Struts Online Training Program For IT Students

Struts Online Training Under For IT Candidates

It along with servlet programmers and JSP allows building web applications using the Apache Struts framework. It allows form beans, custom tags, model-view-controller mappings, input validation and tiles view-building framework. Programmers build scalable and maintainable data-driven web applications using Struts and MVC design pattern.

Module For Struts Online Training


  • Architecture
    • Two-tier
    • Three-tier
    • n-tier
  • Deployment
  • Forms
  • Action mappings
    • ActionServlet
    • Global forwards
    • Command pattern

❯Web application development tools

  • Rules of MVC
  • Model 1 based web applications
  • MVC-based web applications (model 2)

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❯Struts Introduction

  • Needs and benefits
  • JSP
  • Components

❯Struts Resources

  • ActionServlet
  • Action class
  • JSP
  • xml
  • Struts-config.xml
  • Action form

❯Struts flow/Struts architecture

❯Design Patterns

  • Model View Controller (MVC)
  • ApplicationController DesignPattern
  • IOC/dependency injection
  • Singleton DesignPattern
  • DataTranforObject/ValueObject DesignerPattern
  • FrontController DesignPattern

❯Developing struts first application

  • Validations
    • By using ValidatorFrameWork
    • By using validate() method

❯Different types of ActionForms and DynaActionForms

  • ActionForm
  • ValidatorForm
  • DynaValidatorActionForm
  • DynaValidatorForm
  • Dyna ActionForm
  • ValidatorActionForm

❯Predefined action classes

  • SwitchAction
  • DispatchAction
  • MappingDispatchAction
  • ForwardAction
  • LookupDispatchAction
  • IncludeAction

❯RequestProcessor class

❯LocalForwards and GlobalForwards

❯Exception handling in Struts

  • Benefits of declarative exception handling
  • Global exceptions
  • Local exceptions

❯Data sources

❯Struts tag libraries

  • Developing first application using struts tlds
  • Building view components
  • <html:form>
  • Scope and duration of form data
  • Attributes and Struts expressions
  • Error messages

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