Overview About The OPT Job Requirements

Opt Job Requirements

Optional Practical Training is training facility provided by the USA government to the International Students for certain duration along and after their graduation. Majority of all the international students are eligible for this kind of temporary work authorization which provides training in the real working field but to apply for OPT jobs there are OPT job requirements which needs to be fulfilled. Those who wish to work on the F1 visa (Visa for International Students) must ensure their stay and studies in the United States of America.  While their stay in the USA should be primarily for the studies, they can apply for the OPT jobs. This keeps a restriction on the employment to be limited only for the international students.

There are various OPT jobs available for the OPT students but not every student can apply for the OPT job unless he/she completes the OPT JOB REQUIREMENT.

  1. The first requirement is to hold a legal and valid F1 visa.
  2. The visa status should be maintained for one full year finding work in the related field of study
  3. The work can only be started after the start and end dates suggested by the University
  4. To apply for OPT; there is mandatory requirement to fill and submit I20-form.
  5. After the verification of I20-form, it is compulsory to fill 765 form
  6. EAD card is needed before the student can start working
  7. If the OPT period is fully consumed then CPT cannot be done.
  8. There are certain restriction on travelling while on the OPT period

It is not OPT JOB REQUIREMENT but advisable to choose the start dates near to the expected arrival dates of EAD. Work permit to the students is granted by the USCIS, the EAD card is issued by the USCIS after the regular formalities have been completed by the student.

UMID is the Unified Multi-Purpose ID given to the F1 students on the approval of their work permit, which have to attach with the EAD card in order to work in the legal manner. The condition to apply for the OPT work permit enforces the candidate to wait for the 90days before the end of their academic program and 60 days after the start of their graduation.

OPT Jobs
OPT Nation – USA
Skills: Any Graduate
Job Description:  Hiring trainee graduate in different locations in USA. Qualifications: BS Minimum Experience: Recent college graduates with no experience or few years of experience preferred…


OPT Job Requirements

The OPT JOB REQUIREMENT demands to start the work only after the EAD card is received by the respective student and the mentioned start date on the card has been reached. The OPT work gives the liberty to choose the employer at the student’s will but the work has to be related to the field of study only to be considered as the OPT.

It is required to have the Social Security Number for the payment of the taxes. The students can apply for the SSN when they are the eligible holders of the EAD card and the EAD card has become valid to use. SSN is required for the tax not for the start of the work.

The most important thing about the OPT JOB REQUIREMENT is the travel issues while on OPT. The issue of the travelling can be resolved based on the answer of the query like the situation under which the person needs to travel and the type of OPT application candidate is holding. The different cases have different rules to be followed depending on whether it is pre-completion OPT or post-completion OPT.

Allowed legal duration of work under the OPT is 12 months for all the students having an extension of 17 months for the students having their graduation in either STEM. Another type of Extension is possible through the employer if they are under the E-verify list.

From the day students are granted OPT they have grace period of 90 days to find employment, if the student fails to find employment within the mentioned time then his work permit would be taken. The condition of the OPT JOB REQUIREMENT enforces the student to leave the country he remains unemployed after the end of OPT period of 90 days.

Students apply for the Optional Practical Training either during their studies or after their graduation. OPT is further bifurcated into two parts Full time OPT and Part time OPT. The OPT job requirements for both the different types has no vast variation expect that full time OPT allows 40 hours or more work period whereas the part time OPT demands to work for 20 hours or less.

The part time OPT Job requirement allows only to take up on-campus job offers like assisting teachers in their research work and doing some minor university task related to university library, dormitory dining facilities, laboratories, and administrative offices. Even the jobs can be taken at the commercial centers situated within the campus. Students take up the facility of full time OPT during their summer breaks and holiday. The off campus eligibility is only when the work is related to the field of study. Any kind of working or employment can only be pursued only after the completion of entire OPT JOB REQUIREMENT. The candidates have to receive official authorization to work for the employer.

While the OPT is on it is necessary to keep the entire documents ready. There is no specific type of employment that needs to be chosen under the OPT JOB REQUIREMENT, the choice for the paid employment can be from multiple employers, short term multiple employer, work for hire, self-employed owner, employment through agency and unpaid employment. While anytime the students faces the unemployment period, they have to report the present situation and the changes in the present condition to the USICS immediately.

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  1. OPT job Opening:


  • Translating the strategic direction and business objectives established by clients into holistic digital, technology, change management and organization strategies
  • Diagnosing business processes or organizational problems, and leveraging analytic to determine how clients can seize new opportunities
  • Driving a rigorous approach to solving problems in the context  of global, economic, technology and social trends.
  • Developing innovative answers to complex business and IT challenges
  • Modernizing and driving costs from complex multi-national IT infrastructures
  • Recommending and implementing changes, and ensuring a successful transition to what’s new


  • consistent track record of outstanding academic performance and high learning agility
  • Bachelor’s degree (with a graduation date no later than December 31, 2016)
  • Degree Type/Major: All majors considered
  • Strong Critical Thinking, Analytical and Problem Solving Skills
  • Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Job: Business & Technology Integration

Primary Location: USA-MA – Boston

Organization: Client & Market

Job Level: Entry Level

  1. OPT Job for WEB DEVELOPER- Newton area ,MA


  • Implementation of web landing pages to support specific marketing and online efforts
  • Coding of web pages across multiple eCommerce channels including paid search and mobile
  • Publish and maintain product offer meta data, SKUs & assets
  • Assist with testing of micro-sites and landing pages to ensure site integrity
  • Deploy and maintain paid search tracking and conversion pixels
  • Facilitate ad-hoc and weekly analytic reporting needs of finance & marketing teams
  • Updates to web related spreadsheets used by teams and vendors
  • Maintain email opt- outs lists for email marketing campaigns

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field with 1-3 years of experience maintaining websites
  • ​Proficiency with PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript, and Excel
  • ​Experience with DIV and PHP/Twig layouts
  • Experience with Google Analytic and Tag Manager
  • Working knowledge of content management systems
  • Comfortable working with code in a fast-pace environment
  • Ability to multi-task, work independently as well as work with a team
  • Excellent written and oral skills

Ideal Qualifications:

  • An understanding of a LAMP-based web server platforms (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP)
  • A strong working knowledge of HTML markup, CSS and the DOM
  • an intimate knowledge of modern web browsers and their behavior (IE, Chrome, Safari Etc…) including mobile
  • The ability to implement javascript based analytics
  • The ability work with layered creative files and export web optimized assets
  • The ability to work with raw video and produce web optimized assets
  • An understanding of XML & JSON data formats
  • A strong working knowledge of FTP and file synchronization techniques

Job Description

The Candidates who are in CPT /OPT or any Engineering/Sciences or all eligible to work in the US are encouraged to apply.


  • Basic understanding of software development principles
  • Good analytical and problem solving abilities
  • Knowledge of any programming i.e C, C++, Java etc
  • Basic understanding of Sql, C#, .NET, JAVA, Java Script.
  • Must be a team player with excellent communication and problem solving skills and have experience working with customers across teams.

Job Description

Entry Level Software Quality Analyst
Behind every great software developer is an equally great tester. Once a product reaches a certain point in its development the developers must hand it over to the tester to see if it works
Software Quality Analyst/Test Analyst: A quality assurance analyst tests software and other computer applications to ensure they function properly and efficiently. The QA contributes in software testing and/or software quality control including automated and manual test scripting

•Automation & manual Testing.
•Testing using automation testing tools i.e. QTP, Selenium (IDE, RC, Web driver & Grid), SOAPUI & HP Quality centre.
•Design test plans, scenarios, scripts, or procedures
•Documenting software defects, using a bug tracking system, and report defects to software developers and project managers.
•Programming and Coding through Debugging of software.
•Minimum qualification: bachelor’s degree preferred in CS or IT domain.

•    Recent graduate in CS, IS, IT, Engineering, Mathematics degree or related major which includes a Substantial software development curriculum or related discipline.

•    Strong understanding of software programming languages Java/C++/SQL/VB Script and the ability to apply to the software domain.
•    Familiarity with general and software development/Testing tools, capability and usage
•    Excellent Problem Solving Skills
•    Strong Interpersonal and Communication Skills


  •  US work authorization. (F1- CPT/OPT encouraged
  •   Knowledge on C, C++, java & SQL preferred.
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