OPT Resume in USA For Employers searching for Candidates

OPT Resume in USA For Employers searching for Candidates

OPT Resume in USA For Employers searching for OPT candidates

 In average human life, we face a lot of challenges, from being a child to an adult. There are various life stages that fall upon us with varied obstacles, but we tend to go on. Similarly, students face the burden of academics and create a fruitful career afterwards, then there are those students who dedicate their adolescence to making their mark in a foreign land.

An international student is not only dealing with homesickness, the burden of academics and making a professional life from scratch. However, there are several ways in which a student can seek guidance to make these things a little easier. First of all visa status holds an invisible power to make great contributions to make a student successful in his professional life.

How is it done? International students holding the F1 visa are temporarily authorized to work in their educational field only. Hence it gives a plethora of opportunities to both employers and employees to step into a worldwide talent exploration. An employer gets his hand on a candidate with the brilliant capacity to work and mingle in the work environment, and if the employer seeks the potential he can offer the candidate to be a part of their company after the completion of OPT tenure.

Then the candidate can apply for a different category of visa with the offer letter in hand. The OPT work permit is a 12-month period, either pre-completion or post-completion of the study program, it is at the discretion of the student. 

Scope of OPT resumes in USA

Optional Practical Training (OPT), is a privileged permit for international students, to work part-time, full-time, short-term, contractual basis or as an intern in a firm or organization. The recruiter can offer any type of employment based on the OPT resume in USA, and if the candidate finds it suitable they can opt for the same. It is a great opportunity for gaining global experience and expansion of social networks. There’s a high scope for the students who are looking for OPT jobs, as employers rely on global talent and exposure for the beneficial growth of their companies. We administered a spike in the number of international students who came to the USA this year, hence the number of OPT Candidates rose to at least 60%. 

It is a positive sign, it is motivating for all the candidates who are indecisive about their decision-making power whether or not to go abroad for studies. The scope for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics) students, is even more than other fields, they get a permit which can be further extended to a total period of 36 months. Hence giving them a life-changing opportunity. 

Relevance of guidance for the opt Candidates 

Either the recruiter or the employee is capable enough to know all of the things, so it is better for each of them to take some guidance and assistance from the experts. The recruiter can always approach the online forum of OPTnation to pick up the best OPT resumes in USA. The team OPTnation plays a vital role in screening profiles and analyzing them for the correct recruiter, as per the criteria submitted by the employer for the given job description. As far as the employee is concerned the team of experts will keep the resume of the employee in their huge database of resumes. Later on, the resume is modified and then transformed according to the given job criteria, the key skills and strengths are highlighted and this way the suitable resumes are shortlisted for the further process of recruitment by the employer. 

The set of shortlisted resumes is then forwarded to the employers, to move on with the process of interviewing for the company. While they further put the candidates on a test, they look for overall potential in a candidate, their educational field, Visa status, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and experiences in professional life. The team OPTnation while preparing the candidate for the interview also focuses on the relevant soft skills that are required for the candidate to be employable. 

Challenges for employers to choose the right OPT Resume in USA

An employer has to go through a lot of dilemmas while choosing the right profile for their company, the easier way is to get assistance from a team of experts who can choose the right set of OPT resume in USA for the employers. The recruiters face a hundred challenges even before hiring and if by any chance they employ a misfit individual then they have to go through the whole process again. To avoid this mess, employers can simply approach the OPTnation for assistance. 

  • Screening of multiple profiles to choose the right candidate
  • Analysis of their visible strengths and skills which are a gain for the company
  • Negotiation for salary packages and working hours 
  • Also analyzing soft skills like management, problem-solving ability, cooperation and team coordination. 
  • Sometimes what is appearing to be a great match proves to be a misfit for the company. 

Evolution of the USA job market 

Over the years the US job market is undergoing a lot of competition as international students tend to be part of the market. It is a huge pile of talented youth who are dedicated and committed to every aspect of their professional growth. Also to creating a promising career. What we see is a boom in the demand for F1 Visa holders. As they are permitted to work in their educational fields only so there is a two-way profit that we witness. One is that the candidate gets to gain global exposure and experience in their field of study it helps them to know their industry in a better way. The learning is basically practical. The other benefit is for the recruiter that they get their hands on an OPT resume in USA, a candidate who is learning and experienced individual; they do not have to narrate every aspect of the job, but the candidate is aware of the technical know-how of the job. So an employer is obviously tilt towards the more learn and skillful candidate. 

The focus is to hire young talented candidates for entry-level jobs. So that they could learn and get relevant experience, in their own field of academics. Simultaneously it is beneficial for the candidate who just stepped into the industry. He learns a ton of things about the variations and latest trends of the job market. The US job market has evolved potentially, consequently, it has boosted economic growth. And the living standards of an individual have also increased. 

Guidelines for the candidates with OPT Resume in USA 

The F1 visa holders are obviously new to the place there are certain challenges which are unavoidable. And hard to decode. There are plenty of options to seek assistance and the right guidance. It is better than wasting your valuable time contacting through phone or email to the recruiters. It is a challenge to check every website every day for vacancies. But there is a need to look for alternate ways: 

  • While looking for an OPT job the candidates must take assistance from authentic sources
  • The OPT Candidates must draft their resumes professionally and tailor them according to the job description
  • The key skills and experiences must be highlight and mention as per the job description only 
  • The OPT resumes in USA, are in high demand and if managed in the right ways they can obviously be of great potential. 
  • Be prepare for the upcoming interviews
  • Get to know about the company and the recruiter, the past performances of the company
  • Save yourself from fraud and suspicious job invites
  • Make reliable connections 
  • Create a social circle and discuss more potential opportunities and companies to work for. 
  • Only apply for job opportunities that match your educational field and no others. 


  • For OPT candidates there is an opportunity to handover their resumes in safe hands
  • Organizations like OPTnation are a helping hand for OPT candidates looking for suitable opportunities in the US job market. 
  • The team OPTnation makes a huge database of OPT resume in USA
  • The resumes are shortlist and hand over to the recruiter with the precisely matching job description  
  • The recruiters get to know the global talent at their doorsteps 
  • International students get opportunities to secure a promising career while opting for a job in their initial stage of professional life. 
  • Being a STEM student the permit can be extend to 36 months also. 
  • The OPT resumes in the USA hold up great potential in them as the current situation of demand speaks for itself.
  • Economic growth has increased in the USA, so the living standards of the individual have also increased.  
  • Likewise, these opportunities make a good influence on the latest trends in the industry.