Guest Post: 5 Elements of a Great Company Culture That Attracts Talented Agents

5 Elements of a Great Company Culture That Attracts Talented Agents

Recruiting real estate agents can be a challenging but definitely necessary part of running a successful brokerage. The job becomes a little more challenging if you’re looking for top-tier talent. You need to go beyond offering an attractive compensation package to make your company the more appealing choice for the cream of the crop.

Luckily, there’s something that your brokerage already has that you can highlight: your company culture. With a positive and supportive environment, agents will work hard and stay loyal, ultimately giving you more opportunities for growth.

The question is, what kind of company culture do talented real estate agents want? All brokerages have their own distinct cultures, but what elements do the best of the best look for?

Below are just some of the things you need to improve on if you want your company to stand out.

5 Elements of a Great Company Culture That Attracts Talented Agents:

Innovation and Technology

Great real estate professionals want to know that the brokerage they’re joining will be able to support their career. Simply put, you want to be a supportive company that’s not afraid to embrace innovation and change. You need to be willing to invest in technology, too, with tools like Brokerkit agent recruiting software and other technological solutions. Don’t be afraid to extend these changes in other facets of the brokerage, too, such as backend processes and agent retention.

When innovation and technology is a natural part of your brokerage culture, potential employees will see how much you’re willing to help them grow. This can then encourage them to pick your company over your competitors (and make them feel good about their choice).

A Sense of Community

No one wants to work in a brokerage where they feel like they don’t belong. In fact, studies have shown that a sense of community and belonging is important for employees. When they feel like they’re part of the company’s each and every win, they’re more likely to stay and grow with you.

Some of the things that you can do to foster a sense of community within your brokerage include celebrating special events such as birthdays and company milestones. You may also want to offer to share profits, especially to the best performers. You should also look at how you can give back to the community, such as through charitable donations or even volunteer events.

Open Lines of Communication

One of the most crucial elements of any culture, corporate or not, is communication. It’s an important element of successful businesses and relationships, which is why you need to create a brokerage culture that encourages communication. When agents work in an environment where they don’t fear speaking up and discussing their ideas, they’ll be more productive. More importantly, they will feel more valued.

The key here is to still ensure that while there’s open communication, things should also be organized. Develop a system to keep everyone in the loop. If you’re working with multiple teams, ask the managers to establish their own methods so that their members know how to talk to them.

Good Leadership

Any real estate agent would want to know that they can trust those running the brokerage can make the best decisions. Strong leaders are able to inspire and have professional will, keeping not just themselves focused but also the entire team even when faced with challenges. With strong leadership in your brokerage, your people will be more willing to trust and join you in your journey towards success.

Quality leadership in a brokerage can also lead to increased work satisfaction, agent retention, and motivation. In fact, surveys show employees are more willing to work for a company for a long time if the leaders are ethical, honest, and skilled.


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Strong Mission, Vision, and Values

Your brokerage’s mission, vision, and values are not just for show. You have to embody them every day as you run your business. In particular, your mission statement should act as a guide for your brokerage as you work towards achieving your visions. It’s your rallying cry, so to speak, that will motivate and inspire your team.

Meanwhile, your company values are what should enable you to follow your mission. These values should guide your actions and interactions, not just with your employees but also with clients. This will make employees want to share your values, which in turn helps push everyone into achieving the same goals.

Some of the things you should think about with regards to your mission, vision, and values include fairness, honesty, trust, and inclusivity. Show your potential employees that they are important to the company and they will definitely want to be part of your brokerage.

In the end, agents are looking for a brokerage that cares about them and can help them grow. Work towards improving employee experience, beginning from the recruitment stage. From here, you will be well on your way to having a great company culture that everyone will be clamoring to be part of.