How to find OPT Resumes for OPT Students in USA?

How to find OPT Resumes for OPT Students in USA?

How to find OPT Resumes for OPT Students in USA?

It is to be note that more than 400 recruiters hire fresh OPT candidates actively. Employers are always looking for potential OPT Resumes in USA. There are a plethora of opportunities which could be a major turning point in the life of the OPT student. It is all about the strategic approach of the OPT student, he must target the right set of companies. As it will reflect in the professional experience of the candidate. 

Every one of us is thriving for something better, be it opportunities, deals, jobs, houses, studies and so on. Many students seek to move abroad for better education, better employment opportunities, and to gain global exposure and incredible experiences. International students who step into the USA understand the quality of education delivered at US Universities.

A total of 38 universities based in the USA are mention in the QS World University Rankings. This shows the quality of education deliver here. Naturally, international students are attracted to making their lives better. So they try to get admission to one of the best universities based in the USA. 

Most international students are not aware of the complex process of documentation and struggle for getting a good opportunity to get employment in the field of their Major. They cannot find connections that could assist or guide them in finding a suitable job. Lack of networking also lowers self-confidence. Hence, they settle for anything or any opportunity, whether or not it pays the right compensation. 

The United States Immigration and Citizenship Services also authorize international students who are enroll in any degree or program, in any college or University based in the USA, to work. International students who hold F1 visas are entitle to a temporary work permit after which the candidate is authorize to get Optional Practical Training. The OPT students can only be employed in the field of their education; they are employed based on their educational qualifications, professional experience, visa status, and proper documentation. 

Challenges in finding OPT resumes in USA 

There are various challenges which are faced by recruiters while hiring freshers, they are always looking for potential OPT Resumes in USA. There are many companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Deloitte, E&Y and so on who actively hire OPT candidates, on a contractual basis. It gives them an efficient workforce and these opportunities give a chance to practice training the OPT candidates; they tend to learn more in the field rather than in classroom learning. 

Although a recruiter finds it very difficult to hire a sincere and dedicated candidate, who can contribute his efforts to the economic growth of the company. But not every candidate who approaches the company for a job is a good fit for the company so the employer must have to be vigilant about the educational qualifications, professional experiences and relevant skills. Here under we have mentioned some common struggles: 

  • Sometimes the Visa status might be a problem for OPT candidates as the work permit is directly associate with the visa category of the candidate. 
  • It is not only the educational qualification, which matters for employment there are other soft skills such as team Coordination, communication, handling the workload, and management. 
  • Recruiters want potential employees so that they can adapt and learn in the industry, and could mingle in the corporate culture. 
  • Screening of profiles is a complex process it requires time and energy for the recruiters to pick the precisely matching resumes. 
  • To find a genuine profile, the recruiters put in the time, money and other resources, so it is very upsetting for the recruiter if the candidate could not prove to be a good fit. 
  • OPT candidates are good options for the employer for short-term employment, but the credibility and the potential can’t be calculate beforehand. 
  • Every year the US labor market witnesses the arrival of more than 1 million international students, 80% of them are from a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) background. Which makes it a competition to get good tech jobs? Which might be a challenging time for the recruiter to choose among them? 
  • Although STEM students are eligible for tech or non-tech jobs, it depends upon the capabilities of the OPT student, and in which job role he can fit. 

How OPTnation helps in finding potential OPT Resumes

OPTnation is an online forum which provides its services to recruiters to find potential OPT resumes in USA. It also extends its assistance and guidance to OPT students to find suitable jobs for them. 

  • OPTnation targets the right set of candidates for the companies who are hiring in a specific stream. 
  • OPTnation provides a massive database for recruiters to choose potential profiles for the job role. 
  • A team of professionals carefully analyzes the job description so that they could provide precisely matching resumes to the recruiter
  • Later, if the recruiter wants further assistance the team can shortlist matching set of resumes and forward it to employer. 
  • The employer can also find the best resumes by searching those using keywords from the database of the OPTnation. 
  • The team also post regularly about job openings and updates the candidate with the recent alterations in the process. 
  • The team provides resumes which are genuine and verified and also based on 100% assured leads. 
  • All the profiles are already categorize based on visa status, educational qualification, and professional experience. 
  • The recruiters get responsive candidates so the time is not waste in building up communications and negotiations. All the basic things relate to salary and working hours are disclose to the candidate. 

Key points for making professional OPT resumes in USA 

There are some highlights which a candidate must keep in mind before posting their resumes to the recruiter for any job role: 

  • The candidate must create a professional impression, through their resume for the job position. 
  • The candidate must specify all the skills and relevant experiences in terms of internships or employment as per the requirements mentioned by the recruiter in the job description. 
  • The candidate must reflect the potential through educational qualifications and outstanding caliber. So, that the recruiter would know that it is the right profile to give it a chance.
  • The candidate must invest time while creating the resume as it will be the sole basis of the judgment. 
  • The candidate must mention all the soft skills. For example: team coordination, time management, work pressure and communication skills. 
  • Add your genuine contact details, if you are not available on the phone or by email. This might change the mind of the recruiter. 
  • The resume must reflect a promising career ahead of the candidate, the recruiters rely on work experiences, internships, and volunteering.  


  • Recruiters face many challenges while choosing a suitable profile for their company. It is mandatory to hire a good fit for their company. Because it will directly affect the growth and economic development of their organization and the staff associated with it. 
  • Recruiters tend to look for potential OPT Resumes in USA; it totally depends upon the job description and qualifications of the candidate. If the qualifications fit the job description they can be hire. 
  • Although not every candidate who approaches the recruiter is a good fit for the job role. 
  • Sometimes the recruiter ends up hiring a not-so-great fit for the company. So, they have to repeat the whole process of hiring which is a waste of resources and time. 
  • Team OPTnation assists the recruiters by providing a set of precisely matching resumes. Among which the recruiter can choose any profile that he thinks is the right one for the job role.  
  • OPTnation helps in finding the right profile for the recruiter. As the recruiter finds it exhausting and it is a time taking procedure. This complex process can be ease out by the team of experts. Through screening and categorization of portfolios as per the job description. 
  • A team of professional also guides the candidates through the whole process of hiring. Whether it be making of resume, or preparing them for the interviews. 
  • There is a huge database of resumes, which can be access by the recruiter. After signing up for the services of the team OPTnation
  • The candidate must create a professional resume, which serves as the sole basis of judgment by the employer. It must contain educational qualifications, professional experience, and key skills.