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OPT jobs in USA

International students move to the USA for better opportunities and quality education, many perks come along with their journey, full-time job offers and opportunities to work with global competitors. The US job market is one of the largest markets in the world. Students find attractive OPT jobs in USA. It gives them global exposure and helps them to grow professionally and personally. It helps international students achieve financial stability, the backbone for students living abroad. Universities in the USA are one of the most popular places to go for international students.

The US job market provides millions of opportunities for students, who work in OPT CPT jobs in the USA. International students do have the privilege to live, work and study in the USA with recruiters. Though top-notch companies also hire fresh students for their companies for different positions like tech and non-tech.

How OPT jobs in USA are beneficial for the students   

OPT CPT jobs give advancement to international students to gain practical training alongside academics.

  • OPT candidates are required to have a command of the English language. They must be fluent in the language, as it will help them, to get good employment opportunities with recruiters in the USA.
  • OPT students get the opportunity to get full-time job offers and visa sponsorships for H1B jobs in USA. The recruiters are most likely to offer visa sponsorships for potential OPT candidates in their companies.
  • OPT candidates, get a wide range of offers in OPT and CPT jobs. In tech and non-tech fields, such as IT, Automation, and AI programming, certain non-tech fields such as banking, accounting, finance, and consulting.
  • OPT candidates get desired job offers as working with global competitors adds up to their experience. After completing the OPT permit for working for 12 months the students might get full visa sponsorships, and they can apply under different categories of visa.
  • The F1 visa holders must understand the US job market well. They must shortlist the relevant companies that hire potential candidates as per the educational qualification of the candidate.
  • Online forums like OPTnation can be a reliable source for getting a suitable job offer. OPTnation assists F1 visa holders to find a desirable job offer. The team also assists the candidates in getting potential H1B visa sponsorship in the USA.                              

How to get OPT jobs in the USA

Candidates must work on the OPT job requirements. They must read and understand the immigration policy and must abide by the rules made by the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services USICS.

  1. The candidates are required to have a valid passport under the F1 visa category.
  2. They must be enrolled in a full-time course which must be for at least one year.
  3. The candidates are eligible to get a work permit only in the field of their academics and nothing else.
  4. The candidates are eligible to work for 12 months under the Optional Practical Training permit. This term can be extended if they are from the STEM background, they can extend this term from 12 months to 36 months.
  5. The university or college in which the student is enrolled must be based in the USA.
  6. The course must be in the English language, the candidates are required to be fluent in the English language.
  7. Candidates who are from STEM backgrounds are most likely to get visa sponsorships, under the H1B visa category.
  8. OPT candidates can work for 20 hours per week in part-time job offers. They can also work full-time after they have completed their graduation or specialization.
  9. The OPT students have to submit the request to get Optional Practical Training with the DSO at the school. The concerned Designated School Officer forwards the request to the USICS for the approval of the OPT.
  10. Create a strong resume, highlighting all the relevant information and qualifications about education and relevant skills. Educational background, and specialization if any should be highlighted, and potential skills and professional experience must be included for the consideration of the recruiter.
  11. They must target the relevant companies, which offer suitable compensation for their job position. International students must dual-check every company they consider working with as not all companies offer fair compensation for the skillset.
  12. OPT students must check OPT status regularly after their application for the job is dropped. They get 60 days to find a suitable job for their educational qualification.
  13. They must rely on authentic companies for job offers. Only e-verified recruiters must be shortlisted by the OPT candidates.
  14. F1 candidates must rely on authentic sites for jobs and valid recommendations regarding recruiters.
  15. Build up relevant networks that can help them find a good recommendation for a job. The students must maintain good relations with professors, students, and other related people.
  16. An international student needs to create a diverse resume with qualifications and experiences. The experiences and relevant skills, help the candidates to get specifications as per their qualifications.

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How OPTnation assists candidates to get OPT jobs in USA

OPTnation is a reliable online forum for international students who are looking for jobs. They have an efficient team that assists students to find suitable jobs according to their educational field. The academic qualification is the basis for getting an OPT job as F1 visa holders are entitled to get jobs in fields related to their academics only. The possibility is there to get full-time visa sponsorships for H1B jobs in USA. So the candidates work in accordance for getting a full-time job offer, to create a new life in the USA.

Now let’s see how OPTnation helps candidates in finding suitable opportunities to work as OPT in the USA:

  • For career counseling the team is always available for the candidates, the team is efficient and guide and mentor the students to secure a good job offer.
  • The team understands the market well and the changing patterns in the industries.
  • The team at OPTnation also conducts training sessions for better preparation of the candidate. The candidates are prepared for the upcoming interviews with different companies.
  • OPTnation has a wide database of OPT resumes, the relevant resumes are then short-listed as per the job specifications carried out by the recruiter.
  • The shortlisted resumes are then forwarded to the recruiters for further movements in hiring such as interviews and Group discussions.
  • The recruiters are given access to the database so that they can choose the relevant resumes as per their will.
  • Within a few weeks, the candidates get their desirable jobs. The team understands and is aware of all the rules and policies related to immigration.
  • The team has registered e-verified recruiters. So there is a zero possibility of getting trapped in fraud. Many international students are finding it challenging to get a reliable workplace to work.
  • The team at OPTnation provides the best job placement to the candidates as per their educational qualifications, professional experience, and relevant skills.
  • The team also assists the candidates, in building a resume that contains, educational qualifications. And all other relevant information related to professional experience, and relevant skills must be highlighted.
  • There is a service called blast your resume, that helps candidates to get their resume on top. For the consideration of the recruiters for OPT jobs in USA.
  • The candidates can get their resumes highlighted and their resumes appeared at the top of the search list.