SAP PLM Online Training Program For Business Esstential

SAP PLM Online Training

SAP PLM ( Product Lifecycle Management ) is the SAP business suite part. This program provides organizations the ability to perform their essential business processes and is designed in a way to work with other SAP and non-SAP software. This program provides a 360-degree support for all product-related processes; its collection of solutions allows the users to create, maintain the product information and make it available to the rest of the organization throughout its lifecycle. It requires a huge echelon of skill and professionalism. Some of the basic components of SAP PLM include data cycle management, quality management, project analysis and scope maintenance, enterprising assets towards health and safety, etc. The major advantages of SAP PLM are cost reduction, increased productivity, improved product quality, business improvements, and quick product development cycle.

It is based on Net Weaver architecture. Hence, it is also known as SPA Net Weaver PLM. It can be integrated with other solutions: SRM, ERP, CRM, SCM, etc.

❯ Overview

  • Overview of ERP SAP
  • Overview of SAP PLM
  • Lifecycle collaboration
  • Lifecycle data management


Configuring, Maintaining and using the system to classify objects training

  • Class maintenance
  • Customizing
  • Characteristic inheritance
  • Object dependencies

❯ Solutions

Portfolio and Plant Maintenance

  • Technical objects
  • Spare parts
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Project-oriented maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance

❯ Work Clearance Management

  • Asset structuring
  • Overview
  • Lockout process
  • Tagout process
  • Approval and permit process

❯ Master Data Customization

  • Routings
  • Material master
  • Work center
  • Bill of material

❯ ECM – Engineering Change Management

  • Change master record
  • Reporting functions
  • Change hierarchies
  • Alternative dates
  • Changes to materials bills
  • Changes to objects of classification

❯ ECM configuration

  • ECM’s control data
  • User status profile
  • Parameter effectivity configuration
  • Maintain profile – default values

❯ Effects of Change Management

  • Shop floor control
  • Material requirement planning
  • Change management in production orders

❯ Document Management

  • Using document info record
  • Use of originals
  • Redlining
  • Documents distribution
  • Object links to other objects
  • Demo on easy DMS

❯ DMS configuration

  • Types of documents
  • Digital signatures
  • Object linking to Doc type
  • Status network
  • Work station application

❯ Classification

  • Characteristics maintenance
  • Class maintenance
  • Object classification
  • Applications of classification
  • Object dependencies in classification

❯ Schedule work and maintenance planning

  • Task list management
  • Customizing task list management
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Time-based scheduling
  • Single-cycle maintenance planning

❯ Integrated Product & Process Engineering (iPPE)

  • Product development
  • Workbench
  • Customizing
  • BOM-converter
  • PVS – product variant structure

❯ Profitability analysis configuration

  • Cfolders
    • Basic concepts
    • Services
    • Backend integration
    • Structured objects
    • Collaborative scenario
  • CProjects overview
  • Integration with CAD

❯ BI integrated planning

  • Planning environment
  • Planning functions
  • Planning on the Web
  • Planning in the excel

❯ BI performance

  • Aggregates
  • BI statistics
  • BI accelerator

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