IT Internship / Training And Placement For Opt Students On F1 Status

It Internship for OPT students

IT Training comprises of Computer Science and Software Engineering courses. There is huge career growth in the field of IT with high monetary gain. The prospectus of individual’s growth is also high.

It is a broad field inclusive of the areas like programing, coding, developing, designing, technical support, analysis and testing.

The objective requirements are career specific but the minimum requirement to be eligible for the IT Internship is to have the bachelor’s degree. IT Training and placement for Opt students help in nourishing their career from the early stage.

IT Training provides comprehensive range of services and facilities to candidates so that they can acquire and maintain skills in any kind of job. Training in the field of Information and Technology opens the door of opportunities giving high future prospect.

Training in the IT field opens the door of innumerous IT jobs for F1 Status visa holders.

Systems Analyst

Having the IT Internship as the System Analysts is really lucrative because it aids business by solving their problems with the computer programs. The business interests are served with the automated systems operated by the computer. To appear for the training as a System Analyst, no special educational requirement is needed expect the bachelor’s degree. The earning as an analyst is in hefty amount.

Computer Programmer

Main duty of the Computer Programmer is to develop and code programs coded in various languages like C, C++, dotnet, Python, Php, Java, etc. Programmers also have the knowledge of testing software and thus are involved in maintaining and refining the code for its stability. It is the responsibility of the programmer to update, modify and expand the already build programs. The development and designing includes GUI features as well. Having the bachelor’s degree in the computer science is a prerequisite which is beneficial but not compulsory. Walking from any field, one can gain the expertise of languages. The growth in the salary of a computer programmer is remarkable and tremendous. IT jobs for the F1 status visa holders is the most lucrative option for making career.

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Computer Support Specialist

It is kind of training for providing technical assistance to various business and non-profitable institutes. The working environment for training is a desk oriented work communicating with clients. The main duty of a computer support specialist is to respond to technical issues called in by a user or submitted by e-mail. They may guide the user through fixing the problem, run automatic software diagnostics to assess and fix the issue, or send a specialist to fix it on-site. There is a variation in the educational requirement of the computer support specialist which changes from employer to employer based on the need and demand of the position. The prospect of having high salary increases with the knowledge and experience.

The benefits of getting IT Training and placement for OPT students from USA are the wide range of job opportunities in the well established firms. High chance of being able to participate in the programs funded by the University in collaboration with the high esteem companies.

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F1 status visa holders cannot take up the off campus until they complete one year of their academic course. Only if under circumstances work can be allotted in IT Job for F1 status holders. Once the student completes the time limit of one year, they are allowed to work the off campus offers.

For the jobs which are within the campus, the F1 status holders do not need to seek the permission from the USCIS whereas to accept the proposal for off campus IT jobs for F1 status, USISC enforces to take the required permission.

IT jobs for the F1 status international students comes under the tag of the off campus jobs which can be undertaken after the year of study program.

If the F1 status international student wants to work on campus then there is no need for the explicit authorization from the USCIS under two cases. If the work in on campus then the working hours must be less than 20hours a week and the work has to be related with the study not being precisely to course but similar to field of degree.

IT jobs for F1status visa holders can be undertaken if and only if they work access is granted by the DSO. Not very international student get the work authorization, the only sever situations like low financial condition or sudden increase in the fees unaffordable by the student can convince the USICS to give the DSO permission for granting work card to the candidate. Eligibility and the criteria has to be met before the work permit is granted. Various IT jobs for the F1 status holder are IT Internship, It Director, IT manager, IT security, IT specialist, IT analyst, etc.


IT training and placement for OPT students has become the most popular sector. All the international students who visit the United States appear for the IT internship and then apply for the IT Training and Placement for OPT students program which help them gain the best job offers in the field of IT.

The statistical data informs that there are more than 1, 00,000 IT companies and over 2million working in the IT field. IT sector is the most growing field and also the most popular field for acquiring jobs among the OPT students.

IT Training and Placement for OPT students help their career reach the required stature. The reasons why people choose IT field to get their training or internship are as follows:

Highly popular

Everything in the recent times has been shifted to the software. People have started to remain dependent on the automated machines for their daily and regular work.  This gives a surety that the demand of the IT professional will never fade with time. IT people are the base of any company and they never face the hardship of recession as the company will always need them for the latest know how of the technology. The major reason behind lot of people choosing IT as their career is that to have the entry in the field, you do not need any special kind of degree pre-requisite. Anyone can walk into the field and gain the mastery over its specification.

Continuous Revolution

“Change is the mother of invention”.  Technology is the vast field having new invention each day in some or the other corner of the world.  Every technology involved in making of product or software changes continuously, nothing remains stagnant. This seems tough or difficult to cop up with the latest trends but it is actually keeping the job of the IT professionals interesting. People involved in the field have to regular keep them updated with the recent technology in the market and know about the future coming ups to protect their product from being outdated. They have to learn new things and keep developing their strengths which does not allow having the monopoly of one person.

Great pay

It internships trains the student in the field of OPT which helps them get the best job opportunity offering great pay. The expertise in the IT field is the skill that many companies sought after. To hire the best IT candidate the companies are ready to pay high amount. With the knowledge of the IT professional, the company’s efficiency and productivity can be increased up to a remarkable level. This field sees no age or experience, the talent calls for the high monetary gain.

Infinite Career Opportunity

There are many different facets of an IT department, which often provides people with a lot of growth opportunities. Whether it’s moving up to a higher position, or going from one area of IT to another, there’s a range of interesting career paths that students can choose from.

It becomes very important to select the right company which allows the growth of an individual. To grow the career it is advisable to keep moving to different positions and taking up jobs where there are high chances of getting promoted. Falling back for the career in IT is rarely a problem.

Information Technology is the new “it” industry. It’s constantly growing and changing, making it exciting every day. With the right skill sets and the right passion, this can be the right industry for many people around the country.

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Featured Jobs on

1.     IT internships JOBS for OPT students

Location: Worcester, Massachusetts

Job Description:

  • The IT Assistant will be expected to assist employees and affiliates to achieve their objectives through the practical application of technology available
  • communicate and problem-solve technical problems on-site and over the phone with people of varying technical expertise to bring issues to resolution as quickly as possible
  • Perform the duties of Level 1& Level 2 helpdesk technician
  • Install, configure, troubleshoot Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise operating systems to keep users’ desktops and workstations functioning at peak performance
  • Install, configure, problem-solve Microsoft Office 2010 and other 3rd party applications to assist employees with various work-related tasks
  • Build, configure, trouble-shoot, and manage personal computers, laptops as needed to keep current inventory up-to-date
  • Trouble-shoot a variety of hardware (printers, fax machines, phones, etc.)
  • Follow Information Technology department network, disaster recovery and procedure documentation
  • Assist Sr. Systems Administrator in scheduling and performance of maintenance tasks


  • A high school diploma and either a 2-year Associate’s degree in a computer related specialty or equivalent technical certificate
  • 1 to 3 years experience troubleshooting computer equipment and software
  • Certifications such as A+ or MCSE welcomed
  • Experience with redundant administrative tasks
  • Familiarity with networking concepts
  • Familiarity with desktop, laptop and printer hardware
  • Cabling installation and troubleshooting
  • Familiarity configuring and managing LAN and WAN equipment such as switches, routers, and/or firewalls
  • Should possess strong problem solving/troubleshooting skills and
  • Should be comfortable working independently on special projects

job description:

  • Monitoring our Support mailbox and phones, and providing action support inquiries according to established Support procedures
  • Maintenance and development of our product Knowledge Centre and of our Support procedures
  • Providing feedback to the Development Team on current Support issues
  • Assisting in providing software testing services during the product lifecycle, and testing assistance to pre and post sales technology activities to encourage and enable widespread adoption of our technologies among business customers
  • Maintaining a high level of skill and technical knowledge of current technologies, predominantly the Microsoft range of products


  • 3+ year of Windows Server administration experience coupled with an understanding of virtualization technologies including some experience with virtual machine maintenance and Windows Active Directory experience
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills are a must
  • Solid grasp of Microsoft SQL Server and database technologies, database security and the various objects contained within a database such as views and stored procedures
  • Knowledge of network hardware components and their configuration with excellent general PC troubleshooting skills
  • Familiarity with the Microsoft Office suite of products, particularly Microsoft Office Word
  • Understanding of websites and web applications how they are deployed / configured within Microsoft IIS
  • Some experience with writing or debugging code, HTML, XML, .NET is preferable
  • -Experience using an API or tools used to communicate with API’s
  • Some flexibility of hours may be required

3. IT JOBS for F1 status


  • Assists in monitoring and controlling the console of a multi-user computer system.  Observes computer and peripheral equipment and learns to detect error messages, faulty output, or machine stoppage.
  • Loads and unloads media and assists in performing routine media maintenance for computer operations.
  • Loads and unloads forms & printers. Adjusts forms for proper alignment. Post-processes forms & dispatches output to appropriate destination. Assists in monitoring output to ensure legibility of printouts & correctness of report format.
  • Assists in submitting and/or releasing production jobs following run instructions.
  • Learns to perform necessary system backups and restores.
  • Learns to use scheduling software.
  • Assists in verifying output, checks for completeness and accuracy.
  • Keeps equipment clean and assists in regularly performing routine maintenance functions.


EDUCATION:  High School Diploma or GED


Ability to learn to operate computer consoles, on-line terminals and peripheral equipment; to lift and transport computer supplies and equipment; to communicate effectively orally and in writing.

OTHER: Except for qualifications established by law, additional related experience and formal education in which one has gained the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for full performance of the work of the job class may be substituted for the education or experience requirement on a year-for-year basis with 30 college credits being equivalent to one year of experience.