Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training Online in USA

microsoft dynamics CRM training online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM revolves entirely around customer relationship management and takes care of customer satisfaction. It looks after customer loyalty, looking forward for business growth and development.Microsoft Dynamics CRM professionals are in high demand in business management tasks because they seek for sustenance of business expansion.

CRM also known as CRM system or CRM software is a business solution. It helps organizations and companies improve service engagement with sales and marketing. It helps companies improve customer experiences. It helps in lowering costs by increasing profit. Through sales force automation, marketing automation and customer service, it delivers return on investment (ROI).

Course Content for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training:


· Overview of Dynamics CRM
· Dynamics CRM working
· Processing
· Functions
· Working with data
· Architecture
· Technology
· Layers
· Basic navigation
· Basics

o Contacts
o Accounts
o Activities

· Deployment options
· Entity relationship model

Marketing and sales in Dynamics CRM

· Sales management introduction
· Types of management

o Lead management
o Campaign management
o Opportunity management
o Marketing list management
o Product management
o Quotes management
o Invoice management
o Competitors and goal management
o Order management

· Marketing materials
· Working with

o Product catalog
o Opportunity records

· Processing of sales order
· Transaction processing
· Analyzing sales

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Functional areas of CRM

· Sales
· Marketing
· Customer care

Sales functionality

· Leads
· Product database
· Opportunities
· Sales processes
· Communication tracking

Client-care functionality

· Knowledge base
· Case recording
· Scheduling appointments
· Contract management
· Resources management
· Services management

Marketing functionality

· Lists
· Campaigns
· Planning
· Budgeting
· Tracking
· Reporting

Customer care

· What is customer service?
· Customer scenarios
· Case management
· Entitlements

Business management

· Introduction
· Fiscal years
· Resource groups
· Goal metrics
· Business closures
· Sales territories
· Equipment
· Facilities
· Subjects
· Site management
· Queue management
· Relationship rules
· Connections
· Quota management

Document management

· Introduction
· Components management
· Document locations

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Service management

· Introduction
· Knowledge base article management
· Case management
· Contract management

Database management

· Introduction
· Data imports
· Templates
· Bulk deletion
· Data maps
· Duplication detection

o Settings
o Jobs
o Rules

Data management

· Introduction to extending Dynamics CRM
· Data for import
· Importing data via Microsoft Excel and Import Wizard
· Methods of importing data
· Data utilities
· Duplication detection management
· Troubleshooting

Goal management

· Audit settings
· Settings for entity audit
· Settings for field audit
· Audit log management
· Summary of audit


· Administering Microsoft Dynamics CRM
· Email management
· Setting up
· Instances management
· Dynamics CRM for Outlook
· Managing online subscriptions
· Managing online updates
· Managing online instances
· Server-side synchronization

Automating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with business process management (BPM)

· Why automate?
· Introduction to BPM
· BPM solutions
· Workflows
· Dialogs
· Business rules
· Troubleshooting process issues


· System requirements
· Technologies required
· Server installation
· Installing reporting extensions
· Managing with the deployment manager
· Maintain a deployment
· Troubleshoot a deployment
· Email management
· High availability options

Configuration and customization

· Business units
· Security roles
· Managing business units
· Security features
· Configuring users and teams
· Adding user accounts
· Maintaining user accounts
· Customization methodology
· Customizations types
· Solutions to types of customizations
· Customization concepts
· Field data types
· Fields creation
· Option sets creation
· Customizing entities
· Customizing mappings
· Customizing forms
· Customizing relationships
· Customizing charts and views
· Configuring solutions
· Configuration of field security
· Configuring auditing

o Enabling auditing
o Managing audits
o Viewing audit data