SAP ABAP Online Training For Business Advancement

SAP ABAP Online Training

SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is the most important programming module in SAP. Its syntax is similar to COBOL. ABAP is simply said to be a blend of COBOL and PASCAL. It is a fourth generation programming language. SAP released its R/3 installed system. This was later developed to ABAP. It is the default programming language for SAP applications.

SAP ABAP Online Training Module

❯Introduction to SAP

  • Introduction to ERP
  • SAP overview
  • Introduction to ABAP
  • SAP modules at a glance
    • Include
    • Macro
    • Subroutines
    • Groups
    • Function modules

❯SAP ABAP workbench

  • Defining workbench
  • Package builder
  • ABAP workbench testing tool
  • BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface)
  • Object navigator
  • Information about repository objects

❯ABAP data types

  • Data and strings
  • Integer
  • Time
  • Character
  • Floating point
  • Packed decimals
  • Numeric character

❯ABAP programming

  • Data types
  • Data objects
  • SAP report programming
  • ABAP program structure
  • ABAP dialog programming
  • Variable types

❯Loops and branches

  • Small programs
  • Do, do n times, while
  • Code inspector
  • If, if else, if ladder, case
  • Extended program check
  • Indentation
  • Factorial program

❯Structures and internal tables

  • Structures overview
  • Internal tables overview
  • Creating internal table
  • Performing data manipulation using internal table

❯Landscape and SAP R/3 architecture

  • Overview
  • Landscape model
  • Centralized architecture
  • Distributed architecture
  • 2-tier architecture
  • 3-tier architecture

❯Normalization and select statements

❯Modularization techniques

❯Selection screen design

❯Basic report

  • ABAP classic reports
  • Examples
  • Interactive reports of SAP ABAP

❯BDC (Batch Data Communication)

  • What is SAP BDC
  • BDC tools and program
  • Data transfer techniques and methods

❯Data dictionary

  • Overview
  • Data types
  • Creating database tables
  • Creating data elements
  • Types of database tables
  • Domain
  • Type groups
  • Search help

❯Module pools

❯SAP scripts

  • SAP script program
  • Create smart forms


❯ALV (ABAP List Viewer)



  • What is SAP LSMW workbench
  • Data migration using LSMW
  • Data transfer techniques and methods

❯Smart forms

❯Work flow


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