How to Make a Resume for Your First Job

How to Make a Resume for Your First Job

How to write a perfect resume for your first job

You’ve just finished your degree and graduated? You must be overloaded with questions because a new chapter of your life started. It’s mostly a case for students who need to look for their very first job. But if you’re not a trainee anymore and still need to take a shot at your first job, then let’s get into the topic and learn how to craft a perfect resume for your best working experience. 

In this article, we will learn more about the structure of the resume and give you some useful life hacks to hook the recruiter from the first line. Make sure to follow the line and figure out how to write your resume for your first job with us!

How to make a resume: the basic structure that works

When students try to write a resume, they are often lost in the structure and can’t understand what to include first. Thankfully, there are real-life samples that make the writing part easier. If it’s your first time working on a resume, you should focus on the main points and try to avoid extra creativity. Otherwise, you may turn out with improperly structured messy text. 

Before we get into resume writing, you should remember one important clue. You should always have a fax from your iPhone with you. Why do you need faxing? The app will help you a lot with the resume. A fax app can send your files easily to others. Do you want to share the file fast using the app? Sending it through faxing is the best option. 

Now that you are aware of the basic terms, let’s get into the writing part and learn what steps should be done at the very beginning. After this guide, you can fax your resume file straight to the recruiter and expect a positive response. 

 Choose the template 

It might be hard for beginners to come up with their own unique resume format. However, the good news is that you can find tons of already-written templates for your paper online. You can go to free online tools and generate the template you like. Or you can copy the template on your own or You can also add roles and responsibilities to your resume by viewing several online free resume samples

Both options will work just fine. You might have the urge to show your creativity and design the resume file on your own. But it’s not recommended at the beginning. For starters, you need to showcase your skills and experience, not your ability to create. 

Make sure to put your contact information correctly

How to make a resume for your first job? You need to be correct and consistent with the data. Contact information is critical for recruiters, and you should pay attention to it. If you write some pieces of information incorrectly, then you can lose your chance to get a job. Make sure your email address, together with your phone number or fax is written without any mistakes. 

A lot of students are afraid to put their contact information and try to avoid this part. But the more contacts you put in, the easier it is for the recruiters to reach out to you. Make sure you include convenient ways to contact you. And try to fill in all the fields with the contact information required. If you don’t have some social media available, you should create them. 

List your education details

It’s another critical part of the resume for those who look for their first job. You don’t have much of the working experience. For this reason, you should be very picky when describing the education details. The common rule is to put the latest experience on top so that the recruiters can see the most relevant information about your studies. 

A good point here is to include as many topical experiences as you can name. There’s no need to insert every voluntary initiative you participated in. But if you have got some truly valuable background and took part in massive events, it can help you get to the top of the ladder. 

Include the objective of your resume

Having no persuasive job experience can lead you to other different ways of describing yourself. You should focus on the internships and other valuable practices you managed to accomplish. However, there’s one more thing that will help your resume stand out. 

Do you need a resume for your first job? Include the objective of your writing. When you show the recruiter the goal of your job search, you can hit the score and get the position easily. Make sure you include reasonable examples of why you can benefit from this experience. And what’s more, why the company can win from cooperation with you. 


How do I write my first resumes? Working on your first resume is always a true challenge. You might need some time and effort to put your skills in the right direction. When there’s a goal and a good template, you are ready to hit the task and win the attention of the recruiter. Make sure you follow the tips described in the article to chase your dream career.