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Hibernate Online Training

Hibernate is an ORM (open-source object/relational mapping) tool helping developers of Java storing and accessing persistent objects. It is a high-performance object/relational persistence and query service. It deals chiefly with data persistence. A wide range of topics covered includes HQL, inheritance, associations and collections, Hibernate mapping file, etc. which are briefed below.

Module Of Hibernate Online Training

❯Advantages of Hibernate

❯Hibernate Vs JDBC

❯ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

❯Hibernate Resources

  • Mapping file
  • Client application
  • Configuration file
  • Persistent class
  • POJO (Plain Old Java Object) based mapping

❯Getting Started

  • What is Hibernate
  • Using Hibernate
  • Sessions
  • Configuration Properties
  • Datasource and JDBC properties
  • Writing classes for Hibernate applications
  • Sample class and database table
  • Sample class and mapping diagram
  • Schema generation
  • Programmatic configuration
  • Creating a new entity
  • Saving a new entity
  • Locating an existing entity
  • Updating an existing entity

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❯Hibernate architecture


❯Directory Structure

❯Hibernate Data Types

❯First application

❯Hibernate API

  • Session
  • Configuration
  • SessionFactory
  • Transaction

❯CRUD Operations Using Session Methods

  • Load, get
  • Save, persist, saveOrUpdate
  • Merge, delete and update
  • Flush, clear, evict, etc.


  • Detached objects
  • Optimistic locking
  • Locking objects
  • Overview of versioning
  • Using versioning

❯Primary Key Generators

  • Identity
  • UUID
  • Increment
  • Hilo
  • Foreign
  • Assigned
  • Sequence
  • Seqhilo
  • Custom generator
  • Native

❯HQL (Hibernate query language)

  • Basics of HQL
  • HQL Expressions
  • HQL Functions
  • Joins and associations
  • Inner joins
  • Outer joins
  • Polymorphic queries
  • Scrollable results
  • Executing queries
  • Sample queries
  • Named queries

❯Native SQL

❯Criteria API

❯Inheritance Mapping

  • Mapping class inheritance
  • Table per subclass
  • Table per concrete class
  • Table per class hierarchy
  • Entity inheritance with Hibernate

❯Component Mapping

❯Collection Mapping

  • <bag>
  • <set>
  • <map>
  • <list>

❯Association Mapping

  • One to one
  • One to many
  • Many to one
  • Many to many


  • Levels
    • Session cache – first level
    • SessionFactory cache – second level

❯Connection Pool

  • Server supplied pool
  • Default connection pool
  • Third party vendor connection pool (C3PO)

❯Connecting with Multiple Databases

  • oracle
  • My SQL
  • Hypersonic SQL

❯Integrating Hibernate with Servlet

❯Integrating Hibernate with Struts

❯Working with Hibernate Annotations

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