CPT and OPT jobs in USA 2022-23

OPT and CPT jobs

CPT and OPT jobs in USA 2022-23

Everything you should know if you’re appearing for CPT examinations

CPT and OPT jobs in USA 2022-23. Getting graduate and started working for a job that you curse every day, is that what are you planning for? At its core, our education is outdated and needs a severe overhaul. Graduating from well-reputed universities cannot help you land your dream job in the USA. Companies hiring CPT candidates in the USA look for newly developed skills rather than just graduating.

So it’s hugely important for students to have practical knowledge of their field of study skills. Earning your degree without mastering your skills is like a rocket with an empty fuel tank, with so much potential but ending up nowhere. OPT and CPT is historically the best way for international students who want to study, work, and settle in the United States. The dream of living the best lifestyle in the United States has drawn millions of students from every nook and corner of the world. With the help of OPT and CPT, a student can work freely in the USA, gain on-the-job experience, and can also get a PR of US residency.

CPT and OPT jobs in USA 2022-23

It shows that the competition is burning hot, as at least eight out of 10 Indian students are looking up to preserve their seats with the most elite colleges in the USA and work with well-reputed companies operating from the United States. CPT and OPT are two primary roads they can take to start their journey. These two programs are form for the same purpose: to let international students work and study in the USA in their field of study. CPT and OPT are similar but still poles apart. CPT  take up as an internship, and OPT is for the post-study work. These two programs are very similar but still a topic of mystery for students who are planning their careers in the United States. We have talked about OPT and how students can apply for that. If you’re new here, we request you to read our previous articles about OPT and how it functions; it will give you a clear picture of the process. This article is all about CPT, what is the eligibility criteria, and the application process.

What is CPT or Curricular Practical Training?

CPT (Curricular Practical Training) is a program that allows international students to get employment training and have paid internship programs. Students under CPT are permit to work full-time roles- 20 hours per week, and part-time roles- less than 20 hours. The primary purpose of CPT is that it allows students to gain practical knowledge and sharpen their skills and expertise in their field of study. CPT allows students to work part-time and full-time after the completion of higher studies.

Some important points to remember

Over the past few decades, CPT has gotten a lot of hype as many companies in the United States are on boarding students from different places and working with them. CPT comes as a blessing in disguise for students as it allows students to operate freely in the USA and gain relevant job experience. Now that you’ve planned to apply for CPT, here are a few things that you should know about it-

  • Students may complete their CPT with an F-1 visa.
  • CPT allows students to pursue an internship program. Once you are on board with your internship with any company, the college will issue you a CPT.
  • Students can work only for those employers who are listed on their SEVIS and I-20
  • A CPT is processed chiefly within 5-8 business days.
  • CPT program is semester-oriented; students can take it up either in fall, spring or summer.

What are the eligibility criteria for CPT?

  • If you appear for CPT, you must pen down its eligibility requirements which include the following-
  • Students should have completed their one full year in school with a valid F-1 visa(except for those programs that require immediate CPT employment)
  • You must have a job offer before you file your CPT request.
  • The CPT employment must be related to your area of study.

Who can apply for CPT jobs?

The qualification required for CPT jobs is simple. Students should have qualified for their 10th and 12th examination or an equivalent examination from a certified and recognized board. Students who want to appear for CPT examinations must get themselves registered on or before 1st April and 1st October.

The process to apply for CPT

  • Here we have outlined some essential steps that help you get the job done-
  • You need to connect with your student advisor to know about the available CPT programs.
  • Get a job before you apply for a CPT request.
  • Apply for the CPT program through your college and keep all the essential documents ready
  • Once you get the approval of your CPT application, you will receive the CPT document with the duration post. which means that you can begin your CPT program

Is CPT comes with a time limit?

No, the time limit is the criteria for OPT, which  limit is one year. OPT can be extend. But there’s no time limit to CPT. But it’s essential to request your extension two weeks before the employment expiration date on your I-20. You must submit a new letter of employment that states you will be continuing your work.

Difference between OPT and CPT

OPT allows students to work in the USA after graduation in their area of study. YOu don’t need an employment letter for OPT, but in CPT, you must have a job offer before you file your CPT request.

CPT and OPT jobs in USA 2022-23

Tips for finding Optional Practical Training

  • OPT stands for Optional Practical Training. OPT allows international students to work in the
  • USA for an initial period of 12 months, with the possibility for STEM (Science, Technology,
  • Engineering and Mathematics) students to extend this by a further 24 months.
  • To begin with, having a job offer already is not mandatory in order to apply for OPT, which is
  • a perk compared to the other temporary work permits in the USA, like the H-1B visa, which
  • has to be sponsored by a entitled employer. When you are on OPT or applying for OPT Card
  • marks the check on the qualification box for you to work in the United States. You would
  • require to make an expert resume which talks appropriately about yourself. The resume
  • ought to comprise of education, internships, and experience. Strong resume plays a vital
  • part in your OPT Jobs in USA. An expert resume addresses yourself in the corporate world.
  • It maintains a strategic distance from botches in your resume and helps make a noteworthy
  • expert list of items in the resume. It draws in the client and the merchant and builds the
  • opportunity of OPT Employee’s call and interview. Subsequently, to give your vocation an
  • ideal bend towards progress get your expert resume with OPTnation today!
  • Once you get your Professional resume you are prepared for giving your vocation a launch.
  • In any case, without associating with the market it is not feasible for an OPT understudy to lay
  • out their vocation.
  • CPT and OPT jobs in USA 2022-23

  • Market your resume to your companions and family members and let them in on you are
  • looking for a task. This helps you big time as this is viewed as the best free showcasing stunt
  • expected for better reach. Drill down the organization names which are employing global
  • applicants. This rundown should not comprise of the highest organizations as they are the
  • one’s with additional contest and thus less opportunities for you to get recruit.
  • Maintain your emphasis on those organizations which little or simply a startup as they are
  • the ones that are with less contest for yourself and you will actually want to get through for
  • getting recruited.
  • Take help from different family members, companions who are working in a specific
  • organization that is pertinent to the field of your review. I did likewise I furnished each of my
  • companions with my resume and along these lines expanded my possibilities getting
  • recruited.
  • Eligibility For OPT jobs in USA 2022-23

  • Utilize your organization to get a new line of work for yourself. Tell everybody in your
  • organization that you are available to attempt to acquire any kind of involvement that can be
  • valuable for you over the long haul. This sort of systems administration can be extremely
  • helpful for you as once I found a new line of work by let my paperboy know that I was
  • effectively searching for a task. I can listen for a minute occurred as he conveys papers to
  • such countless houses in our local he told the employing director who was effectively
  • enlisting up-and-comers around then interacted with me and landed the position there,
  • simply by doing self-systems administration.
  • Attempt and get acquainted with an organization. Observe anybody in your current
  • organization is working in an organization that is reasonable for you to work in. You can
  • move toward them and ask about any current employing process happening in the
  • organization. You can clarify for them why you need to work with the organization and why it
  • fits you to work around there.
  • Begin applying straightforwardly to the organizations. At the point when you are effectively
  • searching for a task you ought to invest the majority of your energy on the vocation page of
  • CPT and OPT jobs in USA 2022-23

  • different organizations and begin applying to them regardless of whether they are not
  • recruiting as of now. By doing this you are expanding your possibilities getting employee
  • quickly and search for entry level OPT jobs through internet based entryways like
  • OPTnation. Entry-level OPT occupations are handily tracked down on web-based modes.
  • Numerous web-based modes are exceptionally effective in securing positions and
  • businesses in the USA. Understudies with less or no organizations can utilize web-based
  • entertainment stages and enlistment based entries to go after numerous OPT positions in
  • USA.
  • There are kinds of occupations that are permitted in the OPT, an understudy can fill in as an
  • assistant in their field assuming that it is renowned and managers employ assistants.
  • Another choice is likewise to work part time in the event that full-time open doors are not
  • accessible in that frame of mind of study. An understudy should be familiar with the open
  • doors that are accessible in their field of concentrate and how they can help in their
  • professional success. Knowing the field of study and their degree in the USA is vital for each
  • understudy anticipating.
  • There are numerous colleges too that are known for the particular subject and the
  • arrangements are likewise awesome. Understudies can apply for themselves and afterward
  • search for occupations under discretionary down to earth preparing (OPT). With the
  • assistance of the exploration, an understudy can secure their leaned toward position with no
  • time waste or asset speculation.

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