High Paying Top IT and Tech Jobs in Demand for Future

best tech jobs for the future , top it jobs in demand for future

Getting forward in today’s business community does not suggest becoming the greatest business or even following probably the latest, most cutting edge technology, though it does mean to choose the proper technology gear to greatly influence your business’ day operations. Along with the dynamically changing technology landscape one needs human talent to develop and maintain such technology equipped automation in business and improve its productivity. Businesses running operations with latest technology need to recruit top talent and pay them accordingly to get the best output for your business.

Let us have an overview of top IT jobs in demand for future:

We have shortlisted top 10 best jobs for the future based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook and indeed.com:

Mobile Application Developer- Mobile application development is actually among the world’s quickest growing occupations. As smart phones as well as tablets continue to alter the way we speak, do business, as well as gain access to information & entertainment, the need for new as well as innovative mobile apps is actually growing at an amazing speed. There are merely much more mobile application development employment openings than competent designers to fill them. Google’s Android as well as Apple’s iOS (iPad) platforms and iPhone are going to continue to present by far the most employment opportunities for movable developers. Mobile application development is going to be high paying jobs in demand for the future.

Mobile App Developer Employment Projections | 2016 – 2026

  • 10-Year Growth Pct: 31% (much faster than avg.)
  • 10-Year Growth Volume: 255,400 new jobs
  • Average Salary: $103,000

Software Engineer– Workforce need for software engineers will increase together with technological advancement as well as the growing ubiquity of a software application hence software engineer jobs are going to be top IT jobs in demand for future. For instance, fast adoption of cloud technologies is actually driving need for uses software engineers who could construct secure and scalable cloud plans. Furthermore, because the proliferation of computer systems goes on and CD spreads into smart devices and new industries, the need to build the computer systems which power these initiatives will make jobs for methods software engineers. Software Engineers are always going to remain as one of the high paying jobs in demand for the future.

Software Engineer Employment Projections | 2016 – 2026

  • 10-Year Growth Pct: 24% (much faster than avg.)
  • 10-Year Growth Volume: 302,500 new jobs
  • Average Salary: $102,000

Video Game Developer– Beyond the booming industry for console games and PC, the improved reputation, processing power, as well as graphics capabilities of mobile gadgets has unlocked a brand new world of employment possibilities for video clip game designers, programmers and artists. Game designers with movable growth expertise is going to be specifically sought following as smart phones as well as tablets continue to modify how online games are actually played. Game custom employment will even gain from emerging technologies and soaring need for augmented reality (Virtual reality and (VR) uses.

Video Game Designer Employment Projections | 2016 – 2026

  • 10-Year Growth Pct: 30% (much faster than avg.)
  • 10-Year Growth Volume: 270,900 new jobs
  • Average Salary: $80,000

IT security specialist– Security is going to remain a high concern for IT professionals as well as hiring managers because the frequency, complexity and scope of cyber-attacks will continue to escalate. Season after year, IT professionals report actively looking for professionals with info protection abilities, but locating it hard to find really good talent. This indicates an amazing chance for technology professionals to improve the cyber security techniques of theirs as well as accreditation. Personal computer protection abilities in probably the greatest demand include things like IT functions security, mobile unit protection, risk management, info assurance, networking as well as cloud/virtualisation security.

IT Security Specialist Employment Projections | 2016 – 2026

  • 10-Year Growth Pct: 28% (much faster than average)
  • 10-Year Growth Volume: 28,500 new jobs
  • Average Salary: $107,000

Computer System Analyst– As businesses continue to increase the reliance of theirs on engineering, computer systems analysts are going to be employed to architect more methods. The U.S. Department of Labor additionally predicts a forty three % increase of systems analyst hiring for IT consulting businesses, which translates to a great quantity of freelance as well as contract employment opportunities in this particular position.

Computer Systems Analyst Employment Projections | 2016 – 2026

  • 10-Year Growth Pct: 9% (as fast average)
  • 10-Year Growth Volume: 54,400 new jobs
  • Average Salary: $79,000

Web Developer– Each year, a record quantity of businesses bring their offerings to the internet. As the lots of services and products online will continue to grow, web developers as well as designers will like improved job opportunities. Proliferation of social media sites will increase need for web designers as companies look to engage a whole new generation of customers and spur a competitive edge in this quickly growing space. Responsive web structure, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) abilities are a hot commodity in this position as displays should progressively conform to changing unit sizes & forms, e.g., sensible watches.

Web Developer Employment Projections | 2016 – 2026

  • 10-Year Growth Pct: 15% (much faster than average)
  • 10-Year Growth Volume: 24,400 new jobs
  • Average Salary: $73,000

Health Information Technician– Health care is going to produce much more different computer tasks via 2020 than any additional individual sector. Intense government mandates as well as funding rewards for health methods to follow centralized electronic health records is actually driving unprecedented hiring of overall health info technicians trained as well as certified in these brand new technologies.

Health Information Technician Employment Proj. | 2016 – 2026

  • 10-Year Growth Pct: 13% (faster than average)
  • 10-Year Growth Volume: 27,800 new jobs
  • Average Salary: $46,000

Technology Manager– Job growth for information technology managers is directly linked with the development rates of the employees they supervise. Record-breaking progress in an assortment of specialized tasks – such as cloud computing, data management, software engineering, mobile development, and networking – will continue via 2025 and over, consequently fueling strong need for talented IT managers. Extra development is going to be pushed by increased focus on the hiring and info security of extra cyber security personnel.

Technology Manager Employment Projections | 2016 – 2026

  • 10-Year Growth Pct: 12% (faster than average)
  • 10-Year Growth Volume: 44,200 new jobs
  • Average Salary: $139,000

Database Administrator– Companies are racking up amazing quantities of digital info, spurring the demand for certified and trained DBAs to shop, manage, analyse as well as secure the information. Additionally, as more databases are actually linked to the web as well as cloud, information security will be increasingly essential as well as complex. Database administrators especially people with information security abilities is going to be employed to protect company data from hackers along with other cyber threat factors.

Database Administrator Employment Projections | 2016 – 2026

  • 10-Year Growth Pct: 11% (faster than avg.)
  • 10-Year Growth Volume: 13,700 new jobs
  • Average Salary: $84,000

Network Administrator– Need for networking administrators will grow as organizations invest in new systems as well as network technologies to improve efficiency and obtain a competitive edge. The quick adoption of smartphones and tablets into business culture means even more organizations will make use of the web to work online. Translating to enhanced employment opportunities for networking administrators who could assist companies and properly utilize emerging technologies. Cloud computing abilities can also be essential to optimize network administration employment prospects.

Network Administrator Employment Projections | 2016 – 2026

  • 10-Year Growth Pct: 6% (as fast as avg.)
  • 10-Year Growth Volume: 24,000 new jobs
  • Average Salary: $61,000

Now with the advent of new technologies and research and development being carried for future modifications and advancements the need for technology workforce will always be in top priority.

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Let us examine best tech jobs for the future:

Cyber Security Engineer- The demand for cyber security professionals is always going to be in demand because of growing concern of businesses and users for security of their personal as well as confidential information. Internet of Things (IoT) security will become a particular area of focus, as connected devices become staples in daily life and cyber-criminals look to exploit them.

AI/Machine Learning Engineer– Everyone’s attempting to discover solutions to enhance the their businesses. How you can automate as well as make their daily lives a bit of bit easier, or maybe a bit much more successful and functional. The explosion within artificial intelligence as well as machine learning technologies throughout the enterprise has resulted in improved need for these professionals.

Full Stack Developer– Several businesses are actually moving away from siloed front-end and back-end development teams,. This calls for hiring developers who could focus on almost all levels of the software stack. Full stack developers are among the most in-demand by employers right now in terms of open job postings, according to data Indeed. This job is going to be in very high demand and is one best tech jobs for the future.

Date Scientist– Data scientists are expected to remain in high demand in 2019 and future also. As nearly every company now has the ability to collect data, and all need employees who can effectively organize and analyze this information.

Python Developer– The rise of AI as well as printer learning systems has led to increased need for Python designers of the enterprise

Java Developer– Java developers are going to remain in demand that is high of 2019, based on information out of Indeed and Glassdoor. Regardless of the progress of programming languages as R as well as Python, Java goes on to rule the business, with the progress of the cloud to keep it on top.

JavaScript Developer– As demand for user friendly and compelling user interfaces are in demand Java script developer demand for future would always be in focus.

Cloud Engineer– As businesses move away from an on premise infrastructure design to a cloud first strategy when developing or upgrading new environments, the want to employ technologists with cloud encounter has elevated dramatically.

Scrum Master– Businesses are turning to Scrum to manage software development, and this technology will break out more in future.

DevOps Engineer– As the DevOps workflow grows increasingly popular, more organizations are seeking DevOps engineers, according to Indeed.

Considering the expansion of businesses of developed nations, technology is going to be mainstay. There will always be a growing demand for information technology as well as technology based human talent.

Source for Payscale Information: U.S. BLS