How To Find CPT Jobs For International Students


Introduction to CPT

Students who have signed up for CPT (Curriculum Practical Training) may work full-time during the summer or winter breaks or part-time while also attending class in the spring or fall. However, as a student, you can only work off-campus occupations with Curriculum Practical Training (CPT) authorization. The employment might be paid or unpaid. Once you finish your degree and begin seeking for jobs, any CPT job experience will make your resume stand out.

Therefore, attempt to ensure that during your CPT you work for a reputable organisation. A lot of reputable businesses offer CPT positions through internships. Many students take advantage of unpaid internships given by large corporations in order to gain the necessary experience for their degree. Depending on the length of their degree, international students can engage in CPT either full- or part-time to begin working.

A CPT is often only permitted after one full year of academic study has been completed. While working at the CPT job, your F1 status will remain unchanged. If you have finished your degree and the employer chooses to sponsor for your H1B visa and provide a full-time employment, you can immediately change your F1 status to H1B status and begin your career after the completion of the CPT job. If not, you can pursue OPT employment after graduation, which will buy you extra time to find a full-time job (but only if you haven’t already completed a full-time CPT). Some working professionals enrol in courses that provide Day 1 CPT so they can keep working while earning their degree.


Following are the ways to find CPT jobs in USA:

1. Research

An international student with a student visa first needs to research their scope under CPT. A student is advised to do their research early. 

A student can find jobs if they know where to look for them. There are many sources but not for all fields of study. 

CPT jobs for international students are meant by a specific group of employers or companies.  A student can research about them and then look for the opportunities that suit their eligibility. 

A student can look for the types of jobs that they can get according to the legal authorities and then search.

A backbone of the CPT has to be clear in the mind of the student that is aiming to work under CPT or in the USA. A student should research everything, starting from paperwork, to employers, to the types of jobs under CPT, and the benefits of such jobs that can help them in their career. 

Research can help in smart job hunting and future planning under CPT for an international student.

2. Online modes for CPT jobs

International students can find jobs on various online portals. They can add relevant companies for updates regarding job postings. Also, they can build up networking with the employees of companies, for getting referrals. They can also build networks with hiring managers, and get in contact regarding new vacancies. This will surely help the students in adopting a strategic approach, for finding jobs. Building up networks through social media can be an effective way of finding new opportunities. All the students are active on social media so why not use it for something productive and healthy? They can even find internships, freelancing opportunities, and short-term projects. This will enhance their professional experience and will help them gain, new opportunities based on that experience.

The fast access to online modes and recruitment portals are very helpful. CPT jobs in USA are found here. 

Every student that is confused or unaware about the opportunities in the USA can look forward to them. There are many free sources available as well.

A student can look for pocket-friendly guidance for finding jobs. One can also work full-time or part-time in the USA.

With basic research, a student can find a good consultancy that can help in the searching for jobs and employers for CPT. A student can use many online modes to find or research such jobs in the USA.

Online modes also include social media, which is often used by employers as well. A student can advertise their skills. One can also impress an employer by posting their work, starting a blog, or being active in the current affairs of the industry. 

A student works in many ways and uses new technology to find jobs and filter them. There are many frauds online as well, so a student should be aware of them.

There are many smart ways to find jobs with the help of online modes and a student in the generation of advanced technology must take their way.


3. Recruitment portals

As many international students struggle to find a reliable platform that could land them their dream job. OPTnation is one such platform that assists international students in the journey of job exploration. OPTnation has a team of professionals to help them get a decent job. The team understands the market and the US job industry, it will allow the students to apply to the most reliable employers. Recruiters registered with OPTnation are reliable and e-verified. For CPT jobs, the team recommends the most relevant jobs as per the job description. The team matches the most relevant resume with the job description. This will help the students to gain more job offers in a shorter duration.

Many portals are free for both employers and students to use. Job hunting is taken as seriously as candidate hunting.

Both the jobs are time-consuming and these portals save time. A student can add filters according to their needs and then apply for the job that fits them the most.

CPT jobs are also one of the most searched and filtered options by international students. A student can search and filter the most suitable job under CPT with the help of these recruitment portals. 

A student can also search according to the payment of the jobs, location, profile, and benefits that a job might provide. There are many options and that is what makes recruitment portals very useful.

4. Fun facts for finding CPT jobs

A CPT does not allow an international student to work inside their campus like OPT. A student also does not need an employment authorization document to work like OPT.

So, there are advantages. A student can change employers and work diligently as long as they want.

A student can look for employers in their field of study to work even during their summer or winter breaks. Finding a job outside campus opens the whole door of opportunities. 

The student can look for jobs before or after their academic sessions are over. A student is not allowed to work during their academics are active.

A student can get paid by the employer as well. An employer can hire a student for a short or a longer duration.

There are part-time jobs and full-time jobs as well. But a student can only enter into a full-time job in the USA when they have their breaks. 


FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) :

  • How do I get CPT to work?

To get a CPT, a student first needs admission to an American university or college. That makes them eligible to work under CPT. A student also needs to get clearance from the designated school official for working in the country under their field of study.

After all the clearance of the documents, one can get their CPT to work.

  • Do companies hire on CPT?

Yes, CPT students are hired by companies in the USA. One can hire students for paid or unpaid profiles. There are options to work part-time and full-time as well. 

Companies can hire students for all such categories of the jobs in which the roles are fixed by the employers or the company.

  • Does OPT Nation provide CPT jobs in the USA?

Yes. There are all kinds of jobs for international students with work authorization. A student can look for many opportunities under CPT on 

A student can look for guidance on OPT Nation regarding any job in the USA. There are no limitations or limited amount of information. 

  • Which is the best job portal for OPT CPT students?

The best portal for an international student with a work authorization is A student can find a lot of verified employers, job categories, guidance’s, tips, and many more.

One can get an overall understanding of the process of jobs and the way they can get their number up by getting better knowledge at OPT Nation. 

Conclusion For CPT Jobs

Many international students are worried and anxious about job opportunity in the USA. This article talks about the five basic ways in which a CPT holder can find CPT jobs in the USA. Any student from any field of study can look for jobs. A student must follow the rules that are provided for every single work authorization in the USA. A CPT is just another work authorization under which a student gets the opportunity to work and experience new things in their field of study.

Choose your CPT position and working style very carefully. Students who use full-time CPT for more than a year are not permitted to later participate in optional practical training (OPT). After you graduate, an OPT can be quite beneficial in helping you find a full-time work in the USA. Thus, working part-time is suggested to be safe even though CPT is a superior option to gain work experience.

Many businesses offer both full-time and part-time CPT positions. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Intel, Tesla, Deloitte, IBM, Apple, NVIDIA Corporation, the World Bank, and others are some of the leading companies that provide CPT positions for overseas students. Google and Amazon are the businesses that international students most frequently choose, according to a USCIS research. The enormous demand for STEM degrees among international students has led to a sharp rise in the number of CPT employment in the IT sector during the past few years. In addition to offering CPT jobs for international students, other non-IT organisations in the banking, management, health care, etc. sectors also provide attractive work prospects.


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