How To Find H1B Students In USA

How To Find H1B Students In USA

How To Find H1B Students In USA

This visa category allows international candidates to get employment in the USA. Those foreign nationals have some specific skill, whether in tech or non-tech. They are eligible for a work permit in the USA, the recruiters offer visa sponsorship to H1B students. Although those students who move to the USA to study and enroll in a full-time degree course. They have to apply for the F1 visa category, the college or university must be based in the USA. the candidates must be fluent in the English language.

F1 students can work under optional practical training jobs in OPT. They are eligible to work under pre-completion or post-completion OPT. During pre-completion, they can work for 20 hours per week whereas during post-completion they can work full-time. The OPT can be paid or unpaid, and F1 students can work for more than one employer at a time.

How H1B Students Get Suitable Opportunities In USA

International candidates who arrive in the USA for the sole purpose of work can attend part-time school. H1B students are those whose visa is sponsor by the recruiter and their company. They can stay for work in the USA for 6 years. They get job offers due to some specific skillset in them. The period for an H1B stay is generally 3 years but after request, it can be extend up to 3 years more. So in total, they get 6 years.

H1B students are actively hire by recruiters in various industries, tech or non-tech. Top-notch companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, and Apple also hire potential students for entry-level positions. They also offer positions senior level to professionally experienced people on H1B visas. Other perks of having an H1B visa are that they can apply for a green card and get US citizenship.

The period for an H1B visa is longer than OPT so students tend to apply for an H1B visa. It can be extend on further requests. Recruiters offer visa sponsorships in the H1B visa program. While on an F1 visa, OPT students get employment opportunities for them. They might get paid or unpaid work opportunities. An H1B visa must create an employer and employee relationship. Then recruiters can offer visa sponsorship.

They must be qualified educationally, such as for a tech job or a tech degree. The degree can be a bachelor’s degree or a specialization. The recruiter usually considers any degree or course which is equivalent to the degree required. Apart from educational qualifications, candidates must have the required skills. It must be prove to the recruiters that the candidate is qualify to handle the job role professionally.

Job Opportunities For OPT Students And H1B Students

OPT student resume is in demand, recruiters actively hire fresh OPT candidates. As they are easily available for training purposes. Recruiters offer them a competitive salary package for their employment term. H1B visa holders can get job opportunities in QA and Business analysis, a lot of opportunities are available for software developers, for Python and Java developers the demand is ongoing. There are job opportunities in California, Texas, and New York. In non-tech industries, there are job opportunities in the hospitality and staffing industries, consulting companies are also hiring fresh OPT students. They are also actively hiring H1B candidates.

How Optnation Helps In Getting H1b Job Sponsorship

 OPTnation is an online forum that bridges the gap between the employee and employer. It is a one-stop destination for all the candidates in the USA, looking for suitable jobs. These candidates get themselves register with the team at OPTnation. It is very beneficial for OPT candidates. They get the chance to get practical training in their field of education. It enhances their skills and boosts their confidence for upcoming opportunities.

OPTnation has a vast collection of OPT student resumes which are drop in the database. Recruiters get access to OPT candidates’ resumes database, they can choose the suitable profile. The terms of employment may be paid or unpaid. The OPT candidates can work for more than one employer at a time.

For H1B students, there are beginning opportunities when they are OPT students. During OPT they can secure suitable job offers from recruiters who are ready to offer visa sponsorship. All the F1 visa holders seek to catch the visa sponsorship, and for that, they have to work hard.

Recruiters also seek potential candidates for their companies, a candidate needs to show a productive and professional outlook. This way it is easier to secure an H1B visa, by getting sponsorships from the recruiter.

Scope For H1B Students In USA

H1B is a non-immigrant employment visa for specially skill workers. They arrive and work in the US job market temporarily. It is an employer-sponsored visa and it is different from OPT and F1 visa. The terms of employment for H1B students in USA are different and they have different policies. H1B visa holders must take expert advice and mentorship from professionals for their growth. They must look for good opportunities, in which they can make a promising career.

There are currently many vacancies for tech jobs. The demand in the IT and automation sectors is huge. And to meet that demand recruiters hire workers from all over the world, as they seek potential and qualified candidates. There is huge competition for H1B visas in the US job market. Candidates who get this visa are open to the global market and working with global competitors they get global exposure.

It helps them to secure a promising career in their educational field. H1B visa holders get full-time working opportunities on their visas. They can always travel for free in and out of the USA. There is a limit of 65,000 H1B visas each year.