How to Proceed Once You have Your I-20 Form – 3 Steps to Take After Receiving an I-20 for US Study

How to proceed once you have your I-20 form

There are many benefits which are attached to the students in the USA. the students migrate to to the USA for quality education and a whole different environment for work. F and M are popular visa categories in which the students not only are entitled to admission to US educational institutions but also get a permit to work. the academic program must be full-time and the educational institution must be based in the USA. The students going to the USA to pursue their degrees get F1 visas. Students under the F1 visa category are entitled to the benefits of working while they are enrolled in full-time academic programs. The F1 visa-holding students get the permit to work under OPT jobs in USA.

The pay scale is good, a plethora of opportunities brew up in every sector, and students get the chance to get full-time job offers. The nuances of getting approval for the I-20 form in USA when they migrate for an academic degree or program. The US authorities issue an I-20 form which is a document, that can be used for many purposes. After the student has been selected in any academic program in the USA. OPT is the privileged permit to work for international students in the US job market. And after filing the I-20 form the students can get the permit to move to the USA before the program begins. This will help the students get permission to move to the USA and find relevant jobs.

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What is SEVP and I-20 Form?

International students who move to the USA under the F and M visa category must get an I-20 form. What is I-20 in USA and how does this help? So for an International student, the I-20 proves the credibility that the student has been enrolled in a full-time course in a college or university based in the USA. The Student and Exchange Visitor Program certifies the students that they are bona fide students and are admitted into educational institutions in the USA. The colleges or universities certified by the SEVP give the I-20 forms through their DSOs. Designated School Officers are responsible for helping international students to get their OPT permits. A DSO also plays an important role in authorizing students to work in OPT jobs in USA.

Two types of I-20 Forms are given to the students – certificates to non-immigrant students who are coming to the USA on an F1 visa to pursue academic programs. The certificates are given to the students who move to the USA for vocational programs. I-20 forms are important for international students while they are living in the USA to pursue their academics or other vocational programs. There is a whole set of information in the I-20 form, Academic program, duration of the academic program, aim and objective of the program, cost of the program, and source of funds.

Requirements for I-20 forms

There are several requirements for getting form I-20 USA for international students:
● Their admission must be accepted by the college or university.
● The students must have applied for full-time academic courses.
● The college or university must have been registered and certified with SEVP.
● The students must have the ability to fund themselves.
● The I-20 form is received by the international student through their DSO.
● After the approval of SEVP, the SEVIS fees are to be paid by the students.

This I-20 form advances the duration for international students living in the USA. this advancement may range between 30 to 120 days for international students. They can come to the USA before the beginning of their academic course officially.

Steps to follow after receiving an I-20 for studying in the USA

Many international students encounter this dilemma regarding the process after getting a visa what next? So here is a complete guide which might help you during the process:

● After receiving your I-20 form the students must choose the university that they want to get in.
● They must pay the fees, which is the SEVIS fee.
● The international students will then have to make an appointment with the US consulate.
● They must consider the option if they require a bank loan.
● Prepare for the interview, and arrange all the documents that are required for the visa interview.

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FAQ about I-20 Form

What is Form I-20 for a US Visa?
International students who aspire to pursue their academics in the USA are eligible to move on F1 and M1 visas. They must fill up the Form I-20, DSO will give this form, it contains basic information regarding SEVP and, the beginning and last date of an academic and vocational course. This is an essential document for a student who is living in the USA, for that duration it serves as the identity of the international students.

What is the meaning of Form I-20?
It is a document that performs many functions, and it has many purposes. It is an official document and the US government authorities are responsible for providing this. Only those international students who are admitted to full-time academic courses. They need to show the source of their funding.

Do I-20 get rejected?
There is a 50–50 possibility of getting your I-20 rejected. They can check for I-20 status. However, it is done when the international students fail to provide evidence for their financial strength. While the students living in USA before their program begins they must provide enough pieces of evidence to prove their financial stability and crunch. They must be able to bear their expenses while they are living in the USA.

How many days will it take to get an I-20?
The average time to receive approval for I-20 is two weeks. However, sometimes the process might take a slightly longer duration due to the rush of applications and all the students applying for I-20 visa. when the list of applicants is long a delay is possible. However, students can check the status of approval and rejection with the authorities.

What does the I-20 form contain?
It is an official multi-purpose document that contains all the details such as the name, SEVIS ID, name of educational institution in which the international students are taking admission, and the beginning and the last dates of the academic program. This form has all the information about the student, and they need to have this document, while they are living in the USA from getting admission to any college or university in the USA. Or when international students are looking for a job, or OPT, this I-20 form is very important.

What is the validity period of the I-20?
The whole duration is when the student is living in the USA to pursue their academics. The I-20 is valid, for the entire duration as it is an important document for an international student to get admitted to a college or university. The good part is that international students can ask and file requests for an extension of the I-20 for visa remain valid even when the visa has expired.

Who is eligible for I-20?
All international students who are F1 and M1 visa holders are eligible for getting an I-20 form. And those who are admitted to any college or university to pursue a full-time course or degree in the USA. There is a certificate for those who are eligible for non-immigrant student status. After the students are accepted to any college or university to join a course. And if that college or university is registered and certified as a SEVP school.