How To Find A Job In Your Industry At An Exhibition

How To Find A Job In Your Industry At An Exhibition

How To Find A Job In Your Industry At An Exhibition

What next after accomplishing a university education? It is a question that the majority of graduates are yet to get the answers to. If you are unsure what to do, this post will guide you. What do you know about exhibition? These events are specifically conducted to offer graduates opportunities to get their dream jobs. It all starts from choosing career fields to preparation for the working environment.

It is not guaranteed that you will secure a job once you attend the exhibition due to the increasing competition rate among graduates. You need to find a way to be unique so that you get noticed by your future employer. Below are the tips for getting a job related to your industry at an exhibition.

Know your abilities

Before visiting different exhibition stands, consider what you can offer. You can do this by considering your degree, skills and work experience. By doing so, you will be able to find one thing you are good at that recruiters are looking for. The next step is making arrangements to visit exhibitions and focus on the companies of your interest.

Create a question list

Preparation is mandatory; therefore, if you want to succeed, prepare early enough. The exhibition is the only place to learn more about various companies of your interest. Write down everything you need elaborations on; exhibitors are there to aid you. So don’t fear having a long question list at hand. It is not necessarily questioning; you can also seek advice. Let them guide you on recruitment and other tips to help you get a job quickly.

Network with companies in your industry

Networking is an important factor in the advancement of your career. At this point, you can interact with employers and other business representative agents. Networking at the exhibitions gives you a chance to build your reputation. A strong reputation helps you gather career opportunities like employment and business partnerships.

Promote yourself by visiting different exhibition stands

In the exhibition, there are over 30 companies. As you seek a job, focusing on one stand will not bear fruit. Visit different exhibition stands available and interact with the representatives there. Seeking information in different stands increases your chances of getting your career job in the exhibition. You need to be honest, don’t pretend like you are after buying their products or services. The best thing is to go there and show them your interest in whatever they are dealing with.

Listen to talks at the exhibition

As you attend various exhibitions, you need to have good listening skills. At times it’s not all about you; whenever someone is giving a speech, or an individual is interacting with company agents, please take a minute and listen. Listening is a skill you need to have despite the niche you are after. Through this skill, you will be able to gather and understand more about various companies present at the exhibition.

Update your CV

As you prepare to visit various exhibitions, don’t forget about your CV and other necessary documents. Carry some copies; you may need them when interacting with the exhibitors. Additionally, you can get a chance to have your CV checked by experts in the industry. Therefore three days before you visit the event, ensure your CV is well-updated. Show the exhibitors how ready and prepared you are. In the process, you may impress some of them.

Dress properly

It is a tradition to dress well every time you head out for an interview. Well, you need to do the same when attending the exhibitions. You treat this event as the first process of an interview. Don’t show up in jeans and a t-shirt. It is not mandatory to put on official wear. Find yourself a good shirt or blouse and a pair of trousers. Exhibitors have so many people to talk to they will only focus on and remember individuals who made a serious effort.

In addition to dressing, don’t forget about common courtesy. Treat this exhibition as an interview. Remember things like eye contact, good manners and a firm handshake. Such small things will make the recruiters notice you for the right reasons.


An exhibition is a perfect place to brush up on your employability, networking and taking steps to get your ideal job. Therefore when you want to attend such events, ensure you have the right tips. Maturely conduct yourself, respect everyone and follow the above tips.