OPT Jobs In USA, 1000+ Job Openings

OPT Jobs In USA, 1000+ Job Openings

There are many students in the USA that are looking for a life-changing opportunity. A student can find OPT Jobs in USA with smart skills and research.

There are doubts and there are many fields with options. Every state has an opportunity for international students with OPT. A student can find answers to their job hunt and what is OPT in their lives after getting the job.

There are indefinite opportunities for students with a student visa and a work authorization. A student can find internships, volunteering work, part-time, and full-time jobs in their field of study in the USA.

 1. OPT Jobs In California

Students with an engineering background, design, accountancy, and many other fields must be aiming for California. This place is famous for its adventurous life and many opportunities for international candidates. OPT jobs in California are like a gateway for students in selective educational backgrounds. Home to Ivy League universities, the opportunities for the top-ranked students even with no experience are also multiple here. A student with experience and with no experience can find universities and placements as well in California.

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2. OPT Jobs In Chicago

Chicago is the dream destination for many international candidates for many reasons. Chicago is known for plenty of opportunities and mind-blowing destinations. Students in the field of medical science, banking, finance, animation, and many more can find plenty of OPT jobs in Chicago.

Architecture is a subject very common in many universities of Chicago through which a student learns to be a professional.

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3. OPT Jobs In Dallas

Every corner of the USA including Dallas has multiple jobs for OPT students. The state of Texas is pictured differently for an international student, it is a picture of a bright future. Students can find OPT jobs in Dallas in the field of medical staffing, engineering, and many more.

Art Institute of Dallas is among the well-known institutes in the USA. There are international students with scopes and opportunities in all forms of art.

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4. OPT Jobs In Florida

We think of Florida and we imagine a lavish lifestyle with beaches and fun. But we forget to think about what are the OPT opportunities in Florida. The tech students with the desire to work in an amazing location can find opportunities in the form of OPT jobs in Florida. A student can find unique opportunities in Florida when it comes to temporary jobs or employment.

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5. OPT Jobs In Houston

The large metropolis in Texas, Houston is known for many things, especially for the NASA training complex. Students in this field can look up to many OPT jobs in Houston. There are many opportunities in a metropolis as there is high demand for an international workforce. Space exploration is the main centre to which many students take interest and get attracted.

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6. OPT Jobs In New York

New York is the definition of the USA  for every international traveller. There are endless entry-level OPT jobs for students with no experience. A student under OPT can also work for restaurants, hospitals, and cafes in their field of study.

There are endless opportunities in New York that also make it the biggest hub for international students. There are no limitations for OPT jobs in New York, a student from an architect background to acting background can find jobs here.

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7. OPT Jobs In Texas

Texas is famous for its food, music, and hot temperature. Students looking for OPT jobs in Texas can find opportunities in many metropolises. Jobs for students in the marketing and management fields are highly awarded in Texas. Students can study any field and get the opportunity in multiple fields.

Texas has many opportunities for students in the form of internships and part-time jobs.

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8. OPT Jobs In Virginia

There are many universities like Stanford and many more that are impressive for international students in Virginia. Students with multiple fields can look for options in Virginia. The beach provides extraordinary OPT jobs in Virginia that are rare on its own.

Virginia has unreal opportunities and a list of tasks for international students looking forward to temporary employment. A student with experience in their field can also find many options.

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9. OPT Jobs In Atlanta

Great pay for international students only for volunteering is active in Atlanta. OPT jobs in Atlanta are also in the form of volunteers that are also allowed under OPT. Students can earn a good amount by helping people or other students just like themselves. 

Atlanta is also known for many medical and technical universities under which many students apply and get OPT. There are students from state universities as well that get many opportunities in the diverse fields of study.

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10. OPT Jobs In Boston

Boston is the heart and soul of all the techie minds. The center of Massachusetts has many renowned universities and colleges of the USA. The brain of the USA is found in Boston. OPT jobs in Boston are highly found on the same base of knowledge. The students in the field of mathematics, technology, engineering, and many more can find jobs here.

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11. OPT Jobs In Seattle

The home of Microsoft and Amazon, Seattle is the tech hub of the USA. All the startups that are aiming for billion-dollar businesses are looking for smart brains. OPT jobs in Seattle are opportunities for employers as well. They can hire international smart brains and train them to be the next tech guru.

Students can also get experience in the field of marketing and sales when it comes to Seattle. A student can work part-time and full-time on many stores and small layouts of gadgets.

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) : 

  • Is OPT Nation legal for OPT jobs?

OPT Nation is a website that helps international students find OPT jobs along with many other things. It has been verified that OPT Nation helps students under all the legalities for finding jobs, resume writing, and many more steps that can help in getting an OPT job in the USA.

All information that is available and provided by OPT Nation is verified and fact. There are no legal obligations that have been given to the website by any student, employer, or reviewer. OPT jobs are valid and legal as a student and an employer can contact through various modes to verify their existence. 

  • How to find opt jobs in USA?

To find an OPT job, a student has to apply for an employment authorization document or EAD. After that, a student can find OPT jobs in USA with the help of online sources. Many recruitment-based portals and websites can help students. A student can also look for jobs on social media.

Many students choose the way of private agents or online consultants for finding jobs in the USA. A student can use their sources and also ask for help from their university placement cell. There are many contacts that a university can provide to international students.

  • Which is the best portal for OPT jobs?

The best portal for finding or hunting OPT jobs is OPTNation.com. A student can look at the website and find overall guidance for finding a job. OPTNation is the best portal as it does not leave the hands of a student till they get a confirmed OPT job by an employer.

A student can find OPT jobs in every corner of the USA and can filter according to themselves. OPTNation provides all kinds of jobs to students and also trains them for interview and resume preparations.

  • Does OPTNation provide opt jobs to international students?

Yes, among many other services the primary service of OPTNation is for international students with OPT. Many verified employers are looking for eligible candidates. OPTNation has the source of all such employers and they help in connecting them with the students.

A student can find employers, choose among them, get trained, and then finally get the interview round in which a maximum of them are selected and given an OPT job.

  • How long is unemployment for OPT?

An Optional Practical Training is a work authorization in the USA for international students with a student visa. A student has to find jobs in their field of study. A student can be unemployed for 90 days and not more. The USCIS has allowed a student to do any job in the OPT for 12 months. A student has given certain rules and regulations that they must follow. The immigration service or the USCIS has given their norms that every student has to follow.


Many international students are looking for OPT jobs in USA and opportunities. Among many, job hunting is the most difficult task. A student with the help of the information given in this article can find their opportunity according to all the states of the USA.

This article solves many questions that a student might have along with the descriptive information of all the states in the USA that can be beneficial for OPT students. A student can find their favorite profession in all the states mentioned and choose their field of study accordingly.