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Sharepoint Training for Opt Students

SharePoint is a server designed for achieving new levels of performance, implementing features, protecting information, empowering users to meet their business demands, better risk management with safe and secure capabilities. It helps in lowering costs and increasing productivity.

It was launched in 2001 and was integrated with Microsoft Office. It has various editions, which have several functions, such as SharePoint Online, Microsoft SharePoint Standard, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise, etc. It can be used variedly from one organization to another. It makes it easier for people in a company to work together, manage their documents from beginning to end, publish reports and encourages everyone to make better and useful decisions, etc.

Online Training Of Sharepoint For OPT & CPT Students In USA


· C# programming
· Visual Studio
· Knowledge of using online portals

o Facebook
o msn
o Orkut


· Managing information
· Organizing information
· Presenting information
· Solving information pain points
· Exploitation of SharePoint in your organization
· Application build-up with the browser


· Define web application
· What is site collection?
· Define farm
· What is a list?
· What is web?

Web application management

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Security configuration and authentication

· Application pool
· Security streamlining

o Creating groups
o Customizing groups

o Breaking inheritance

o Re-establishment of inheritance

· Managing access

o Defining permission levels
o Implementing access request workflows
o Simplifying security management

· Authentication providers
· User authentication
· User management

Managing site collection with Apps

· Controlling information

o List creation
o List templates creation
o Content addition
o Deleting content
o Changing content
o Information categorization with metadata
o Information identification with metadata
o With views

§ Filtering information
§ Targeting information

· Administering office documents

o Version tracking
o Managing versions
o Approval processing
o Restricting editing access
o Appropriate library template selection

Web application management

· Creating new web application
· Content database
· Creating site collections
· Default authentication configuration
· Using host header

Apps and designing pages configuration

· Aggregating content

o Rolling up content using the Content Query Web Part
o Rolling up information with the Content Search Web Part

· Web Part pages and Wiki pages

o Site pages creation
o Site pages editing
o Tailoring pages
o Combining site information
o Building page functionality
o Displaying master detail relationship/s

SharePoint functionality

· Deploying enterprise-wide SharePoint
· Browser-based applications
· Deploying browser-based applications

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SharePoint designer

· Define designer
· Designer user
· Creating pages
· Creating site columns
· Creating conte types
· Creating lists
· Types of external content
· Creating custom master pages
· Attaching master pages
· Detaching master pages

Office integration with SharePoint

· Excel integration
· Word integration
· Outlook utilization
· Offline working
· Documents tagged with metadata
· Concurrent coauthoring with

o PowerPoint
o Word

InfoPath 2013 integration

· InfoPath
· Define form library
· SOA samples
· Create an InfoPath form
· Implementing custom code

Evolution of maturity model

· SharePoint quick wins

o Excel spreadsheets migration to SharePoint
o Issues management
o Tasks management with lists

· External systems creation

o Master data locating
o External data surfacing

· LAN content organizing and exporting

o Content mapping
o Resolving metadata
o Building a migration plan

· Exploitation of reusable content

o Source material architecture
o Building multiple consumer sites

· Retention policies determination

· Audit guidelines creation and establishment

Real-time development practices

· Techniques
· Options
· Utilities
· Different tools
· API of SharePoint
· Sandbox solutions
· Farm solutions
· Deployment solutions
· Packaging solutions

SharePoint Business Intelligence

· Introduction to BI
· Visio
· Services

o Access
o performance
o Excel

Management of business process workflows

· Define workflows
· Leveraging out-of-the-box workflows

o Approval
o Feedback collection
o Collecting signatures

· Default workflows
· Site and list workflows
· Reusable workflows
· SharePoint Designer 2013 workflows
· Custom workflow creation with SharePoint Designer

o What is a condition?
o What is an action?
o What is a stage?

· Workflow data capturing with custom forms

Implementing workflows

· Streamlining business process
· Business data calculation
· Content updating with workflows, etc.
· SharePoint designer utilization
· Sites customization
· Workflow triggering
· Workflow logic implementing


· Define APPS
· Working on Cloud based
· Third party APPS
· Creation of custom APPS
· Custom APPS deployment

Navigation, Feel and User

· Design manager
· Master pages
· Device channels
· Image renditions
· Design package importing
· Welcome pages
· Page templates
· Page layouts

Business data connectivity services

· Introduction
· External content type
· What are data sources?
· Connect to data sources