your patients. Notably, there are so many choices to choose from so take your time to research what will work for you.