How to Complete Your Search for Quality OPT Resume in USA?

How to Complete Your Search for Quality OPT Resume in USA?

How to Complete Your Search for Quality OPT Resume in USA?

OPT resume in USA it is a new research study, conducted and published in December 2022. In Forbes demonstrated that international students are considered to be a valuable source of labor.

International students add to the market their skills and experiences which are relevant for higher economic growth. And it consecutively it increases the standard of living.

The top-class universities in the US attract thousands of talented youth. And are determined to contribute their advanced skills to the Labor market. It is beneficial for them also as it would give them global exposure. And enhance their capabilities to deal with the outside industrial world.

Recruiters are always looking for potential OPT resumes in USA of candidates who could be an asset to their companies and could fit harmoniously in the growing industrial culture. The F1 Visa holding students are permitted to work while they are enrolled in any degree in any college or university based in the USA.

This Optional Practical Training (OPT) gives International students a temporary authorization to work either pre-completion or post-completion of their studies. There are various benefits for international students if they opt for OPT, also it is beneficial for the economic growth of the country. 

Quality OPT Candidates Resume in the USA:

The recruiters often find it challenging to screen and analyze the profiles and find the right matches per the job description requirement. It is like looking for a needle in the hay.

There are many online job portals, which offer their services to recruiters. It is user-friendly as they have to sign up and choose the perfect package for them. OPTnation is one platform where a recruiter meets his future employee by picking up an ideal OPT resume in USA.

Employers want a potential employee, who could be a good fit, for their company, but this particular search is time-consuming, and hiring the wrong candidate is a hectic task as you have to repeat the whole process of hiring again. So to ease this never-ending loop the recruiter needs to take assistance from a more experienced organization.

OPTnation is a team of professionals who assist the recruiters in the complex processes of screening profiles and shortlisting precisely matching resumes, from their database. The quality of resumes we have in our database is top notch and it is based on 100 per cent assured leads. 

Once a recruiter has subscribed and signed up for the services of the OPTnation, they will be delivered with a precisely matching set of resumes short-listed from a huge pile of resumes in the database. The basis of shortlisting is the educational background, visa status, skills, experiences, and most important job description. The resumes are filtered based on 100 per cent assured leads; also the kind of employment one recruiter is ready to provide, internship, volunteer, contractual, short-term, part-time or full-time. 

What are the bottom lines that employers look into OPT Resumes in USA?

A resume is tailored in the way that it specifies the role that you are applying for so that it becomes easier for the recruiter to figure out if it actually matches the job description.  

To sum up, some of them lie hereunder: 

  • The technical know-how of the job role
  • Knowledge about the organization 
  • Proficiency in computer applications
  • Management capabilities
  • Problem-solving approach
  • Peer relationships
  • Pressure handling 
  • Communication skills
  • Grasping power/ learning power 
  • Hard skills relating to the job role specified and mentioned based on the education field of the candidate, accounting, data science, architecture, or STEM 

The recruiter also looks for the potential of the candidate, of learning the technicalities of the job role. And also applying those skills and attributes in the given tasks. The hard skills are relevant in the OPT Candidates’ resumes in USA, while short listing of the resumes, soft skills are also relevant when it comes to the final selection of the candidate. 

How employers complete their search for OPT Resumes?

For employers, it is an exhausting task in order to find the best-fitted OPT candidates resume for their company have to cut a lot of mismatched resumes, there are some key points employers should keep in mind while they seek for a candidate to join their company: 

  • Being ambiguous about the job description should be clear straight and summarized
  • Being flexible about the candidate’s expectations related to the salary package 
  • Be always open to negotiations while selecting a potential candidate for their company
  • Create a good reputation for their company in the corporate world 
  • Be up-to-date and consistent with recent industry trends and growth 
  • A recruiter must focus on the relevant skills and educational background of the candidate. Also checking out the Visa status is a must 
  • Taking the assistance of experts, who can ease the process of profile screening at the initial level? 
  • The professionals working at OPTnation will complete this complex process of finding a reliable candidate in a reasonable time frame. 
  • The services provided by OPTnation are user-friendly and pocket-friendly also. 

What is the use of OPT candidates’ resumes in USA?

The use of OPT resume in USA, is based on the sole purpose of utilizing the privilege to work while they are enrolled for the degree or program in any educational institution in the USA.

The F1 Visa holders hereby get the choice to choose the pre-completion or post-completion work authorization. It usually extends to 12 months. In the case of pre-completion, a student can work for 20 hours per week. After the completion of their graduation, they can work as a full-time employee for 12 months.

The motive is to fulfill the needs of both the employers and the candidates. So, the candidates are authorise to work in the particular field of their education and not otherwise. For the recruiters, it is feasible to get their potential employee who has an educational background and relevant skills. As per the job description of the employer. The talent of international students must not go wasted. As their experiences in the professional background could be beneficial for the company as well. 

The recruiters are at ease to determine the type of employment for the OPT candidate’s resume, short-term hiring, contractual employment, part-time or full-time basis, or an internship. OPT resumes are then store in the huge database of the OPTnation, and then are carefully modify. Also short-listed on the basis of the job description submit by the employer.

Each candidate is deal with the same amount of attention and generosity. The candidate’s resumes are tailor to highlight the specific job details mentioned by the recruiter. Even the candidates are then prepare for upcoming interviews with various companies as per the recent trends in the industry. 

The OPT resumes are relevant as international students get the privilege to work. And it constructs 60% of the USA labor market. The increase in the number of OPT candidates is a positive sign for the growth of the economy of the country. The candidates with OPT resumes in USA, work and enhance their skill set while they study, it gives them global exposure and an understanding of the industry, and it is beneficial for the candidate to acquire and advance experience.

Also for the recruiter, the training and relevant learning given to the candidate. In the course of employment are also beneficial. If they are looking forward to giving them the opportunity of a lifetime. Many employers hire OPT candidates as full-time employees after the completion of their academics. As they see the relevant potential and capability in them. 


  • Substantial growth in the economic sector is administer with the contribution of the skills and experiences of the international students coming every year to the US labor market 
  • The F1 Visa holders are privilege to get temporary work authorization while they are enroll in any college or university, based in the USA 
  • The recruiters must ease the process of screening profiles and analyzing the potential OPT candidates’ resumes in USA
  • OPTnation provides assistance to recruiters, in shortlisting potential resumes from their huge database
  • The database contains the updated set of resumes, which are matching the job description submitted by the recruiter. 
  • Only quality resumes are offer by the team OPTnation, based on 100 per cent assure leads
  • The STEM graduates can get an extension of 12 to 29 months, in their work permit
  • The OPT candidates are then hire by their employers and after the completion of their academics, if they are the best fit. 
  • A candidate can only get this permit to work in their educational field, as it serves the basic conditions and know-how of the work. For instance, an accounting student must get work as an accountant, financial advisor, policy maker so on and so forth, depending on his capabilities. 
  • OPT students serve a beneficial increase in economic growth. 
  • The recruiter must match the soft skills as well as the hard skills of the candidate, to the specific job role.