Best ways to find OPT Engineering Jobs in USA

Best ways to find OPT Engineering Jobs in USA

Best ways to find OPT Engineering Jobs in USA

Each year millions of international students migrate to the USA to gain quality education and to build their careers in the tech field. More than 80% of the international students in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field move to the USA for the lucrative salary packages offered in tech field jobs. Top-notch companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, Deloitte, E&Y, and many more hire fresh OPT candidates on a contractual basis. It is easier for the company to decide if the candidate is a good fit for them if the candidate proves to be a good fit, the company will offer a full-time opportunity but under a different visa category.  

The F1 Visa holders are eligible only for the OPT(Optional Practical Training) which is a temporary authorization to work, either at the pre-completion or post-completion of their degree. The authorization to work is granted for 12 months, which can be extended by 24 months for STEM students. It gives the permit to work for 20 hours per week in case of pre-completion of their degree, f they opt for work authorization at the post-completion stage it will give them the authority to work full-time. 

Certain non-tech companies do offer entry-level OPT Engineering jobs in USA, for the positions of Software developers. With the boom in IT and AI fields Software Developer Engineering jobs have gained a spike. Electrical engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering are some mainstream job roles that are known to us, the recent development in this field has given a whole new sphere to Engineering. 

Now we see Petroleum engineering, Solar engineering, Gas and network, and communication engineering. It has created millions of opportunities, for engineering students, the research and development field also requires learned and skilled engineers to explore various realms in the related field. A reasonable period is given to the tech students providing them the global exposure and lifetime opportunities. 

OPTnation provides the potential OPT Engineering Jobs in USA

The team of experts at OPTnation guides and acts as a mentor for OPT candidates who are looking for suitable jobs in the USA. the international students are F1 Visa holders who get the authorization to work in the field of their education. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) give temporary permit to work, in the field related to their major area of study. More than 400 recruiters are actively hiring for tech jobs, in private firms and top-notch companies. 

The students get to work with the companies as interns, assistants, and part-time or full-time job opportunities. The team of professionals guides the students through their journey of hiring and being productive. The recruiters offer OPT Engineering jobs in USA, to suitable profiles having educational qualifications and professional experiences, and relevant skills. The recruiters cannot hire every candidate that approaches them so the team at OPTnation offers their services in which they assist the recruiter to make a productive decision for their organization. 

The team of experts does profile screening and saves a lot of time for the recruiter, after profile screening the categorization of OPT resumes is done based on the visa category, visa status, EAD, Educational qualification, professional experience, relevant skills, and capabilities. Apart from hard skills, soft skills are also require to get a decent job, which includes team coordination, communication skills, and pressure handling.

The recruiters must submit a correct job description, to the team which will help them find a relevant set of OPT resumes. Among them, the recruiter chooses the best fit for the company as it will ultimately affect the growth and development of the company. The recent jobs are post on the site of the OPTnation on daily basis, which helps the candidates to be update with the hiring and recent opportunities in the relate field. It makes the candidates aware of recent industrial trends which helps them to apply for the correct job position in the right company. 

Payscales vary in OPT Engineering Jobs in USA 

The salary packages offered to the candidates for OPT engineering jobs in the USA vary from state to state. For an instance, an entry-level job engineer earns up to $83 per annum. Whereas an experienced engineer earns up to $152,000- $153,000 per annum. Once an OPT student has been appoint there are more positive chances that he could get a full-time job offer. But then they have to apply under a different visa category such as H1B or L1A. 

There is a variety of payment scales that depends on the region and the job market of that particular region. Companies based in California pay the most lucrative package approximately ranges between $134,000-$140,000 though the expenses and living standards in California are costlier than anywhere else. We have seen the packages vary from $124,000 to $130,000 in New York, which is also an expensive city. There people struggle to find accommodations. 

Georgia, Washington, and Texas are some pocket-friendly places the taxation system is also convenient. More immigrants are drive to texas for many opportunities. STEM students who are willing to find OPT engineering jobs in USA, are more attract to salaries offered by big companies. But they must also keep in mind that there are expensive lifestyles in expensive places. 

Various job roles are offer to candidates in the tech field, including engineer, project engineer, director, and quality engineer. The salary packages also differ on the basis of experience and position offered to the fresh candidate. The companies tend to offer full-time job opportunities and visa sponsorship to the candidate if they show the desired caliber. 


  • The team at OPTnation also provides assistance to the recruiter in finding a suitable match for their company. As a more capable OPT candidate can contribute more to the company’s growth. So recruiters are always leaning towards finding a good fit for the company without wasting time, energy, and resources. 
  • The team of professionals guides the OPT students to find a suitable job which pays a decent amount for contributions. 
  • STEM students who are hire by tech companies are eligible to extend the permit by 24 months. Hence, they get 36 months to work in the US job market. 
  • It delivers a phenomenal experience of working in the world’s largest job market. They gain global experience and also get the opportunity to get a job offer for a full-time job role. 
  • The pay scales vary from place to place and different job roles required different skills and experiences. So, compensation depends upon the qualification of the candidate. 
  • We see a variety of branches sprouted from the field of engineering. It surely gave it a boost and more than 80% of the international students came to the USA for working. 
  • California pays the most lucrative packages though Texas and Washinton remain the top priorities for international students. Even if the packages offered in California are higher than in the rest of the country. The expenses incurred in the lifestyle are also higher.