Get The Desired OPT CPT Jobs In USA

Get The Desired OPT CPT Jobs In USA

Get The Desired OPT CPT Jobs In USA

The US job market is one of the largest job markets in the world. People from all over the world seek to find lucrative opportunities. This job market has terrific opportunities for every stream. International students who aspire to work in a global market can find the best here. International students can only work only after attaining an F1 visa. Students with an F1 visa are entitle to Optional Practical Training OPT CPT jobs. Under an F1 visa students can work either at the pre-completion or post-completion OPT.

OPT and CPT is the work permits for international students who are enrolle in a full-time degree. The students must be enrolle in any college based in the USA. For pre-completion OPT, can work 20 hours per week. And post-completion OPT the candidate can work full-time. The candidates after getting OPT and CPT work permits can work for more than one employer. OPT candidates have to contact the Designated School Officer for the work permit. DSO forwards the request to the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services. The USICS is a body that deals with the OPT CPT job authorization permits.

The OPT and CPT jobs in USA are available for every industry tech or non-tech. In the tech industry top-notch companies like Amazon, Meta, Google, and Apple. These companies hire fresh OPT for entry-level positions at competitive salaries. Engineering and IT jobs, Software Developer jobs in Python, Java. E-commerce companies like Amazon also hire for various job roles, in Customer Services, Operations, Business Analysis, Software Development, and data management.

Eligibility for F1 visa to work in OPT CPT jobs

Only those international students who are enrolle in full-time courses or degrees. The college or university must be based in USA. The candidates must be fluent in the English language, and the course must also be in the English language. The CPT jobs in USA are available with the Employers who are register in SEVP. Recruiters are looking for potential candidates, who can serve the purpose of the job. There are OPT and CPT jobs in Texas, Dallas, California, and anywhere suitable.

F1 students are eligible to work in their field of education and not in any other. All those students who want to work in part-time and full-time are eligible to work as entry-level workers. OPT students must have an F1 visa, OPT authorization, and Employment Authorization Documents. OPT students must be qualified they must have an education degree in the related field of their employment. They should have professional experience if they want to apply for a senior post.

Difference between OPT and CPT

  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is to be done while the student is enrolle in a degree or program. OPT can be done either after or before the completion of the degree.
  • Processing time is two to three weeks in CPT but OPT provides 3-5 months of process time.
  • There is a time limit of 12 months for OPT students whether full-time or part-time. Whereas the CPT can be continue till the discretion of the student.
  • Generally, OPT, students, get a 12-month work permit. This can be extend to 24 months if they have a STEM degree. So STEM students get 36 months to work under OPT.
  • CPT is to be apply with a job offer in hand. Whereas the OPT can be apply without the job offer.
  • The F1 visa holders can travel outside the USA while on their visa after completing their graduation. They can enter the USA after getting an EAD and a valid OPT.

How OPTnation helps students to get OPT CPT jobs

OPTnation is an online forum that bridges the gap between the employer and the potential candidate. The team at OPTnation is highly efficient and cooperative they have professional experience. They do not disappoint the clients, so no one has to worry about the positive results.

  • The students approach the team and drop their resumes in the database of the company. These resumes are in the access to recruiters. The recruiters have to get register and sign up for the services of the OPTnation. They get access to the huge database of OPT resumes only after signing up for the services.
  • The team also assists the recruiters by shortlisting the relevant resumes. These resumes are precisely matching the job description of the recruiter.
  • The recruiters submit the specifications related to the job to the team. And get the relevant set of OPT resumes for their consideration.
  • The recruiters can also search for the relevant resumes. This is called keyword search in which the recruiter gets the option to search for precisely matching OPT CPT resumes.
  • The leads provided by the team are 100% genuine and verified.
  • All the resumes in the Database are genuine and verified. The resumes are qualified educationally and professionally.
  • The candidates get the desired job offer within a few weeks.
  • All the recruiters register with the OPTnation are e-verify. And the candidates are save from fraud.
  • Employers look for the educational qualification, professional experience, and relevant skills. The specifications of the job must be handle by the candidates smoothly.
  • The team carefully modifies the resume of the candidate professionally. In this process, all the relevant information related to the potential of the candidate is highlight. His educational qualifications, professional experiences, and relevant skills and attributes for the job.
  • The team also conducts training sessions for the candidates to prepare them for interviews. This counseling boosts the confidence in the candidates they tend to perform better in the interviews.
  • The team at OPTnation also provides an email alerts service. This service lets the recruiter know that a precisely matching resume has arrived in the database.

Relevant OPT CPT jobs in USA

  • In the tech industry – there is a vast field of opportunities for tech field students. Engineering jobs in mechanical, electronic, civil, Computer science, petroleum, and solar engineering jobs. Architecture, and IT jobs, are easily available for freshers who are educationally qualified, they get preference if they have any prior experience in internships or volunteering. This field has a lot of opportunities for those who want to begin their professional journey with global competitors. This OPT CPT can turn into a full-time job if the recruiters offer Visa sponsorships to the candidate. The candidate can apply for a visa under a different category such as H1B.
  • In the non-tech industry – A lot of opportunities for consultancy jobs are available. This is the most hassle-free option for OPT CPT jobs in USA. many students work in consultancies, to earn experience and manage their finances.
  • There are jobs in hospitality and staffing, and places like California, and New York are densely populate. There are tourist attractions due to which many people are moving there to work. There are small businesses, big hotels, and restaurants, that are constantly hiring for finance and accounting positions, business analysts, branch managers, shift managers, and many other opportunities.
  • There are jobs in marketing and digital marketing, opportunities are everywhere. The candidates can contact a team of experts at OPTnation for a clear recommendation regarding their jobs.
  • The team understands the market and the demand and scope of any degree. The candidates have to complete the documentation, within the specified time. They will get the best counseling for their job.
  • There are jobs in the content writing and journalism sectors also. Recruiters hire writers for their websites.
  • The UI/UX designers are also in demand as they help to make the best-looking website for the employer.
  • In the health sector nurses and physician assistants are in demand. The recruiters in the health sector are always hiring in pharmaceuticals and other para-medical fields.


Before jumping to any conclusion regarding the jobs the candidates must know these things.

  • They must understand the scope of their degree and the scope of hiring in the US job market.
  • They have to understand the market before stepping into it. The global competitors seek potential candidates, they have plenty of options. They need outstanding resumes for OPT CPT jobs.
  • There are jobs in tech and non-tech fields. The candidate must be qualified educationally and professionally.
  • The work offered in OPT CPT can be paid or unpaid. The candidates can work for more than one employer.
  • The candidates can find the best jobs after the team at OPTnation’s recommendations.
  • The team at OPTnation bridges the gap between the students and the recruiters.