Is USA Canceling OPT For International Students

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Is USA Canceling OPT???

Optional Practical Training is temporary work authorization for international students. OPT has been an opportunity for both students and employers in the USA.

Students get the chance to work in their field of study for a fixed period. But there has been much OPT news after the new administration came in power. The US House of representation has taken the discussion of topic about various immigration policies and permits.

There have been acts and policies that are the backbone of the whole discussion about OPT  and opt job portals and the role of companies that are allowed to hire international candidates for any work authorization in the USA.

H1B visa news is also a hot topic in the new administration. There has been news that there will be a permanent removal of the H1B lottery for international candidates.

The immigration news H1B is majorly highlighting the lottery and cap-gap period of H1B visas. A thing to notice here is that both, H1B and OPT, are work authorizations.

There has been news around the American Tech workforce act, 2021. This is the main act that is the backbone of the whole OPT latest news. This act has proposed the removal of OPT.

The reason is related to the companies and the high techs that are allowed to hire international students and candidates. The benefit of hiring OPT students through opt job portals or H1B candidates is major to them and not in a good way for the government.

According to many immigration news OPT, hiring international students at low costs is helping these high techs to get relief on certain taxes.

The H1B visa news is also related to the payment that is done to the international candidates or students by these high-tech companies. The payment to international wagers is set by the legal authorities of the USA and it does not have to be more than the local workers.

That is a big important part of the policy. But, there have been issues with that. There has been news that companies are avoiding this rule and international candidates are not getting paid correctly. 

Many American candidates are looking for jobs in their own country but the high tech companies and finding their benefits in hiring international students. 

OPT news is about the opportunities that are not provided to the American students instead, international students are getting the benefit. The American corps are finding international students or candidates very affordable due to the difference in currency value.

There have been new H1B rules that are also highlighting the request to decrease the petition for international candidates. There have also been updates on providing visa sponsorship for only one year instead of three. This will also be added if the entire system of international immigration has decided to change its way for an international crowd.

The government and the legal authorities are taking the step to increase employment opportunities for the local students and pass-outs.

Technical, OPT visa news are not against any international student but in the favor of their local students. The opportunities for American students have been passed on to international students, legal authorities fear, and for that, they are trying to put some restrictions on the international crowd.

As complete restriction is impossible to put for international students and candidates, the legal authorities are that’s why choosing to limit it.

For every international student, OPT visa news is worried and scary.

But it does not mean that there are no opportunities left for them, there are some modifications but the doors are open for international students and candidates.

There is news that OPT will be canceled if the legal authorities do not feel the opportunities are being equally distributed among local and international students. Although, the American government will not make big changes that can affect the overall student crowd that they get every year from all across the world.

Every international student should stay updated about all the other changes that the US government makes regarding working or even studying in the USA.

Hopefully, the new norms may not be so harsh on students but one can hope for the best. The world of opportunities will never close for any student.

Conclusion : Is USA Canceling OPT

The United States of America has the highest number of international crowds in the form of students and employees. The new hot topic is OPT and opt jobs in usa and H1B that allows an international student to work in the USA.

The new concern is about the American students that are not getting opportunities due to the heavy international crowd. The news about the canceling of OPT is true but no decision has been finalized. There are equal chances for both but the hope is towards not-so-big changes.

The legal authorities cannot stop international students so they might reduce some advantages. Let us hope for the best.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):
  • Is OPT visa suspended?

There has been a request to suspend OPT. An OPT allows international students to work in their field of study with employers. There is no confirmation that OPT has been suspended or not but the discussion is in process.

  • Will the OPT extension be Canceled?

No one can say that. There have been issues with OPT and many other work authorizations but there is no confirmed news by the legal authorities of the USA. The OPT extension can be canceled if the decision is taken.

  • How long will it take for OPT to be approved in 2021?

An OPT is not a visa but a work authorization. In all the years, that international students have been applying for OPT, they have to wait for an average duration of 3 to 5 months. The same time continues even in 2021 and the next coming year.

  • How long can I stay in the US after OPT expires?

An OPT allows an international student to work and live in the USA for 12 months. The expiration period of OPT comes after the grace period of 60 days which is equal to 2 months.

The grace period is provided to the students so that they can find a way to stay in the USA.

  • Does OPT Nation provide the latest opt news for international students?

Yes, OPT Nation does provide everything about OPT and CPT for international students. One can find the latest updates made for OPT or any other work authorization. A student can also find guidance for everything related to OPT and CPT.