Scholarships for International Students in USA

Scholarships for International Students in USA

The United States is one of the most sought-after destinations for higher education globally. It is also one of the most expensive places to study, with the cost of tertiary education at the extreme. However, the high cost of higher education in the US should not deter your dreams of studying abroad, as hundreds of institutions are committed to supporting international students through their studies. Thousands of fully funded scholarship options are available for international students in US institutions and organizations. Most of these funding sources are easy to apply and cater to most education-related expenses. Some will also give the beneficiaries an additional stipend to make their lives in the US more enjoyable.

Tips on scholarship search for international students

There are many alternative methods for landing a scholarship in the US. Some platforms offer free advice and lists of available scholarships online, while others have paid services. Before you settle on a paid or premium scholarship search, review the freely available information on the web. Start by seeing information from the nearest government institution, your teachers, and the school administration. Most colleges and high schools have sufficient details on how to apply, eligibility criteria, and funding organizations. Others will link you with providers as they enjoy partnerships with international institutions. We have prepared a list of scholarships, fellowships, and US institutions offering international students scholarships.

Top three master’s, PhD, and undergraduate scholarships for international students in USA

1. Fulbright scholarships

Fulbright scholarships are fully funded scholarships for international graduate students in USA offered only to Master’s and PhD learners under the Foreign Student Program. The funding covers tuition, accommodation, and transport. The organization also provides a living stipend for international students studying in USA. It is also available for all students eligible to join institutions within the country with no limitations based on country of origin. Since the scholarships are sponsored by the United States Department of State, they are meant to be non-discriminatory based on any factor or distinction. The Fulbright scholarships program is designed to promote diversity as an intergovernmental educational program. It offers university and college scholarships suitable for all international students.

2. Global Excellence Scholarship

The Global Excellence Scholarship program offers undergraduate scholarships for international students admitted to US institutions. It is an unrestricted funding program available to students from all countries studying in the United States. The Global Excellence Scholarship is an international program open to freshmen and transfer students globally and institutions domiciled in various member countries. International students in USA can enjoy funding between $5,000 and $10,000 yearly, provided they complete the application before the deadline.

3. MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship

This program is designed to expand access to higher education for International and DACA students. The MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship is only available to students enrolled in specific institutions under the MPOWER support. The scholarships are merit-based, with the winner receiving $10,000 while the runner-up gets $2,000. A third category is also available for an honorable mention, with the winner receiving $2,000 to fund their studies. The funding covers degree programs in the United States and Canada.

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Institutions that offer full scholarships for international students in USA

1. Harvard University

Harvard University, through the Harvard Arab Alumni Association (HAAA), introduced a scholarship fund for international students from Arab countries. The program aims to promote higher education for the target community by raising their numbers and participation in the prestigious institution through full scholarships. The fund only supports undergraduate scholarships for Arabs wishing to study at Harvard University.

2. Boston University

Similarly, Boston University offers scholarships for international students in USA through a special program named the Boston University Presidential Scholarship. Like the HAAA initiative, this program only supports undergraduate scholarships. However, it is not a community-focused approach but has a maximum coverage of $25000 a year covering tuition fees.

3. Stanford University

On the other hand, Stanford University is one of the few institutions offering scholarships for international graduate students in USA. Its Knight Hennesy Scholars program targets post-graduate studies, notably master’s and PhD studies. It is a fully funded scholarship with no country limits. It also covers tuition, traveling, accommodation, and other academic costs. The program has a wide coverage of courses through various disciplines, such as engineering, law, medicine, and nursing.

4. Yale University

Yale is a prominent institution of higher education, often categorized under globally recognized prestigious learning entities. Its lucrative and fully funded scholarships are available to US nationals and international students. Besides, Yale University is one of the most notable institutions to offer scholarships for international graduate students in USA. The funding is designed to cater for tuition and other expenses for those pursuing graduate and post-graduate studies in the institutions, including master’s and PhD programs, with an average of $50,000. This amount is sufficient in covering your MBA tuition and other expenses at Yale University. However, the scholarships can even exceed $70,000 a year, depending on the course chosen and other factors.

5. The University of Memphis

The University of Memphis offers fully funded scholarships for international students covering undergraduate and master’s studies in the United States. The amount offered depends on various factors, including the difference between the cost of education internationally and tuition rates for non-residents in Tennessee. The scholarship is available for all international students but cannot be combined with external scholarship funding options.

6. Clark University

Clark University’s global scholarship program offers fully funded scholarships for international students in USA valued between $15,000 to $25,000 annually for learners who meet the specified academic requirements. Funding is only available for bachelor’s programs within the institution. It is a merit-based program covering tuition and other expenses within the limits of the funds. However, a need-based option is available for students whose needs exceed the limit specified. The global program only offers undergraduate scholarships but is open to all International Students in USA.

Eligibility requirements

All scholarship programs have specific eligibility criteria and application processes. However, international students wishing to study in the USA have basic requirements that appear universal across all organizations and institutions. One must illustrate proficiency in spoken and written English. The applicant must also meet the academic qualifications for the courses they apply for or be admitted to a member or eligible institution. Merit-based programs have strict qualification requirements based on academic performance and credentials. On the other hand, need-based programs may have specific exemptions for needy applicants. Assess your eligibility to ensure a successful application. You should also ensure your medical records are available and certified for evaluation.